Project File: Legacy fulfilled

Dupont Hall Laboratory completes the original master plan conceived more than 80 years ago by Charles Klauder and occupies the last site on the University of Delaware's (Newark) historic mall. The new three-story structure is significant not only because of its location and fulfillment of an architectural legacy, but also because the design allows teaching and science and engineering facilities to blend with the classic Georgian style.

Located in the center of the mall, the lab's main feature is a dramatic six-columned entrance, which sits directly facing Gore Hall, a 68,000-square-foot classroom building.

The exterior of Dupont Hall includes the main entrance, which is surrounded by alternating quoins of brick and stone and is capped by a lintel of large keystones, a slate roof, detailed dormers, double-hung windows, and a brick pattern modeled on the mall's oldest building, Wolf Hall. Classical detailing continues into the entrance lobby, and the remaining interior accommodates laboratory equipment and support services.

The hall connects to two adjacent buildings and includes the dean's offices for the college of engineering; department of civil engineering; offices for the department of electrical and computer engineering (ECE); classrooms; clean rooms; thin-film, synthetic and instrument laboratories for materials science, optical and chemical characterization, growth device, photolithography, and general laboratories for ECE; and general labs for civil engineering.

The project's architect is Allan Greenburg, Architect, LLC (Washington, D.C.).

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