Product Solutions

Tracking costs

University maintains utility budget despite increasing consumption and expenses


When Cecil Sheppard, supervisor of high voltage and utilities for the University of South Carolina, Columbia, arrived on campus in 1984, tracking utility costs and consumption was done using a pen and paper.

Today, Sheppard has transformed the department of energy services, efficiently maintaining an $11.6 million utility budget using UtilityDirect from

“In 2002, the university was paying $7.89 CCF for natural gas, and this year we are paying more than $16.49 CCF,” says Sheppard. “Our utilities budget has increased from 30 percent of the total maintenance and operations budget in 1981 to nearly 35 percent of the total budget.”

Daily use of UtilityDirect allows Sheppard to track costs and consumption, identify and evaluate poor performing buildings, replace inefficient machinery and charge utility costs back to the departments that use it.

“One of our residence halls has a restaurant and a telecommunications hub in the building,” says Sheppard. “With UtilityDirect, we can place a sub-meter on both the restaurant and the telecommunications hub, allowing us to charge food services and the IT department their appropriate share of the energy costs. We no longer just pay the bill. We want to be sure all departments and buildings are aware of their utility costs and are paying their fair share.”

Sheppard also has been able to catch numerous billing and account errors made by local utilities.

“By analyzing our bills and accounts with UtilityDirect, we were able to find fire suppression lines charged for consumption, duplicate sewer charges, and 32 accounts with zero consumption that were charged service fees,” he says. “Now, they don't get away with overcharging the university.”

UtilityDirect already has helped the University of South Carolina achieve utility costs savings of 15 percent, with actual savings of more than $887,979.
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Campus laundry

Alliance Laundry Systems LLC

Wash Alert links Speed Queen NetMaster washers and dryers with a central computer network through a laundry room computer. The result enables students to connect to a web page to review data such as cycle time remaining on machines in use and machine availability. Residents also may reserve machines and receive e-mail or cell phone notification when they are available or when cycles are complete.
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Fire-alarm panel

Silent Knight/Honeywell

Intelligent Device (ID) protocol, developed in conjunction with System Sensor, is available on all IFP Series for fire-alarm control panels including the 50-point IFP-50, 127-point IFP-100 and 1,000-point IFP-1000. ID protocol enhances the level of control to protect buildings and small- to mid-sized institutions by allowing a wider array of sensors and modules, including several duct detectors, multi-input/output modules and sensors, and compatibility with the IFP Series.
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Dry erase board


The Board Converter is an easy way to convert damaged or worn chalkboards or whiteboards into a new dry erase surface. Specifically designed to work with Expo dry erase markers, the surface will restore a dented, damaged or scratched chalkboard or whiteboard to a like-new condition and bring vibrant color into the classroom. Sold in 12-, 16- or 24-foot lengths, the converter will fit boards already in place in a classroom.
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Keeping watch

IP-based security cameras reduce vandalism

Sony Electronics Inc.

Santiago High School, Garden Grove, Calif., has about 2,100 students and 15 buildings on more than 47 acres. It was selected for a pilot program using Sony IPELA SNC-RZ30N PTZ and SNC-CS3N Fixed IP-based security cameras in 2004 because it is situated in one of the region's lowest-income neighborhoods and was subject to graffiti, vandalism and theft. Also, a recent upgrade of the school's IP network provided the necessary high-speed infrastructure.

Installation costs were lower than with traditional analog security. Operations during the first year demonstrated the value of leveraging investments in IP infrastructure with security systems using cameras.

“Tagging (graffiti) was a constant issue; now it's almost entirely eliminated on outside buildings,” says Ben Wolf, principal. “Break-ins and theft, too, have gone way down. We haven't had a major case of vandalism either.”

An initial site analysis compared a traditional analog system with a similar configuration controlled over IP-based connections. Extensive excavation would have been necessary to upgrade underground conduits between buildings for the amount of cable needed for analog security. In contrast, the IP-based system relied on the network already in place. The only additional cable runs took up less than 3,000 feet of CAT5 cable.

The final installation consisted of Sony IP cameras connected to a server running command-and-control software. With the entire campus wired with high-speed IP connections, connecting the cameras was just a matter of running cable a short distance to the nearest standard RJ-45 Ethernet jack. Then, the cameras were immediately identified as an IP device on the network, and configured and programmed to patrol the campus.

Wolf says the system has helped create a new atmosphere on campus and reduced ongoing maintenance costs from vandalism.
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Hand dryer

Excel Dryer, Inc.

XLERATOR hand dryers are offered in a new graphite-finished cover. The modern-looking, textured finish helps cut back on time associated with restroom maintenance by minimizing the appearance of fingerprints and particles on the dryer. XLERATOR is the first hand dryer to achieve GreenSpec approval, and qualifies for LEED and LEED-EB credits.
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Basketball equipment

Future Pro

A broad selection of complete playground basketball systems on gooseneck and adjustable-height poles is available. Backboard options are fan-shaped or rectangular and are available in aluminum, steel, polyethylene or clear polycarbonate. The PR52 has a rust-free aluminum goal mounted to a heavy-duty 4.5-inch gooseneck pole.
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Natural lighting dimmer

Solatube International Inc.

The Solatube Daylight Dimmer allows users to control the natural lighting level of a room for smooth daylighting transitions from dim to bright. It allows teachers to modify the level of natural lighting during audiovisual presentations. It includes a butterfly baffle that is driven by an electric motor inside the tubular skylight unit. A wall-mounted switch allows users to adjust the skylight's light output from 100 percent to about 2 percent.
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Sound system

Anchor Audio

BEACON is a fully featured sound system within a self-contained, durable enclosure that brings high-fidelity sound quality to any remote location, and it doesn't require an audio engineer to operate. With “plug-and-play” design, users simply roll it into place, open it up and start broadcasting high-quality speech or music with enough power to fill an auditorium.
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Boiler efficiency

Miura Boiler, Inc.

New boilers can be turned on and off like light bulbs so they are always operating at peak efficiency for the greatest energy savings and fastest response to fluctuating demand. They are designed for steam-starved, volatile demand processes. Surface serration on low-water content water tubes optimizes heat transfer, contributing to high fuel-to-steam boiler efficiency (85 percent or higher) at all steam loads from 35 percent to 100 percent. Because steam load constantly is fluctuating, the consistent efficiency provides savings.
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Ceiling system

Chicago Metallic

Curving Ceiling Systems allow designers to create dramatic waved ceilings, islands, vaults and transitions between ceiling heights in small and large interior spaces. Available in one- or two-directional systems, CurvGrid easily conforms to existing designs. Curves in the metal ceiling system are engineered for custom applications, and virtually any radius, bend and depth can be achieved.
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Daylighting panels

Major Industries

Guardian 275 Translucent Daylighting Panels, recognized for their energy efficiency, light-management qualities and cost-effectiveness, offer a new feature. The Ultimate Series exterior face sheet withstands temperature fluctuations, “acid rain,” smog and seismic vibration up to a specified structural limit without cracking or shattering. Ultimate Series literature gives more information.
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Carpet fiber


Brilliance carpet fiber delivers richer, more vibrant color, along with the soil-hiding capability of a hollow filament fiber shape. It shows less wear in highly trafficked areas and maintains appearance, especially in tip shear constructions. It is constructed with 6,6 nylon polymer, fiber engineering and DuraTech soil-resistance chemical treatment.
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Voice messaging

Radal Technology Limited

The SpeechPOD module is designed to provide a call to action when triggered by a person in the vicinity of the module. If a person is detected, SpeechPOD immediately outputs a clear voice message, helping to reinforce health and safety requirements or prevent an accident. For example, upon entering a place where the floor has just been mopped, visitors might hear the message, “This floor has just been cleaned, and may be wet and slippery. Please take care.” The module is light, compact and easy to install.
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Bird deterrent

Nixalite of America Inc.

Nixalite has released six new models of bird spikes. From premium all-stainless steel spikes to low-cost plastic, the new models offer bird control for any application or budget. All-stainless steel models are available in eight standard colors with pointed or blunt spikes. Bird spikes, or “porcupine wire,” add value and help maintain facilities.
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Tools for learning

Expanded technology ensures reliable, non-stop use for hundreds of university classrooms


The University of Texas has more than 1,000 Epson PowerLite modules on several of its campuses. The university's technology equipment such as projectors, computers and other devices handles many hours of non-stop use in hundreds of classrooms.

In the past few years, the university has pushed to replace all of its chalkboards and outdated overhead projectors, and standardize technology in every classroom, says Kurt Bartelmehs, technologist at the University of Texas at Austin.

Every classroom under Bartelmehs' guardianship has a full complement of technology equipment, which includes an Internet-connected computer, an Epson 3LCD large-format XGA projector, an amplified stereo system, a touchscreen remote-control system, a VCR/DVD player, a document camera, cabling for laptop connection, and a set of inputs to plug in devices such as microscopes.

The projectors have played a key role in the university's overall technology plan. They perform well in different lighting conditions throughout campus. Today, the university primarily uses the ultra-light XGA projectors from Epson's Portable Series. These projectors offer 2,600 to 4,000 ANSI lumens and Epson 3LCD (three-chip) technology for exceptional color accuracy, rich saturation and remarkable image quality in all classrooms.
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Making it last

School district equips facilities with long-term roofing solution

The Garland Company

Benton Community School District, Van Horne, Iowa, asked architect Shive-Hattery of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to develop recommendations for replacing a PBC roof, which had failed prematurely with a combination of high-slope and low-slope metal roofs.

The school complex, which encompasses a high school and a middle school, includes buildings of seven different levels and features eight distinct roof areas that represent about 100,000 square feet of roofing.

The district already had replaced the roofs twice in less than 25 years and was determined to find a more lasting solution that would ensure single-source accountability for the entire roofing project, despite the variety of roof profiles involved.

The architect specified 70,000 square feet of low-slope roofing, R-Mer Lite insulated steel roofing and 30,000 square feet of high-slope roofing, R-Mer standing-seam roofing from The Garland Company, which provided a long-term, high-performance warranty for the entire project. Students helped select the roof's “Benton blue” color.
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Floor care


Tigerskin provides a tough, abrasion-resistant, water-based epoxy finish to concrete, wood and masonry floor surfaces. It cures to a satin finish that provides a durable, easy-to-clean surface that protects against graffiti, and wear and tear on floors, walls, masonry, ceilings and other surfaces. Garon Hi-Gloss is ideal as a topcoat and gives added abrasion resistance and shine to Tigerskin surfaces.
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Bleach spray system

Deardorff Fitzsimmons Corp.

Activate 5.25% Institutional Bleach Dilution System features a two-bottle trigger sprayer that automatically dilutes 5.25% sodium hypochlorite with water to a 5,000 ppm solution as it is sprayed. The solution is always active and accurate when the trigger is pulled. The user fills the water cartridge and locks in replaceable 11 oz. bleach cartridges as needed.
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Network video

AMAG Technology

A new range of Symmetry Edge Network Video Servers (ENVS) works with AMAG's Symmetry Video Management and Essentials modules to provide a storage and forward solution that saves bandwidth. The video servers sit at the edge of the LAN/WAN and come in one or four channel models in convenient, ready-to-install packages integrated with AMAG's range of access control panels. Activity can be stored and forwarded on demand, allowing for archiving to take place at network off-peak times.
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Floor covering

Milliken & Co.

TractionBack is a bio-based, high-friction coating that eliminates the use of modular carpet adhesive and improves indoor air quality. It is applied to modular carpet backing during manufacturing and secures tiles in place without wet adhesives, floor sealers or primers. The green chemistry improves indoor air quality by eliminating VOC off-gassing.
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Fixed seating

Sedia Systems

The Runner is a continuous fixed-seating system for higher-education environments. It features uplift seats, anti-panic work surfaces with rows assembled in a continous form, customized to a room's specific needs. It can accommodate straight or curved formations on flat, sloped or tiered floors. The backrest is an “S” shape to ensure comfort in all possible layout configurations. The system is made of wood and almost entirely recyclable aluminum.
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Wall base

Roppe Corp.

Pinnacle Plus is a sculpted profile wall base line. It is made of a ⅛-inch-thick Type TS rubber compound that allows the installer to wrap or miter corners on-site. It provides a PVC-free solution with subtle lines that promote high design finish with green attributes. It features five 4-inch sculpted profiles, including three top designs in standard toe base and two base shoe designs.
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IP phones


New applications for the Avaya one-X Deskphone Edition IP Phones include time reporting, automated conference call reminders, integrated corporate directory access with contact search and solutions designed specifically for education environments. These features can be accessed directly from the phone's simplified user interface. They offer real-time, intelligent communications, increase productivity and maximize the benefits of an IP solution.
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Wall and ground anchoring

CINTEC America

The Earth Retaining Wall and Ground Anchoring System can tie back historically sensitive walls or can help in difficult situations where the historic nature of a project must be preserved. This stabilizing system offers a solution tailored to the specific requirements of each structure. The process begins with an inspection of the structure by an engineer, and suggestions are provided. At the site, ground anchors provide stability, while voids and gaps within the structure are bridged using a cement-like grout.
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