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Product Solutions

Floor protection: Felt pads decrease maintenance efforts and costs
Expanded Technologies

At Traver Elementary School, Lake Geneva, Wis., keeping the school clean has become much easier since maintenance supervisor Dick Kronwall was introduced to Expanded Technologies' self-adhesive felt pads.

The pads stick onto the bottoms of furniture legs to protect the floor from scratches. They also keep the furniture joints from loosening by reducing stress placed on the joints. The pads are ideal for a school because furniture is constantly moved to rearrange classrooms and clean floors.

Kronwall says that he used to buff the floors every two weeks, but now all that is required is sweeping every night, mopping once a week and buffing about once a month. It takes less time to buff because there are less scratches and scuffs.

He was prepared to change the pads once a year, but Kronwall has discovered that not all the pads need to be changed so often. Usually, the table pads last a couple years. Before the pads were installed, Kronwall spent about 10 hours buffing the floors, 18 times per year (twice a month during the school year) — 180 hours of buffing annually. Since installing the pads, eight hours are spent buffing, nine times per year (once a month during the school year) — a total of 72 hours. At an hourly rate of $20 for labor, the school is saving $2,160 per year.
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Space needs

The Terrace 2.6 workstation system has a thin 2.6-inch profile that increases flexibility and creates aesthetically pleasing workspace environments. While the Terrace 2.6 was designed as a standalone solution, it is also aesthetically and functionally compatible with Terrace 3.4.
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Computer cart

A new cart has been added to the J-Mobility line of computer platforms. The SL (slimline) Office Cart incorporates dramatic advances in the ergonomics of cart design and manufacturing. The large work surface accommodates a wide range of monitors, and when used with a flat-panel display, it provides a generous work surface for textbooks, paper and notebooks.
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Media system

The Wharton Lectern is a technologically advanced lectern and media control center that was developed in collaboration with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. The product features electronic height adjustments and a panel to manipulate room lighting, as well as controls for presentation applications, audio and video.
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Ergonomic seating

The Bounce chairs are characterized by a tailored appearance not commonly associated with multipurpose stack seating. The fully upholstered one-piece seat and back pan have concealed internal webbing, which allows both seat and back to passively flex with the user for continuous comfort and support.
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Chair choices
Harden Contract

The Reference Chair provides comfortable, pull-up seating that is constructed of solid North American black cherry seat and back frames. The seat is wood-doweled and glued on all sides, with blocking wood screwed to the frame at all corners for lasting stability. The chairs are available with or without arms.
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