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Product Solutions

Performing-arts flooring

American Harlequin Corp.

Harlequin Standfast provides support for dancers on its heavy-duty, non-slip surface. It is suitable for all types of dance, including ballet, contemporary jazz, percussive, aerobics, multipurpose or drama. It can be laid over most types of subflooring and can be installed either permanently or as a portable dance surface. Flooring options include permanent or portable, sprung or hard subfloors, and resilient or wood finishes.
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LCD displays


SDM-S205F and SDM-S205K displays accommodate graphics-intense, video-heavy or multimedia projects. They include features such as digital inputs and one-touch height adjustment. Standard options include tilt and 350-degree swivel for easy viewing, front-panel headphone jacks for convenient access to computer audio, and Sony's ErgoBright technology for simple luminance adjustment.
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Accessible table

R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc.

The Universal Table is accessible to wheelchairs at both ends, and it offers full-capacity seating. These tables can be 6-, 8-, 10- or 12-feet long, and meet or exceed ADA guidelines. Top and seat materials include lumber, recycled plastic, aluminum and vinyl-coated steel. They are ideal for parks, shelters, recreation centers and picnic sites.
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Amp charger

Wheelock, Inc.

The POWERPATH 8 amp Power Supply Charger with 8 amps of 24V filtered, regulated, supervised power is capable of handling four class B or two class A output circuits with 3 amp rating, offers continuous or temporal coded out and can connect to any 12V or 24V panel using NAC inputs, dry contact closures or addressable modules. The PS-24-8MC is UL-listed and can be used with any 24-volt Listed Regulated notification appliance.
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Shower valve


The Temp-Gard III shower valve is a single-handle, pressure-balancing mixing tub and shower valve with a heavy-duty ceramic control cartridge and a stainless-steel balancing piston. It also features a built-in reverse connection capacity. Hot and cold inlets can be reversed by removing the cartridge and turning it 180 degrees. Two integral service stop/check stops and an adjustable temperature limit stop are included in the design. The ADA-compliant handle operates in a rotational manner, cycling through cold water before hot.
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IAQ control


The Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) UVC Kit provides energy savings, mold and IAQ control. Each kit contains one UVC Emitter and power supply, plus all necessary hardware components to retrofit a PTAC coil or other room unit with UVC. Designed for fast and easy snap-in installation, the spacesaving kit uses a 24-inch emitter tube that fits all types of PTAC coils.
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Construction submittals


EasySubmittals enables users to control their construction projects by eliminating the paper-submittal process. The web-based service tracks and records every file, comment and revision, and keeps every member of the chain informed of submittal progress through real-time, automatic e-mail notifications. No special software is required, and it will automatically convert more than 200 file types to PDF format for free viewing with Adobe. The average turnaround time for submittals and shop drawings is less than one week, and it eliminates 90 percent of the paper submittal costs for all users.
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Daylighting system

CPI Daylighting

ControLite all-in-one daylighting system controls the amount of natural light from dark to bright without blinds, shades or curtains. Its design offers automatic or manual operation. Benefits include comfort in any space, energy savings, low maintenance and the freedom to choose temperature and sunlight for any occasion.
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Ballast housing

RUUD Lighting

EZ Bay Plus is a die-cast ballast housing with a robust construction. It offers improved performance and longevity. Its thermally optimized design dissipates heat more effectively than the Die-Cast and EZ Bay Series it replaces. It features a built-in thermal chimney, which acts to dissipate heat and isolate heat-sensitive components. This design allows air to circulate and cool the electrical components to prolong ballast life. It also permits operation at higher ambient temperatures and doesn't require reduced jacketed lamps.
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Office furniture


Align is designed as a coordinated offering of systems, storage and desking products, and can be used as building blocks across the office landscape — from open-plan workstations to private offices. It provides a cohesive, elegant office landscape. This allows a designer to comfortably stay within one product line for an entire project.
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Video management


Video Management System (VMS) software helps leverage video as a critical information source across all areas of an organization for applications such as security, risk management, customer service and operations. It allows users to capture, review and manage video from multiple locations, and easily access live and archived video from a personal computer. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with the existing IT network. Features include SelectView window, controlled user access and remote client application.
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Rubber tile


Defiant Oil and Grease Resistant Tile has a material formulation that makes the tile oppose oil and grease, and helps release dirt and grime from the surface. It requires no additional wax coating, which not only cuts down on maintenance costs, but also helps prevent slips and falls. It also was created to perform under heavy surface loads and will not chip or crack. The floor helps create a high-performance environment that allows individuals to be safer, more efficient and more productive.
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Floor maintenance

Filmop Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Spin-n-Drop Mop is a patented folding microfiber mop head with one-touch collapse for wringing and “spin-and-drop” head-lock for flat mop position. A 16-inch or 20-inch head size reaches easily into corner edges and tight areas. The lightweight design reduces fatigue, even when cleaning vertical surfaces.
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Floor saver

Expanded Technologies

CasterTire Floor Saver fits over hard plastic casters to prevent floor damage. It slips over caster wheels on any type of furniture. Standard hard plastic casters can scratch and mark floors, but the soft vinyl surface on the CasterTire prevents this type of damage. It is made of soft, non-marking vinyl that allows the caster to roll smoothly over the dirt or particles on the floor without sliding or skidding, so there's no floor damage.
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Selecting furniture

College outfits residence hall and student center with modern, durable furnishings


Medaille College, Buffalo, N.Y., is one of the fastest-growing colleges in the country. To accommodate its growing enrollment, it built new on-campus residence halls and expanded the campus center.

Furnishings for the residence halls and the campus center needed to be comfortable and functional.

“We looked for modern furniture with clean lines that was tasteful and classic — furniture that lasts and doesn't look dated,” says Holly McCarthy, dean of students.

The warmth and durability of solid wood Trendmaster furniture from KI was chosen for the residence-hall rooms. Its durability is backed with a 15-year warranty.

The campus center addition and renovation provide a food-service and dining area, as well as gathering and study spaces. It is the hub of student activities on campus.

The dining area is furnished with wood Xylon chairs and Venue tables with matching wood edge that complement the wood architectural beams. Gathering areas and lounges are furnished with Lido lounge seating and Rado tables.

“Students continue to make positive comments about the comfort and appearance of the campus center,” says McCarthy.
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Lecture equipment

Interactive technology assists with classroom presentations


As the flagship institution for the largest community college district in the United States, Phoenix College, Ariz., serves more than 12,000 students. In addition to attracting new students, retaining current students is among the biggest challenges facing the college. Interactive presentation technology can help boost the student-retention rate.

The college installed Hitachi Software StarBoard EM Panels and StarBoard T-15XL Interactive LCD Displays in more than 30 rooms. This was a major step toward an integrated, interactive communications classroom.

The Hitachi StarBoard T-15XL system is a compact, pen-driving, 15-inch interactive LCD display with XGA-quality graphics. Each system comes with a software suite of presentation and collaboration tools. It can be carried easily from room to room without requiring recalibration. The screen image can be projected up to any size.

The interactive LCD panels have enabled classroom presentations to become more interactive. Instructors can face the students and control presentations directly on the panel from outside the range of the projector, avoiding glare and providing students with an unobstructed view.

The college's media services team has set up a faculty training facility on campus and instructs professors on the advanced features of the new systems. Since the introduction of the training facility, the EM Panels and T-15XL systems have been used for a range of classroom presentation applications.
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Nothing to lose

Self-powered locks enable schools to manage their own security with no lost keys


Built in 2004, Kingston Elementary School, Berea, Ky., was constructed as a set of seven pods that branch off of a main hallway (one for each grade level).

“The pod design makes it possible to have a very secure school environment, but you need the right access-control system to make it work,” says Tolene Pitts, principal. “The old key-based systems had some major drawbacks.”

With the previous access-control system, keys were lost or stolen, duplicates were made, and keys sometimes were not retrieved when a staff member left. Using keys also was inconvenient.

Alternatives such as hard-wired systems and battery-powered locks also have drawbacks. Hard-wired systems require wiring at every entry point, and the locks can fail when the power goes down. Battery-powered locks have the expense of replacing batteries, plus the labor needed to replace several batteries in multiple buildings on campus.

To avoid these problems, the school installed the PowerLever self-powered lock. Turning the lever before entering a PIN number provides all the power needed to run the lock functions and maintain a complete audit trail. The access schedule feature allows administrators to authorize users for specific days and times. This enables schools to be responsible for their own access control, saving time and money at the school's central office and allowing the schools to become multi-use community centers.

PIN numbers and access schedules can be set up for each user in seconds. Updates can be downloaded to an electronic device called a SmartKey, which fits into a slot on the front of the lock and uploads all of the changes, says Pitts.
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