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Product Solutions


The Garland Company

Garland White•Knight liquid urethane waterproofing membrane is a cost-effective way to upgrade the performance of single-ply roof systems. Its self-priming properties allow easy, one-step roll or spray application, and its adhesion allows extended life of the roof system. The reflective surface is Energy Star-approved.
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Gym safety

Porter Athletic Equipment Co.

The Safpad line addresses new industry standards and encourages gymnasium safety. Five Safpad products meet or exceed new industry standards and provide protection in every setting. After conducting a risk assessment, a Porter representative can advise facility designers and managers about which of the five products — HiImpact FR-Safpad, HiNRG FR-Safpad, HiImpact Safpad, HiNRG Safpad II or HiNRG Safpad — will best address the distinctive safety issues that exist in a particular gym, recreation center or playing space.
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Fabric duct systems


The SG high-throw diffuser for air-permeable fabric duct systems can be used in high-ceiling applications such as natatoriums and office lobbies. The SG2 and SG3 are 2-inch- and 3-inch-diameter high-technology diffusers that are sewn into laser-cut orifices of premium antimicrobial fabric duct product. The SG Series uses a specially blended, flexible polymer composition that doesn't attract condensation and produces high throw distances of more than 100 feet, but without increasing HVAC air-distribution system static pressures.
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Hydrant cover

Hydrant Hat.

The Hydrant Hat is designed to reduce maintenance and prevent serious bodily injury involving fire hydrants. School logos and mascots can be applied to the sides of the unit by using vinyl decals with adhesive backing. It is made of polyethylene with ultra-violet inhibitors molded into the construction. The base has securing tabs or “flexible fingers” to secure the unit to the hydrant.
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Library furniture


Archive library furniture incorporates power/data solutions. The PowerUp module provides laptop users with instant access to power and data connections within the table or worksurface. A transitional wood design and three edge styles allow Archive furniture to complement any decor. The furniture is available in oak and maple, and in six stain finishes.
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Managing keys

Frank J. Martin Company

The Combi-Cam is a solution for environments where sharing and managing keys amongst several people is a hassle. It is changeable simply by having it on the opening combination and pushing in the reset button while changing it to the desired combination. It is solid metal and can be installed in a manner that is non-resettable. It has 1,000 possible combinations.
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Virtual campus


“Innovation University” is an interactive virtual campus that shows the impact of facility, dining and conference services on the overall campus environment. At each stop on the virtual campus, visitors can hear about a location's importance on campus. It is intended for higher-education administrators who seek more information about the benefits and results of partnering with service providers. The virtual campus is available at
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Electronic flush valve


The new commercial line of easy-to-operate FreeHand electronic flush valves with an advanced sensor eye provides hygienic, hands-free activation and years of dependable service for urinals and water closets. The valves are easy to install and aid in water conservation.
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Nighttime surveillance

Extreme CCTV

Spectrum Series White Light Illuminators are designed for technical nighttime surveillance. Using a mired shift filter that counteracts color distortions caused by conventional light sources such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps, the Spectrum Series ensures accurate color reproduction in low-light environments. The Spectrum Series also features a dedicated power supply that incorporates a dry-contact switch, allowing remote control operation via electrical relay.
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Cluster speakers

Wheelock Inc.

A new family of Cluster Speakers features dual configurations for clearly annunciating various work conditions, emergency or security situations, including OSHA requirements. This can include red for emergency, amber for evacuation, green for all clear or blue for severe weather conditions. The Cluster Speaker includes four STH-15SR horns and one RSS-24MCCH ceiling strobe, no lettering, red plate and two RSS strobes with either a red, blue, green or amber lens mounted to a NEMA 1-steel enclosure.
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Control panel

Fire-Lite Alarms

The MS-9050UD addressable control panel combines the capabilities of Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) and Digital Alarm Communicator/Transmitter (DACT) into one circuit board. It offers a compact, cost-effective design. The integral DACT transmits system status (alarms, troubles, AC loss, etc.) to a central station via the public switched telephone network. The panel's power supply and electronics are contained on a single circuit board housed in a metal cabinet, providing a complete fire-control system solution for a variety of applications.
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On guard

Electronically monitored fire extinguishers assist school in emergency preparedness

MIJA, Inc.

Mountain View Middle School, Goffstown, N.H., received a contribution of 48 wireless, electronically monitored fire extinguishers as part of a new fire-safety demonstration project facilitated by the Safe and Secure Schools (S3) Program from the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM).

Electronically monitored fire extinguishers can be more reliable and dependable than standalone models because they are screened constantly to make sure they are ready for action in the event of an emergency. The school's new system, en.Gauge, examines three characteristics of the extinguishers: presence, pressure and obstruction to access. The system sends an alert to officials if any of these three items are compromised. This system has given the school a wireless grid that allows it to connect other technologies and systems to the network.

Started in 2003 by NASFM, the S3 Program helps school administrators create safe environments through a software tool that pinpoints their most pressing safety concerns and provides solutions for the problems. The software currently evaluates two areas — fire/life safety and violence/vandalism. As NASFM developed the software, it identified electronically monitored fire extinguishers as a means to increase safety and stop extinguisher vandalism.
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Water break

Water-free urinals meet civic ideals while cutting operating costs

Falcon Waterfree Technologies

Evergreen State College, Olympia, Wash., is a progressive public college. It decided to replace flush urinals in its 35-year-old buildings with water-free urinals.

The university initially installed fiberglass no-water urinals, but it experienced problems with discoloration of the bowls within six months. It considered Falcon water-free urinals because they are made of vitreous china.

“We immediately began to replace the fiberglass fixtures because china holds up to the use and abuse that's common in public facilities,” says Mike Drennon, facilities mechanical systems manager.

The total cleaning time is a little shorter in restrooms with water-free urinals because they don't require scrubbing and flushing, says Gaylon Finley, building services manager. The restrooms with water-free urinals stay cleaner because fewer flush plumes are generated. Flushes present an invisible threat because they create aerosol plumes that spread bacteria-laden moisture to every surface in the restroom.

The campus has 120 fixtures in retrofit and new construction projects. Water-free urinals have cut one-third of annual maintenance costs for flush valves at the college, which average $75 per urinal per year. The impact of the water-free urinals has resulted in $9,000 in annual savings, and a 2.4 million-gallon reduction in annual water and sewer charges.
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Practice makes perfect

Multi-college residence hall installs sound-isolating practice rooms for music students

Wenger Corporation

The University Center, Chicago, is the nation's largest multi-college residence hall. The center needed a place where music students could practice without disturbing other residents and activities.

It installed 19 practice rooms on the second floor, which also includes the dining center, recreation area, fitness center and art studio. The rooms offer guaranteed sound isolation in a relocatable, modular design.

The practice rooms are kept locked, and keys can be checked out from the resident-services desk, which is staffed 24/7.

Student schedules are unpredictable, says Cathy Maxwell, director of facilities. In addition to attending class, more students are working, and these rooms enable them to practice after their jobs and school — even late at night — without disrupting anyone else.

“These practice rooms help reduce some roommate conflicts,” says Maxwell. “Students can practice at 3 a.m. in their pajamas if they want to.”

Because the rooms are modular, the University Center may consider reconfiguring several smaller rooms to create a larger one — primarily to better accommodate music groups that need more space.

“It's nice to have this flexibility,” says Maxwell.
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Made to order

Web-native maintenance solution improves efficiency of work-order process


South Lyon Community Schools, South Lyon, Mich., has 14 buildings and more than 1.2 million gross square feet to maintain. In 2005, the district completed 2,283 preventive-maintenance work orders. Problems with a software vendor prompted the district to switch to a new CMMS system for managing and tracking maintenance and work orders.

With the district's previous legacy CMMS vendor, it had a standalone system with one computer. Work orders were submitted on paper and pen using a three-part form that was signed by the teacher, placed in an envelope and sent to maintenance. The process resulted in one to two weeks turnaround for most maintenance work orders.

While reviewing possible computerized maintenance software vendors, the district elimintated vendors whose systems were difficult and not designed to fit the needs of a school. When the district received a trial offer of SchoolDude software, it made its decision within the hour. The software was easy to use, provided the data needed to show results to district administration, and documented how increased focus on completing preventive-maintenance work reduced corrective maintenance work.

SchoolDude software allows all district employees to submit a work request using a computer with a web browser and an Internet connection. Requesters also can receive notification when their work orders have been completed. The solution allows everyone to see work status in real time.

Using SchoolDude software, it takes 1.5 hours to generate required monthly reports instead of two days. This district is completing 100 work orders per week instead of 40. It achieves three times more productivity from the maintenance and operations department.
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