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Product Solutions

Seismic reinforcement

CINTEC America, Inc.

Seistec is a CINTEC Reinforcing Anchor System used for seismic repair or for retrofitting seismic upgrading of structures made of brick, stone, terra cotta, adobe or timber. Once a structure is inspected, it is computer-modeled and animated to reveal potential stresses incurred during seismic loading. The software analysis assesses the behavioral probability and the risk inherent to the structure in order to determine the best positioning of the system.
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Energy savings

Miura Boiler Inc.

The LX Gas/Low Nox series of high- or low-pressure steam boilers uses less fuel than Firetube boilers because its in-service efficiency is maximized by computerized vertical water-tube design, a compact pressure vessel that minimizes heat loss, and a five-minute steam product from cold start. It uses the pre-mix method of Nox control.
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Security software


Print Security Manager can configure and manage networked ID card printer/encoders remotely and provide detailed information such as card printer status and ribbon use. It adds layers of management and card-issuance protection with five integrated security software applications: printer management, user configuration, reports, materials management and materials e-ordering.
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Biometric hard drive

Kanguru Solutions

The BioSTOR is a USB 2.0 hard drive featuring biometric security. The sensor on top of the BioSTOR scans and allows access to the encrypted hard drive once an exact fingerprint is confirmed. Both fingerprint images and the security software are stored on the drive. The device automatically locks when disconnected from any PC to protect the encrypted data stored on the hard drive and remains encrypted even after the drive is removed from its enclosure.
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Workloading program


InfoClean Educational Facilities Edition, a workloading software tool available from the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), is a fast, flexible workloading tool. The software was designed to identify the APPA's 33 standard space categories, cleaning square-foot inventory and appearance level factors. It quickly can calculate the data necessary to define staffing service levels in educational facilities.
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Acoustical fasteners


The CADDY SFCLT reinforcing clamp prevents the T-bar from twisting and disconnecting at the T-bar intersections in a seismic event. It also withstands the force of a standard fire hose. Other luminaire supports from CADDY include lay-in and troffer light-fixture support clips, suspension bars, “twist-on” track-light clips, fluorescent light-fixture hangers and independent support clips. Many of the CADDY light-support fasteners require no tools for installation.
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Windlock door

U.S. Door

The Model 652 Windlock door is designed to resist hurricane-force winds and is compliant with most coastal building code requirements. It includes the new UHM Nylon windlocks, which allow for smooth and quiet operation without the metal-to-metal contact. It is suitable for sizes up to 20 feet by 14 feet and provides maximum protection without sacrificing ease of operation.
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Building management


Continuum is an integrated energy-management and card access/security solution. It features an open protocol system that interoperates directly with BACnet and other protocols; provides HVAC control, access control and digital video surveillance in one system; has a modular, plug-and-play design; and relies on standard Ethernet TCP/IP network without gateways, terminal servers or other hardware.
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Water closets


The EcoVantage pressure-assist series of water closets complement the existing Zurn One Systems package of vitreous fixtures by offering 1.6 GPF, 1.1 GPF and dual-flush, pressure-assist two-piece water closets. EcoVantage pressure-assist products promote water savings and HET compliance. They save 40 percent more water than conventional 1.6 GPF pressure types.
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Flexible furniture

The HON Company

HON for Learning is a full line of furniture solutions for schools. It incorporates the latest ergonomic principles to maximize comfort and safety while improving productivity and effectiveness. Designed for flexibility and mobility, it is perfect for instructional and meeting spaces that undergo regular reconfiguration because of changes in teaching methods, advancing technologies and class size.
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Flooring designs

Tarkett Commercial

The ColorWorks system is a collection of coordinated color schemes developed to provide designers more flexibility in creating flooring designs. It ensures that all Azrock by Tarkett products offer complementary colors and patterns so products can be mixed and matched for optimal design options. ColorWorks' color story comprises four environments including natural, urban, contemporary and cosmopolitan.
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Classroom tools

Interactive technology boosts learning

SMART Technologies Inc.

Lexington County (S.C.) School District One has equipped 300 classrooms with SMART Board interactive whiteboards to prepare students for a digital future. The district's goal is to outfit every K-6 classroom with interactive whiteboards.

The SMART Board interactive whiteboard is a large, touch-sensitive display. Connected to a computer and projector, it is like a giant computer screen that students and teachers simply touch to operate. Using a finger or a pen as a mouse, teachers and students can access and control any computer application, file or multimedia platform, including the Internet, CD-ROMs and DVDs. They also can write over applications in digital ink, then save their work for future study and review.

To develop students' technology skill sets early on, teachers collaborate with instructional technology coaches to incorporate interactive whiteboards into K-6 lessons for every core subject, including art and music. The SMART Board interactive whiteboard can be integrated with various classroom technology tools including projectors, wireless laptops, streaming video, digital cameras, DVD players and video cameras. Using classroom-voting devices with the SMART Board, teachers also can do impromptu benchmarking and assessment tests.
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Branding education

District searches for creative ways to advertise schools

3M Company

After attending a seminar about branding, Suzanne Yeager, executive director of communications for St. Paul (Minn.) Public Schools, began to investigate ways to brand and publicize the school district.

For a year and a half, Yeager and her staff gathered information from parents, students, administrators and businesses. The group was able to identify four brand pillars that could be integrated into the district's communications with the community. One method of communication was “rolling billboards” on several of the school system's trucks. Six trucks have been wrapped with graphics and messages supporting the brand pillars.

Wraps allow commercial vehicles such as vans, trucks and buses to be wrapped with adhesive-backed vinyl films that have been printed digitally with promotional messages. This technique is considerably less expensive than paint and also affords the opportunity to change messages quickly. The film can be removed in minutes and newly printed images applied.

“One of the things I received the most comments and calls about was the vehicle wraps. People wondered how we did it and how they might replicate the program,” says Yeager.
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Going digital

University upgrades campus surveillance system with digital video recorders


The University of Florida, Gainesville, is one of the nation's largest universities, and is committed to maintaining a safe and secure campus for its 50,000 students.

The university recently completed the first phase of an ongoing upgrade to the school's security system with the installation of four Mitsubishi DX-TL5000U digital video recorders (DVRs). The DVRs are fed by 52 cameras covering the College of Veterinary Medicine's 200,000-square-foot complex of offices, buildings and parking lots.

Until recently, the main drawback of deploying security surveillance systems at the university was that the standard analog technology had to be removed, labeled, archived and replaced every 24 hours. In recent years, analog recording has been overtaken by DVRs, which allow thousands of hours of data to be recorded and saved onto a CD or server. Unlike videotapes, digital images do not fade over time. DVR technology makes it easy to immediately retrieve images from a specific time period, eliminating the need to search through hours of videotape.

The university's security personnel were eager to employ the DVR's digital features, including the ability to network several DVRs for monitoring from a central security station.

“We chose the Mitsubishi DX-TL5000U DVRs because of their advanced feature set and ability to provide high-quality imaging,” says David E. John, senior electronic technician. “Because these units can be sequentially configured, we have the added flexibility of expanding to a very large system as we move forward.”
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Extending wireless

Mesh access points on building rooftops create an outdoor network for student use

Cisco Systems

As schools and universities look to make wireless technology ubiquitous on their campuses, wireless “mesh” networking is making it more efficient and cost-effective for administrators to extend wireless to a wider range of outdoor areas.

Cisco Systems recently introduced an intelligent wireless mesh solution that combines the Adaptive Wireless Path Protocol with the Cisco Aironet 1500 Series access points. Designed for massive wireless network environments, this protocol enables a remote access point (AP) to dynamically select the best data path among other APs within the mesh coverage area, which helps campuses maintain optimal network capacity for existing access points, while also enabling new access points to be added dynamically.

The Cisco Wi-Fi mesh solution has been piloted at the University of California at Berkeley to bring wireless outdoor Internet access to the campus, and has met the university's stringent scalability and reliability requirements.

Wireless mesh networks aren't inherently as reliable as wired networks because of the unpredictable nature of radio waves, but they can perform just as well as any other wireless service, including cell phones, says Cliff Frost, director of communication and network services at the university.

The university's pilot network with 11 access points handled as many as 100 users at one time. The university is working to extend coverage across campus and into adjoining areas.
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