Product Solutions

Lab safety


The Safety Station is a multipurpose drench shower, eye/face wash, and safety supply storage cabinet in one unit. Sanitary white polypropylene construction means there is no wood or metal to rot or rust. It is equipped with a pull rod-activated shower and push handle eye/face wash for quick rinsing. Towels and first-aid supplies can be stored in the cabinet below. The stations are fully assembled and ready for installation to the water supply.
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Exhaust system


The tubular centrifugal laboratory exhaust system, Model TCB-LE, is a cost-effective, single-source alternative to standard field built-up fan and stack assemblies. A high-velocity exhaust cone incorporated in the TCB-LE displaces hazardous or noxious laboratory fumes high above the roof, preventing roof damage or re-entry into a building's makeup-air system. An optional bypass air plenum and damper adds ambient air to the exhaust to further dilute fumes and provide additional exhaust displacement.
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Organizational network


The RAINS-Net is a secure, portable and interoperable network developed by the Regional Alliances for Infrastructure and Network Security (RAINS). It allows organizations to coordinate emergency planning, preparedness, training, quick response and recovery. In addition to storing rich media, RAINS-Net features a survivable repository for critical digital content. The network can be populated with local, regional and national members from public and private communities.
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Drying tumbler

Continental Girbau, Inc.

The 20-25-pound Aurora compact drying tumbler (CG-20-25) is available in gas or electric heat, and offers efficient axial airflow and durable stainless-steel construction. The four-wheel drum support and stainless-steel drum and cabinet are designed to sustain the rigors of everyday use. The motor is enclosed for protection from damaging lint, dirt and moisture, and an easy-to-clean stainless-steel lint screen simplifies maintenance.
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Mold-resistant panels

G-P Gypsum

DensArmor Plus Interior Guard is an interior gypsum panel with a moisture-resistant, noncombustible gypsum core. It is highly resistant to the growth of mold and mildew, providing protection from problems caused by moisture intrusion. The core of DensArmor Plus is reinforced with inorganic glass fibers. Combined with the facings made with inorganic glass fibers, the product features greater moisture resistance and dimensional stability than regular wallboard. It resists warping, rippling and buckling, and exhibits zero flame spread.
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Concrete repair

Garon Products, Inc.

Traffic Fast is an easy-to-use, mix-and-pour, shallow crack concrete repair that sets in as little as two hours. It contains an advanced-formulation, high-bond liquid polymer so repairs stand up to industrial use and have increased impact resistance, making repairs last longer than those made with ordinary concrete repair mortars. It saves time and labor by eliminating the need for extensive key cutting.
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Roof cement

Henry Company

Henry #208 is a quick-patch product that can be used in wet, dry, hot or cold weather. It is ready to use from the cartridge or pail, and is applied thick with a trowel or putty knife. The heavy-bodied asphalt mix repairs holes, cracks and splits. It can be used to seal leaks and openings around flashings, chimneys, vents, skylights, gutters and joints in metal edging.
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All-floor cleaning system


The Kai-Ra-Te All-Floor Cleaning System features a 15-gallon solution tank to clean up to 6,000 square feet of floor space in a single trip. Precise flow control dispenses just enough solution to remove grit and grime from wall and floor grout and tiles, cutting chemical costs by up to 90 percent and replacing ineffective mops, buckets and wringers. The cleaning solution stays fresh because dirty water is vacuumed into a separate tank.
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Aesthetic tile

Crossville Porcelain Stone/USA

The WeatherStone Series, porcelain stone that emulates natural slate, is available in two surface textures: one is slip-resistant and tough enough to brave the weather outdoors, and the other is smoother and easily maintained for indoor use. The only way to tell the difference between the two textures is to touch the tile surfaces. The slate-inspired colors are available in five rustic hues, and in multiple sizes and trims.
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Floor covering


The NeoFloor Talus Collection provides designers and facility managers with a solution to the challenges that floor covering faces: unyielding foot traffic, a high level of wear and tear, soil buildup and stains. Offered in 2-meter widths, the Talus Collection has three designs in eight medium to dark colorways. NeoFloor has the advantages of carpet and the ease-of-maintenance of hard surfaces with superior aesthetics and density ideal for heavy foot and wheeled traffic areas.
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Carpet maintenance

John Downey Company

The Facilities Carpet Maintenance System is a comprehensive program designed to solve the problems associated with facilities carpet maintenance. A new brochure for facilities cleaning professionals describes and explains the key elements of the system.
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Acoustical advancements

New audio system in school multipurpose facilities serves students and the community

Harman Pro Group

Scheduled to break ground in June, Bordentown High School, Bordentown, N.J., includes an auditorium with seating for more than 1,000; a gymnasium with a capacity for more than 1,000 students; and a library encompassing more than 9,000 square feet.

Metropolitan Acoustics, LLC chose a professional-level audio equipment system from the Harman Pro Group to be used at the school's multipurpose facilities. Bordentown High School is the first high school to use Harman Pro Group's JBL brand VerTec line array systems for live performance applications.

The new audio systems are optimized to serve not only the school in its sporting, extracurricular and social functions, but also the surrounding community for local community events, plays and revenue-generating concerts.

Harman's concept of specifying gear all under one umbrella company allowed the consulting firm to clearly define the equipment selection process to the customer. The JBL speaker design team was easily accessible to discuss the consulting firm's requirements for cabinet design. This made it easy for the firm to combine the cabinets with Harman's Crown amplifiers.
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Roof replacement

Adding a new roof reduces university's energy costs and saves a valuable library collection

Tremco Inc.

The four-story Science Information Center at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, was built in 1956 with a 220,000-square-foot, poured-in-place decking. The flat roof did not accommodate drainage. A second roof, added in the early 1980s, used tapered insulation to improve drainage. However, it was a single-ply system with an expected life cycle of 8 to 12 years. As it aged beyond that, the roof failed.

Constant leaks endangered the school's science and engineering library collection, which is stored in the building.

“It was a headache every time it rained,” says Bob Casagrande, the university's director of operations and facility management. At one point, leaking was so severe that tarpaulins covered thousands of dollars worth of books, he says.

To solve the problem, a two-ply BURmastic cold-applied roof system with a POWERply modified bitumen cap sheet was installed. This approach minimized disruption to the daily activity in and around the building. Cold-applied systems have little odor and lack the torches, hot kettles and fumes that accompany hot roofing applications. With no risk of fire and almost no odor, students and faculty inside the building hardly knew that a new roof was being installed.

The three-month project started with a tearoff down to the original deck. Tapered lightweight concrete was installed first to improve drainage. After the two-ply BURmastic system was installed, it was coated with Tremco's Polarcote FR and acrylic coating with a white, reflective surface.

Casagrande estimates that the reflective coating will save SMU $8,000 annually in lower air-conditioning costs. Maintained with Tremco's TremCare program, the savings should be enough to recoup the cost of the new roof.
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Dry cleaning

A new approach to carpet maintenance guarantees 24-hour use of campus library


Opening the $50 million Ferris Library for Information, Technology and Education (FLITE) Facility at Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Mich., along with its 160,000 square feet of carpet, challenged the university to develop a better carpet maintenance system.

The university decided to use a dry-extraction method to clean the carpet and ensure the library's use as a 24-hour facility. Gary Gawne, superintendent of custodial services for the library, attended the HOST School Carpet Cleaning College in Racine, Wis. The three-day school offers professionals a comprehensive curriculum regarding the construction and maintenance of carpet. Gawne bought the HOST system for his staff of six custodians.

The custodial staff now uses large-area carpet sweepers in conjunction with two HOST Liberator extractorVAC units and a Freestyle extractorVAC machine to vacuum. For dry-extraction cleaning, crew members brush the nontoxic, biodegradable HOST SPONGES Dry Carpet Cleaner through the carpet and then vacuum the cleaner with the same machines. There are no chemicals to mix, no hoses and accessories to set up, and no water tanks to fill or empty.

The maintenance schedule includes vacuuming all the main traffic areas on the first and second floors, plus entrances and mats seven days a week. Main traffic areas on the third and fourth floors are vacuumed three to five times per week. Less than 10 percent of the entire carpeted area — 8,000 to 10,000 square feet of carpet — is cleaned daily.
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