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September 2012 Product Solutions

Modern walls

Breathing new life into old Chicago classrooms

IdeaPaint. The Nettelhorst School, a neighborhood elementary in Chicago, is one of the oldest public schools in the city, housed in a building that dates back more than 100 years. Constant refurbishment is a way of life for the school—especially because school administrators place high importance on creating a comfortable, engaging environment that stimulates creativity and imagination.

“Getting whiteboards into our classrooms was one of our priorities for this year,” says Cindy Wulbert, principal. The school hoped to replace its outdated chalkboards, some of which were in such bad shape that students and staff couldn’t even write on them. But the school realized whiteboards weren’t feasible because of cost and space reasons.

Then, new Nettelhorst teacher Jason Merel suggested they experiment with IdeaPaint. It took just three days to revitalize the old chalkboards. “We prepped them, we painted them and we were done,” says Melody Murphy, assistant principal. A single application of IdeaPaint converts any smooth surface into a dry-eraseable one, whether it’s a chalkboard, a wall, a tabletop or a stairwell.

“IdeaPaint has made our classrooms a place where students want to get up in front of the class, show their work, create their ideas, imagine the impossible,” says Wulbert. “I’m already thinking of how we can use IdeaPaint in other areas of our school.”

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Striking sites

School installs the next generation in energy efficiency

Kalwall. The 1925 building that once housed the New York School of Printing was replaced in 1960 with what is now the High School for Graphic Communication Arts (HSGCA). Today’s students train for careers in photography, journalism, visual arts, forensic drawing and printing.

The six-story HSGCA, on Manhattan’s 49th Street between 9th and 10th avenues, was designed in the distinctively 1950s, then-cutting-edge architectural form known as International Style Modernism. Few high schools feature escalators, and it was the first in New York City to do so. When first built, one of the school’s most striking features was its primary structure: an extended wing of ribbed glass block connected to a curving auditorium section shaped not unlike a guitar.

But there was a problem. Windows in the main building began to fail, and in 1981 Kalwall was selected to cover the glass block with translucent Panel Unit Curtainwall. Thirty years later, Kalwall was chosen to encase the glass block in a new generation of the Kalwall Translucent Curtainwall System that is more energy-efficient than its predecessor.

Optional clear glazing in the translucent Panel Unit Wall system can be 5 feet wide and up to 3 feet high, offering a variety of options to designers. Additionally, when properly installed with an unimpeded approach, Kalwall’s high-performance E-Series Windows meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and UFAS (Uniform Federal Accessibility Standard) criteria.

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Design-build athletics

ClearSpan. Fabric Structures provide design-build solutions for school athletic and recreational structure needs. Hercules Truss Arch Buildings feature abundant natural light and spacious interiors without support posts for a superior training environment. With minimal foundation requirements, the structures can be permanent or temporary, and are easy to relocate. They can be built to any length and up to 300 feet wide, and are designed to meet local wind and snow load requirements.

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“I’m a Believer”

Flooring giveaway
Tandus Flooring. The company has launched a two-pronged campaign called “I’m a Believer” to showcase the unique attributes of Powerbond, a hybrid resilient sheet flooring. The campaign rewards “Believers” with a chance to win $1,000 through an online submission form. For schools that do not know about Powerbond, the company is taking applications requesting free Powerbond mockups in K-12 classroom environments. During the course of the campaign, 100 free mockups will be installed. 151

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Air purification

Innovative Labs LLC. An air purification system, the Sonoma Breeze, is unique in the industry. Air is continuously drawn into the air purifier, where a strong UV light activates a long-lasting titanium dioxide photo catalytic reactor core, breaking down and destroying airborne biological contaminants, odors, pollutants and dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The result is pure air free from formaldehyde, bacteria and viruses. The benefit of the technology is that it does not emit ozone, and can remove 90 percent formaldehyde on a single pass, giving consumers a way to mitigate exposure and promote a more healthful lifestyle.

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Versatile floor covering

nora systems, Inc. noraplan sentica is the latest high-performance floor covering from the company. It features a subtle tone-on-tone design and a palette of 38 colors—32 standard and six accent colors. The flooring can be used to lead a design, but also complements other nora products, especially noraplan environcare, to provide customers with more options for their spaces. It is available in 2mm and 3mm rolls and tiles, and is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified for Children and Schools. The floor covering also is available in acoustic and electrostatic dissipative options.

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Diverse scrubber

Karcher. The new B60 W Scrubber has disc, roller and flat orbital heads that can be changed quickly without tools, saving time. Automatic tank rinsing, a flexible system to carry tools, and eco-efficiency operation mode saves energy and the environment. A unique RFID key protects the machine and floor against misuse: specific colors and codes are personalized for each user or defined locations.

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Floor-care solution

Betco. The newest addition to its floor-care line is Untouchable with Scuff Resistance Technology (SRT). It has proprietary technology that combines low odor with unmatched durability that extends the life of the floor while minimizing the need to remove black heel marks. Suitable for use on all floors, one coat of this metal cross-linked polymer finish does the job of two of an ordinary finish. Untouchable with SRT is non-scuffing, durable and detergent resistant while maintaining its high gloss with minimal burning.

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Fast hand dryer installation

Excel Dryer. The company has entered into a strategic partnership with RMSe, a retail construction, project management and fixture installation firm that manages and executes large-scale implementation rollouts, retrofits, resets and remodel projects. Through this partnership, Excel and RMSe will offer a discounted fee for the installation of XLERATOR hand dryers nationally. With the streamlined process, XLERATOR customers can typically expect a national hand dryer retrofit to be complete in 30 days.

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Easier lamp recycling

Air Cycle. Mail-back lamp recycling now is easier for schools with EasyPak’s newest product, VaporShield, a specially treated box that contains the release of mercury vapor, should its contents break. This container replaces the box and bag system, speeding the loading process. With VaporShield, it’s easy to safely load, store and ship lamps for recycling.

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Water heater management

Aerco International. A new water heater management system (WHM) has been introduced for the Innovation line of high-performance tankless heaters that optimizes operating efficiencies, eliminates standby losses, increases system reliability through reduced cycling, and tracks daily domestic hot-water demands. Designed to sequence up to eight water heaters on the same system, the WHM ensures they all are operating at maximum efficiency.

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Programmable smart key

Videx, Inc. The new CyberKey smart key II is a programmable smart key that operates as part of the CyberLock access-control system. The electronic key serves as an authorizing credential within the system. It contains a rechargeable battery that powers the key and energizes the electronic lock cylinder when the two devices make contact. Each key can be preset with a date to begin operation, as well as an expiration date. It has the flexibility to work at all times for all locks or can be programmed to work at specific times on only specific locks. If a key is lost it can be quickly blocked from accessing any locks, eliminating the time and expense of re-keying a facility.

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