Product Solutions

Bathing safety


The Hydroguard HT115 is the newest advancement in thermostatic protection for showers. It features advanced thermal actuation technology and is designed to instantly reduce the flow of water to less than 0.25 gpm if the temperature reaches 115°F. Once the temperature drops below 115°F, it automatically resets and resumes the full flow within seconds.

Landscaping tools

John Deere

The EH2342 Extended-Reach Hedge Trimmer has a 42-inch boom, providing additional cutting capability over a conventional hedge-trimmer. The articulating head has indexed adjustments for a variety of cutting angles. The 1.2 horsepower Deere M-Series engine, along with the 22-inch cutting blade, give the trimmer more than enough power to cut through branches as large as one-inch in diameter.

Floor protector

Mannington Commercial

ICORE, advanced composite flooring, is a new category of hard surface flooring. It has an extruded synthetic core that is impervious to moisture and incorporates sound-dampening chambers for a quieter sound underfoot. It can be installed over almost any existing flooring. Its melamine and aluminum wear surface is durable and stain-resistant.

Wireless systems

SpectraLink Corporation

New wireless telephones are lightweight handsets that offer the flexibility of cordless and cellular phones, without airtime charges or usage fees. Interruptions from intercoms and messengers are minimized, allowing students to remain focused on learning.

Emergency guide


In a convenient format, the Everyone's Emergency Care Guide is a useful tool in emergency situations. Students, faculty and staff can be victims of choking, poisoning, cuts and falls. Depending on weather, location and other commitments, emergency professionals may take a significant amount of time to arrive at the scene. The guide can be carried in a purse or the car, or put in a desk.

Backup alarm

Preco Electronics

The 270 Bac-A-Larm 107 db backup alarm extends its alarm products to more than 40 different audible warning systems. It is targeted for vehicles that operate in environments where lower-decibel alarms may not be heard. The design is solid-state urethane encapsulated, black, glass-reinforced nylon for rugged applications.

Digital recording

Silent Witness

Digital Chaperone is an advanced digital recording system that is designed to increase student and driver safety on school buses. It is composed of the MDR100 mobile digital recorder with a suspension system. The recorder writes reliably to a hard drive even over the roughest of roads.

Support system

Back-A-line, Inc.

This back support promotes and supports better postural habits. It has a built-in, curved, firm support pad. The pad is eight inches long to provide a full range of lumbar support.

Water automation


WaterCop is a self-contained, wireless leak-detection and automatic water-shutoff system. The system should be installed on the main water line immediately after the existing manual shutoff valve or immediately prior to where the plumbing main begins to branch to “water appliances.”

Fencing applications

ITC Manufacturing & Powder Coating

The new Architectural Fencing System's Powder Coating System over galvanized steel offers corrosion protection, graffiti-resistant finish and color options. The linear wire design allows solutions that enhance landscaping, security barriers and other fencing projects.

Preschool equipment

Landscape Structures Inc.

The new Critter Canyon is designed for children age 2 to 5. The surface of this molded climber features a collection of creatures in high relief. The sculpted forms of butterflies, inchworms, frogs, flowers and leaves provide a visual and tactile sensation for children to crawl up onto the structure, and provide spaces for gripping and traction.

Basketball structures

Bison, Inc.

The telescoping series of basketball wall-mount structures has a wall-to-backboard extension of one foot to 10 feet. The structures can be adjusted at installation, eliminating time-consuming measurements and costly field modifications. Stationary, side-fold and swing-up structures are available with fan-shaped steel or official competition rectangular glass backboards.

Floor coating

Tnemec Company Inc.

The StrataShield is a line of innovative advanced floor coatings. It includes a high-performance coating developed to meet any flooring environment. Advanced formulations utilizing a complex polyfunctional amine structure offer contractors easy application and extended durability.

Eye safety

Bel-Art Products

Molded in safety-green, these eye-wash stations can be wall-mounted for quick access to eyewash solution in an emergency. Available in either a single or double eye-wash station, both are supplied with 32-ounce bottles filled with sterile, isotonic, buffered solution, ready for immediate use. Sterile solution refills also are available for quick emergency use.

Storage cabinet

Lyon Workspace Products

In response to demand for additional models with more varied sizes and features, 10 new all-welded, heavy-duty storage cabinets have been introduced. Four of the new multipurpose cabinets combine modular drawer, tilt-bin and shelf storage in a heavy-duty, lockable cabinet-type housing.

Equipment options

Leslie Controls, Inc.

The new 125WB/LB Butterfly Valve Series is available in two inches through 48 inches, with wafer or lug body design. These valves are ideal for HVAC, process and industrial applications, wherever positive shutoff is required for liquids, gases or slurries. The series is constructed with a cast-iron body and stainless-steel shaft.

Air handlers

McQuay International

The Vision Air Handlers are available with an optional painted cabinet to increase corrosion resistance and extend unit life for indoor and outdoor applications. Made from high-strength 16- or 18-gauge galvanized steel, the neutral-colored units also improve aesthetics. They provide flexibility to build the exact air-handling system required for optimal indoor air quality.

Paint patterns

InPro Corporation

Inspired by artists such as Da Vinci, Monet and Seurat, the New Hallmark: Artist Series was created. With three patterns available in six colors, a faux finish is achieved that offers far greater protection than paint. Improved scratch resistance makes it appropriate for high-traffic areas, such as corridors and lobbies.

Grounds maintenance

FINN Corporation

The HydroSeeder machine combines seed, fertilizer, soil amendments, mulch fiber, tackifier and other additives into a thick slurry and sprays it onto the seedbed for lawn seeding. It allows for quick establishment of vegetation for land reclamation, lawns, sports fields and athletic turf, and for erosion control. It is available in seven models with capacities ranging from 300 to 3,300 gallons.

Channel framing


ERISTRUT half-slot channel is now available in a precut length to span bar joists. The complete line of channel framing is available in every strut style for almost every application, including half-slot, full-slot, punched, back-to-back and knockout. Green powder coated, pre-galvanized, hot dip galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum and plain finishes are available.

Presentation products

Da-Lite Screen Company, Inc.

The electric screen line, the Designer Contour Electrol has been introduced. It is designed with a curved aluminum extruded case that is small enough to fit into any installation. A choice of seven veneer finishes is available for the front cover of the screen case for a warm and elegant look. An optional low-voltage control unit can be built directly into the case for easy installation.

Fiber-optic connectors


Long proven in indoor operation, the Hot Melt ST, SC and FC Connectors are now approved for temperatures from -40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F), extending the previous range of -40° to 60°C for both single-mode and multimode Hot Melt fiber-optic connectors. They meet EIA/TIA 568B standards for outdoor applications, ensuring reliable performance.

Identification cards

Visage Technology, Inc.

ImageCAM is a biometric face-recognition technology and identification solution that increases security levels and protects personal privacy. It is a secure video camera for the creation of high-quality picture-identification cards. It consists of a 24-bit CCD color video-camera assembly, a telescoping mounting rod and a tabletop mounting base. All image capture is accomplished through the keyboard for ease of use.

Ergonomic chairs

Bio-fit Engineered Products

The new armrest provides easier adjustability and greater comfort on many of its ergonomic chair models. The knob has been replaced for armrest height adjustment with a finger-activated control that is easier to use. Instead of the twisting motion required to turn the knob, a seated chair user uses fingertips to activate a control located immediately under the armrest's pad.

Water cooler

Halsey Taylor

A new water cooler, Voyager, has been introduced with futuristic features. It is designed to blend in with and complement its surroundings. The smooth rounded corners create a safer water cooler; there are no sharp edges or louvers. The two-tone gray composite material is molded clear through to resist scratches and vandalism, as well as damage caused by sunlight, heat and moisture.

Cleaning tools


The portable, electric Shot Blaster from EDCO solves floor preparation needs in one step. Totally self-contained and dust-free, it removes, cleans and profiles concrete and metal surfaces in a single pass. It is self-propelled at speeds from zero to 25 feet per minute and covers up to 300 square feet per hour.

Roofing solutions

The Garland Company

The redesigned website has many new customer-focused improvements including a free roof inspection request, detailed product information and an online employment application. The site offers an in-depth glossary of terms that allows customers to better understand the technical jargon of roofing.

Pool testing

Palintest USA

All the water parameters that need regular checking in pools and spas treated with chlorine, bromine or ozone can be measured with the Pooltest 9 photometer kit. The tests cover free and total chlorine, total bromine, ozone, ph, copper, alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid. Lightweight and compact, the photometer can be used poolside or in the plant.

Tire care


The improved ReSeal Tire Sealant and Conditioner features Kelvar fiber that eliminates flat tires caused by slow leaks and instantly repairs punctures up to 14-inch in diameter. The product is available in five-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes. It is pumped into the tire through the valve stem and remains in a liquid state.

Student furniture


The new I.Q. Mobile Chair, model 2660GC-15, is designed for the needs of younger, smaller students. A five-point base with dual-wheel, hooded swivel caster enables easy mobility. It has a contoured chair shell that is spacious with a concave seat and a flexible backrest to deliver long-lasting comfort and support.

Flooring products

Domco Tarkett Commercial

As part of the Tarkett Sommerline of products, Granit is available in 24 shades and has a range from neutral to primary colors. It includes two multicolored products. An acoustic version is available in select colors for added levels of reduced noise transmission, underfoot comfort or shock absorption.

Fluorescent security

Ruud Lighting

The fluorescent security line is available in Surface Series (SS Series), Square Series (SE Series), Rectangular Series (E Series) and Circular Series (CE Series). Various series provide uniform illumination, fewer lamp changes, lower maintenance costs and wall-mounting options.

Fire vents

The Bilco Company

The automatic fire vents are designed to open instantly in the event of fire, allowing smoke, heat and gases to escape from a burning building, and assisting firefighters in their containment efforts. Fire vents are roof-mounted and are suited for buildings with large expanses of unobstructed spaces.

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