Project File: Modernized space

York High School, Elmhurst, Ill. was a collage of numerous additions wrapping around a 1920s core facility. Decades of patchwork modifications and shortsighted planning resulted in a dysfunctional campus.

The four-year, $93 million renovation first sought to construct a new academic wing — 300,000 square feet of learning space with high-performance wireless and fiber connectivity technology. During construction, some of the older additions were demolished without affecting occupancy and minimizing disruptions to school activities.

The new building maintains its ties to the school's history as its old brick facade now serves as an interior wall in the academic wings' student common area. The school now includes a commons wing for core student services such as counseling and administrative services, and a new sports wing. A highlight of this athletic and physical-education facility is the 60,000-square-foot fieldhouse with a 200-meter, six-lane track; three full-size basketball courts; and numerous event stations for track and field competitions.

The lead architect for this project is Wight & Company (Downers Grove, Ill.)

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