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Product Solutions

Kitchen cleaning
Edward Don & Company

Soak-N-Save is a cleaning system that safely cleans heavily soiled cookware without scrubbing or harsh chemicals. It is safe to use on hood filters, aluminum bakeware, stainless cookware, cast-iron skillets, broiler racks, fry baskets and even kitchen mats, which can be submerged in a combination of water and detergent that is 100 percent biodegradable and lasts up to three weeks with average use. Cleaning time varies according to the amount of soil accumulation.

Computer protection
Cs3, Inc.

The Reverse Firewall has been released for local-area networks and keeps traffic from networks where Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are initiated. Reverse Firewall stops DDos attacks before they exit an infected network of computers; thereby protecting the broader Internet, as well as the network's own legitimate users.

Electronic pushbuttons
Kaba Ilco, Inc.

The new Key-In-Lever (KIL) feature offers quick and easy integration with existing master key systems. The lock ships with a standard key in lever “C” keyway cylinder, which can be replaced with a Lori cylinder, as well as other brands.

Fun climbers
Playworld Systems

With two pipe sizes, children can use their imaginations to test their climbing skills on these climbers. They integrate with modular playgrounds to provide additional play opportunities. There are seven new climbers and two colors to choose from to provide a unique playing experience.

Floor resurfacer

Treflite is a premium epoxy floor resurfacer that provides an almost indestructible finish to old and new floors. It bonds to various surfaces including concrete, wood, steel, aluminum, glass and ceramics. It is resistant to thermal and physical shock, abrasions, acids, alkalis and solvents. It is non-skid, will not shrink, and is effective on surfaces where chemical resistance is needed.

Reprocessed tabletops

Tabletops and classroom furniture components now are being made from 100 percent reprocessed wood products. Designed for high-traffic use, the tabletops and classroom furniture components are virtually indestructible and easy to clean. They are available in colors and finishes of wood-grain, marble, composite, solid or patterned colors. Starter sample kits of finished tabletops and classroom furniture components can be ordered for prototyping and testing.

Office solutions

New ranges of office devices and solutions have been introduced. The Lexmark C750 and C910 color printers and powerhouse E320 and E322 monochrome laser printers offer new levels of affordability, while the X820e multifunction computer device allows information to be processed at the touch of a button.

Modular walls

The Genius Full Height Movable Wall has received the highest Standard Transmission Class rating in the movable wall market. Its optional flush-mounted double-glazing feature contributes to the reduction of sound transmission and offers an aesthetic characteristic. It has similarities to drywall, but incorporates acoustic properties, as well as a high level of functionality.

Air quality
Pure Choice

PureTrac air-monitoring system, featuring The Nose monitor, optimizes building air-quality performance. It monitors and records temperature, RH, CO2, CO, and odors and gases. The monitor contains sensors, which continuously measure indoor air quality. The information is transferred to the data interface that allows for collection and storage of the data on the PureChoice server for Internet access. Customers have access to real-time data, and an email alert is sent when air-quality conditions fall outside of present limits.

Digital office

Two digitally connected multifunction devices have been introduced. The e-STUDIO35 and e-STUDIO45 offer reliable document processing on a network in a cost-effective way for small and midsize workgroups. They allow for printing, copying, scanning and faxing remotely from any desktop computer on the network or directly from the units. Standard hardware includes 32 MB RAM and a 4.3 GB HDD.

Low consumption
Sloan Valve Company

The new Royal Flushometer is a low-consumption toilet with a diaphragm-type flush-ometer. It accurately delivers water from 15 to 100 psi and offers water economy, low maintenance costs and longevity. It is available in a wide variety of preset flushing volumes to meet the need for both new constructions and retrofits.

Flooring options

With the introduction of LonEco flooring, vinyl can have the appearance of wood and laminates while being environmentally safe. The new “green” vinyl feels like honed wood — smooth, soft and at the same time, vibrant in color and warmth. By incorporating wood essence into the product, the flooring maintains a resilient strength.

Comfortable vacuums

The new suspension system makes wearing QuarterVac and ProVac backpack vacuums more comfortable. Adjustable ergo-backplates consist of soft back pads for more comfort. S-shaped body contours have padded shoulder straps and an adjustable across-the-chest sternum strap for load integration and stability. The system, along with a padded waist belt, helps ensure load distribution and balance, torso fit and anatomically correct usage.

Moen, Inc.

The new Revolution massaging showerhead takes ordinary water, spins each drop and then twirls the entire stream. It increases the amount of coverage achieved in the shower and creates a rain-like shower experience. The showerhead spins each water droplet while simultaneously twisting the whole stream. The increased speed in movement of the water drops results in a perception of higher flow, higher pressure and the feeling of a massaging shower.

Worksite equipment
John Deere

The new 280 skid steer is designed to meet the demands for a powerful machine that is easy to run and comfortable for the operator. Equipped with a John Deere 4045T turbo-charged engine, the 280 boasts 90 gross horsepower. It has a rated operating capacity of 3,200 pounds and 11,600 pounds of bucket breakout force. The new 280 has a servo-controlled, hydrostatic, four-wheel-drive transmission, and an optional two-speed transmission available for increased productivity and transport speeds.

Cleaner floors
Crown Mats and Matting

The Grounds-Keeper mats are for indoor entrances with heavy-traffic areas. They are ideal for collecting water, dirt and grit, and are capable of holding up to a gallon of water per square yard. The olefin yarn is solution-dyed for bright, long lasting color and superior stain resistance. It is available in 16 colors with mat sizes ranging from 2-feet by 3-feet to 6-feet by 60-feet. With a three-year guarantee, it will keep floors cleaner and reduce building maintenance costs.

Transition fittings
The Wiremold Company

The new fittings that expand the function, flexibility and aesthetics of Wiremold 5400 Series raceway have been introduced. New components include corner drop transition fittings and a FiberReady bend radius entrance and fitting. Corner drop transition fittings enable 5400 series raceway to be fed from the MXN corner drop raceway. This aesthetic, unobtrusive solution allows horizontal runs of the raceway to be fed from overhead without placing a large raceway drop on the middle of the wall.

Electric dumptrucks

The new electric dumptrucks meet the changing workplace demands and increased need for safety and ergonomics, and have zero emissions. The larger of the Model B Series is the Dumpster (B2-48-D) with a bed size of 83 inches long, 40 inches wide and 34-inch height; a dump height of 51-inches and 1.5 cubic-yards; and a 1,000-pound capacity. The Mini-Dumper (B2-48-MD) has a smaller dump height of 36 inches with a bed size of 66 inches and 14-inch height. The capacity is the same.

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