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Notification device

System Sensor

The ExitPoint sounder uses directional sound to identify escape routes leading to perimeter exits. Fitted with normal evacuation sounders, it offers a way to draw people to exits in perfect visibility and in smoke. Directional sound technology consists of broadband, multi-frequency low-, mid- and high-range signals. The distinct directional sound helps occupants find the exit and guides them up or down stairs.
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Digital voice command


ONYX Digital Voice Command (DVC) uses eight channels to deliver emergency paging while broadcasting multiple messages simultaneously throughout an entire facility or to selected areas. It provides critical information or instruction in an emergency. With seamless integration into NOTI-FIRE-NET, an intelligent fire-alarm network, multiple digital voice commands can be networked together, adding scalability and enhancing system survivability.
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Antivirus firewall

Macer Technology

Advanced antivirus firewalls are the new generation of real-time Unified Threat Management (UTM) security appliances offered by Macer Technology, a platinum-level partner of Fortinet. Education institutions can block inappropriate content and exposure to potential liability, protect intrusions into academic records and obstruct illegal content sharing. The series of ASIC-accelerated FortiGate Antivirus Firewalls globally address the real-time content security threats of education networks.
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Safety tread

Sure-Foot Industries Corp.

Glow-in-the-dark Boldstep Aluminum Tread is a permanent metal tread that can recharge in low light and emit superior glow protection for more than 20 hours. The tread is made with epoxy material so dirt and oils can't penetrate the closed-cell system. This makes it easier to clean and maintain. Its metal construction reduces replacement and maintenance costs. Each plate comes pre-drilled for easy installation.
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Lock it up

University gives students option of renting safes for residence-hall rooms


Brown University, Providence, R.I., has developed a partnership with SafeDecisions, makers of electronic in-room safes for student residences.

The university has thousands of safes installed in its residence halls. SafeDecisions' “Know Where It's At” campaign encourages students to rent the safes. Students can rent safes for $139.95 per year, and the school is able to receive up to 25 percent of the revenue.

SafeDecisions installs the safes at no cost to the school in a 100 percent turnkey program that includes location scouting, delivery, installation, maintenance and 24/7 customer support.

The safes meet the standard of security set by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL). They offer four-digit PIN access, remote unlock if students forget their codes, and a rugged design. No keys are necessary.
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Smart surveillance

Digital video system responds to predefined behaviors and alerts school officials when an incident occurs

InterAct Public Safety Systems

Hazard High School, Hazard, Ky., has 300 students in grades 9 to 12. The facility was outfitted with eight CCTV cameras that monitored activity throughout the property, but incidents often would go unnoticed until after they occurred. If an incident occurred, officials would spend hours reviewing VHS tapes in search of evidence. The picture offered only a grainy resolution, sometimes making it difficult to identify a perpetrator.

The school applied for and received project funding from the Rural Law Enforcement Technology Center (RULETC), a program of the National Institute of Justice. After researching myriad options to provide a safer learning environment for students, it selected InterAct's TrueSentry intelligent digital video-surveillance system.

TrueSentry allows school officials to detect potential risks and threats more readily and respond promptly. The cameras are set up to recognize a variety of predefined behaviors that can indicate threatening situations, such as someone loitering, entering a restricted area, or extended physical contact among multiple people.

The system then triggers an audible and visual warning to staff viewing the cameras, drawing their attention to the violation. It simultaneously uploads the recording to a central incident video database, providing backup of any important event caught on camera. Key staff members are notified immediately by phone, pager, SMS or e-mail.

The system also is linked to the city's 911 center. Emergency response teams can access the live camera feeds remotely, giving them an up-to-the-second view of the current situation.
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Meshing old and new

School district leverages existing cameras and takes hybrid approach to video surveillance

Video Insight

The City of Eustace in east Texas has a population of less than 1,000. Eustace Independent School District (ISD), however, draws 1,600 students from surrounding areas to its four campuses. It has a primary school, an intermediate school, a middle school and a high school. A new stadium is used for football and track events.

Until recently, the district had only VCRs on each campus. The tapes were cumbersome, and the systems were unreliable. It eventually wanted to migrate to IP cameras, but did not want the expense of replacing the old analog systems. After researching new video-surveillance systems, the district selected Video Insight to provide a PC-based product suite to support both analog and IP cameras. This allowed the district to keep its existing cameras while adding IP cameras. The district also wanted to view live events and recorded video over the Internet.

The result is a sophisticated network of more than 30 analog and IP cameras throughout the four campuses, as well as pan-tilt-zoom cameras mounted on both ends of the stadium. Live transmissions and recorded video are monitored centrally from the special-services offices, but access and responsibilities for smaller groups of cameras also are delegated throughout various offices and campuses.

Students are aware of the cameras, and “dummy” cameras are in place as well. When a crime does occur, the offender often admits to the crime because he or she knows that activities are being monitored and recorded. The program has been successful, and expansion is planned for the future, primarily with the purchase of additional IP cameras.
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