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Project File: Center matches neighborhood design

P.S. 28 Queens is an early-childhood center that accommodates 400 students in grades pre-K to 2. The 51,870-square-foot building is designed to fit in with the neighborhood by reflecting the rhythm and height of the adjacent townhouses.

A distinctive entranceway highlights the passage through the building to the rear playground. The playground facilities include both a quiet garden and an outdoor reading area adjacent to the library. Within the building, the first floor contains classrooms for the smallest children, the lunchroom and kitchen, a multipurpose room, administrative offices and a circular library. The second floor houses the remainder of the classrooms.

While the building is composed primarily of brick, the library walls are glass block, allowing additional light into the curricular room. The combined lunchroom and multipurpose room open directly out to the rear playground and are lighted from above by a playful pattern of round skylights. These rooms also enjoy a wall mural provided under the NYC Percent for Art program.

The architect for the project is Swanke Hayden Connell Architects (New York).

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