Project File: Bad weather didn't stop construction

Facing a rigorous 12-month schedule and a constrictive site on an operational campus can make any construction project challenging. But when severe weather is thrown into the equation, everything seems to become pale in comparison.

Working through one of the most severe winters in recent years, a new academic building at Worcester Academy, Rader Hall, Boston, was completed for $6.5 million. The 27,000-square-foot building is named in honor of Harold G. “Dutch” Rader and his wife Dorothy Simpson Rader of Worcester. Rader Hall's exterior blends in with the historical feel of the campus, while its interior houses the latest technologies for today's students. It includes classrooms, computer labs, library, administrative spaces and common areas.

The new facility is tied into the 100-year-old Dexter Hall with a one-story connector building that serves as a pedestrian thoroughfare while housing additional classrooms and common space below.

Other project challenges included managing the project in such a manner not to disturb surrounding neighborhoods. Project-management flexibility also can be accredited for completion of the project on schedule, within budget and with minimal disruption to the daily campus life. Constantly reinforcing weather protection and altering the work plan due to snow were accomplishments that led to the successful completion of this project.

Architect for the project is Ann Beha Architects (Boston). Shawmut Design and Construction (Boston) was builder and construction manager.

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