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Product Solutions

Student safety

PublicSchoolWORKS. The Student-Watch Suite is an automated, web-based system for managing the tracking and reporting of student safety, accidents and behavior issues. It includes the Student Bullying Reporting System (SBRS), the Student Helpline Reporting System (SHRS), the Student Accident Reporting System (SARS), and the Student Behavior Management System (SBMS).
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Task seating

Humanscale. The Liberty chair delivers ease of use and comfort in a contemporary mesh task seating solution. Its features include a tri-panel mesh backrest with self-adjusting lumbar support and a dynamic counter-balance recline. Its form-sensing mesh technology provides automatically adjusting lumbar support for 95 percent of users without the use of external mechanisms and manual adjustments.
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Hand dryer

American Dryer. The eXtremeAir dries hands in 10 to 15 seconds. A powerful blast of warm air breaks up the layer of surface water on a user's hands for quick removal and evaporation. The patent-pending design uses 80 percent less energy, is GreenSpec-listed and qualifies for LEED credits. It provides a 90 percent cost savings vs. paper towels while eliminating maintenance costs and improving hygiene.
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Pressure-assisted toilets

Mansfield Plumbing. The Prestigio 4 dual-flush, pressure-assisted toilet uses 1.1 gallons per flush. Pressure-assisted toilets use water pressure to compress and store air in a plastic tank. When the toilet is flushed, the pressure of the compressed air reinforces the normal gravity flow, requiring less water to clear the bowl. These toilets experience less clogging because of their powerful thrust.
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Composite panels

Temple-Inland. TemStock-Free is a new composite panel product with no added urea formaldehyde. It is 100 percent recycled/recovered fiber content. These qualities allow it to contribute toward points in LEED and Green Globe rating systems. It delivers strength for fastener holding, precise machining characteristics and a smooth surface for laminating.
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Heavy-duty door

Special-Lite, Inc. The SL-17 FRP Flush Door successfully has completed 5 million cycles under the Window & Door Manufacturers Association's NWWDA T.M. 7-90 cycle-slam test. This severe performance test is used to determine the physical endurance of a door and associated hardware connections under accelerated operating conditions.
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Synthetic top coat

Action Floors. Action Herculan top coat is a water-based, solvent-free synthetic polyurethane top coat that requires no masks or building evacuation during application. It is a monolithic, non-porous floor featuring a polyurethane top coat and dual, 2-millimeter coats of seamless, self-leveling polyurethane over a sealed rubber base mat.
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Outdoor lighting

Chloride. The PathMaster Composite LED Bollard is an outdoor architectural fixture designed to provide energy-efficient illumination of walkways, decks, sidewalks and landscape areas for normal and emergency use. Incorporating LED technology, each light engine uses three high-performance, long-life, low-maintenance LEDs for illumination and can be applied from one to all four sides of the bollard.
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Roofing ventilation

Metal-Era, Inc. The Hi-Perf Ridge Vent provides for proper venting at the ridge, which is critical for any roof design utilizing ventilation. It is designed to accommodate individual venting requirements. Regardless of the amount of airspace underneath the roof covering, Hi-Perf is manufactured proportionately to provide the correct amount of net-free vent air.
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Stormwater management

NDS, Inc. Flo-Well manufactured drywell captures runoff water before it can become polluted and contaminate surrounding water sources. It can hold up to 50 gallons of water. Holes throughout the sidewalls allow the Flo-Well to collect excess stormwater into a large plastic container buried beneath the landscape. The plastic walls serve as a void into which water can be collected. The water gradually percolates in the soil without saturating it.
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Administrative solution

eSchool Solutions. Professional Services Organization is a new division to support school districts' efforts to increase operational efficiencies. It sets goals based on district-specific, quantitative and analytical research, and helps identify strategies to help districts reduce teacher absenteeism, enhance substitute management and optimize technology systems.
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MSRA protection

Shiffler. SaniGuard is a patented sanitizing spray or fogger that kills 99.9 percent of the germs that cause MSRA. Because it dries on contact, it's safe and effective on paper and electronics, and leaves no watermarks. Fogging each room and spraying targeted areas once a week is recommended. Fogging a bus or classroom is easy and takes as little as 15 to 30 minutes per application. One 8-ounce fogger sanitizes 625 square feet of space.
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Fire sprinkler brochure

FlexHead Industries, Inc. Copies of the FlexHead Industries brochure on how the selection of commercial sprinkler connections can impact a building's qualification for LEED certification are available from the company through its website: Points can be earned in areas such as sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality.
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Communication board

Ghent Manufacturing. The DecoAurora line of magnetic dry erase markerboards and tackable vinyl boards is manufactured for long-term use. Each product features a stylish rectangular design that is distinguished by a school or university's choice of color trim along the edges of well-formed aluminum framing with four attractive, multi-faceted corner connectors.
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Sustainable decisions

School renovations preserve history and the environment

Tandus. Fern Hill Elementary School, Tacoma, Wash., had been a staple of the community since 1887. When it was rebuilt in 1911, community residents made sure it still embodied a rich history. By the time the Tacoma district decided to renovate the 93-year-old structure again, legislation had been passed in the state of Washington requiring any new or renovated public buildings to use high-performance methods that save money and improve performance through economic, community and environmental goals and to be designed, constructed and certified to meet LEED silver standards.

The district worked with BLRB Architects to design a building that not only fosters and supports learning, but also meets the state's sustainability goals. When it came time to choose a floor covering for the new school, the district and architect stayed with what had worked for so long. C&A, a Tandus brand, had supplied the school with Powerbond carpet in 1981, and that same carpet was still performing in 2005.

“My 36 years of experience with Powerbond carpets has been great,” says Ken Price, director of buildings and grounds. “The product has a 25-year warranty for a reason. We, in the Tacoma School District, have had this product in our classrooms for over 30 years without a problem.”

The school participated in C&A's buy-back recycling program, which offers customers financial incentives to return and recycle any post-consumer, vinyl-backed carpet, regardless of original manufacturer, into 100 percent recycled content backing for new floorcoverings. An educational element was gained when school representatives, students and the building design team were able to travel to Dalton, Ga., to watch the recycling process happen. The students were able to see the carpet from their old building recycled into a new product.
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Boiler upgrade

University improves underground hot water heating system

AERCO. Clayton State University, Morrow, Ga., had needed an upgrade in its central plant for years. The underground hot water heating system, installed in 1968, had become obsolete and was delivering uneven heating in many campus buildings. The design team chose to replace the system with AERCO's Benchmark boilers.

The project posed several challenges. The university and Georgia Board of Regents gave the design team only a few months to complete a project that was decades in the making. Also, although the underground hot water heating system had many problems, the funds available required the design team to focus only on the major equipment, such as boiler, chillers and pumps.

The boiler plant had to operate at unusually low supply water temperatures of between 110°F and 130°F. The boiler's condensing design would enable it to withstand these low return water temperatures without any primary or secondary piping. Plus, the boiler could deliver up to 96 percent operating efficiency under these conditions because of its 20:1 turndown.

Another benefit of the boiler is that it readily would support the college's move to a variable primary flow design that was part of the overall project. Designed to support up to 350 GPM, the boiler is especially suited to variable flow and low-flow conditions. In fact, it even can operate under no-flow conditions.

Space in the central plant was another critical issue for the design team, which had to make sure the renovation satisfied the college's existing requirements, yet still left room for additional boiler capacity. The boiler's small footprint allowed for five boilers to be installed in order to meet the present demand and left enough space for two more units to be added when necessary.
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