Project File: Student housing has more than one use

The 2002 Winter Olympic Games Athletic Village is more than just part of the home of the next Olympics; it also provides the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, with a new student-housing facility. The university had innovation in mind when it decided to undertake one of the largest student-housing projects in the United States.

Outdated residential housing facilities and student population growth were pressing issues for the university. It needed to address student-housing problems, as well as meet the added demands of hosting the Olympics.

To solve both problems, the university decided to develop 62 acres of land adjacent to the campus at the Fort Douglas Army Reserve, which was transferred to the university from the army. It has become a true living and learning residential community on campus. The university's objective was to foster social and cultural interaction with the students in university housing while supporting and enhancing its academic growth.

Architectural Design West (Salt Lake City), in association with HENV, Inc. (Norfolk, Va.) guided the $120 million project.

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