Project File: Renovation project builds on tradition

Founded in 1837 as a seminary, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass., recently completed a renovation and addition on its campus.

Totaling 28,700 square feet, the renovation project involved Pratt Hall, built in 1909, and the Hammond Wing, constructed in 1967. The renovation preserves the exterior and interior performance spaces, while adding up-to-date teaching areas and technology. In addition, a two-story, 2,850-square-foot addition with a glass facade now connects the two buildings, and contains a 40-seat classroom with full multimedia capabilities and three studio offices.

The project faced numerous challenges; the most significant was limited time for the work to be completed. The groundbreaking was held in March 2000, and the project was completed substantially last fall.

Another notable challenge was providing new heating, ventilation and fire-protection systems for an older, existing building.

Adding an air-conditioning system will enable the buildings to be used in warmer months, as well as ensure humidity control for the library materials and instruments.

Much of the renovation was completed during the summer when classes were not in session.

Miller Dyer Spears (Boston) designed the project; George B.H. Macomber Company (Boston) was construction manager.

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