Product Solutions

PDF scanner


The ScanSnap PDF scanner offers new features and capabilities, including higher optical resolution, sleek design, Adobe Acrobat 5.0 Standard software, faster file handling, authentic Adobe PDF generation, and a range of image-quality and software-control improvements. It provides a simple way to convert information contained on paper into a digital Adobe PDF file at the touch of a button, which eliminates elaborate scanning applications and cumbersome driver interfaces.
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Electronic faucet

Moen Incorporated

The Freehand series of electronic faucets is available in four models. The faucets are ADA-compliant and designed to meet high-volume demands, and reduced maintenance time and costs, while promoting a clean and hygienic environment. Equipped with two automatic, adjustable shutoff sensors, the faucets control water flow for maximum water and energy savings. They include a slow-closing solenoid valve, self-diagnostic electronics and an in-line filter with cleanout trap.
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CPVC plumbing system

FlowGuard Gold Plumbing Systems

FlowGuard Gold/Corzan CPVC plumbing system is constructed of durable chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) and offers a number of advantages for new construction and replacement applications. The fittings are available in copper tube size from one-half inch to 2 inches. Corzan pipe and fittings can be used in systems requiring larger size pipe and fittings. They are available in iron pipe sizes up to 16 inches in diameter. Fittings are available for easy transition from IPS Corzan CPVC to CTS FlowGuard Gold CPVC.
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High-velocity dryer

Excel Dryer, Inc.

XLERATOR dries hands in 10 to 15 seconds, compared with conventional dryers that take 30 to 45 seconds or longer. The unit uses 80 percent less energy, delivering a 90 percent cost savings compared with paper towels. The dryer blows loose water droplets off hands using a focused, high-velocity air stream and a specially designed nozzle. The air also breaks up the layer of water vapor between the air and the skin, causing the thin water film to evaporate more quickly.
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Sound delivery system

Anchor Audio

The Explorer Pro delivers 107 dB of intelligible speech from one self-contained portable sound system that is designed for users with no technical knowledge. It has single or dual built-in UHF wireless with 16 selectable channels and a 300-foot range, so a simple flip of a dial on the microphone and receiver eliminates any chance of interference from local broadcasting sources. It is AC/DC, and the microprocessor-controlled battery-management system reduces charge time and maintains a healthy battery.
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TV management

Philips Electronics

The SmartCard series, which includes the Net1 and Net4 cards, allows system integrators and users to segment TVs into numerous user groups. Within sporting arenas, this function allows TVs in the concourse to display the same game, while TVs in suites are capable of showing different programs. With the central control center, users can eliminate the task of turning each set on individually. The sets contain a user ID and alert the controller when one of the sets is not in unison with the system.
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Lockset retrofits

Marks USA

For retrofit applications, the Survivor Series locksets accept most OEM cylinders including Lori and ILLCO. Standard IC Core locksets accept Medeco Key Mark, Falcon, KSP and Best Cylinders. IC Core locksets, which will accept Corbin or Sergeant IC Cores, also are available. Survivor Series ANSI Grade 1 + 2 locksets feature the “CLUTCH,” proprietary lever support springs, which eliminate handle droop and are available in all standard ANSI functions. All locksets feature a lifetime mechanical warranty.
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Carpet care

Tennant Company

ReadySpace technology, available on the Tennant 1610 Dual Technology Carpet Cleaner and Nobles Strive Dual Technology Carpet Cleaner, creates clean carpet spaces that are dry and ready for foot traffic in about 30 minutes or less. It relies on sprayer units that apply water to two counter-rotating, specially designed fabric rollers that pick up the soil. As the rollers turn at a rate of about 400 times per minute, they are rinsed with a solution spray, and a built-in vacuum extracts the soil from the rollers. Very little water reaches the carpet.
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Gum removal

Promised Solutions Inc.

Gum 101 is a proactive approach to removing gum by pre-treating any surface that is typically a problem area for gum that is not disposed of properly. It is designed to protect surfaces before gum is deposited. The dried gum will hold without dropping to the floor. One application will protect a surface for up to a year. The formula is clear and odorless, and will not stain furniture or clothing. It also meets all Department of Agriculture regulations in a food-service environment, so it can be used in cafeterias and dining areas.
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Laptop battery

Valence Technology, Inc.

The N-Charge Power System is a universal, safe external battery that provides up to 10 hours of power availability for notebook PCs. The system is easy to charge, easy to use and connects universally to a variety of notebook PCs. It fits easily on a mobile cart, and the lightweight design enables hassle-free portability. It uses Saphion Lithium-ion technology, which is a safe alternative to standard laptop batteries. It can stand up against excessive heat, overcharging and abuse.
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Automatic faucet

Technical Concepts

The AutoFaucet with Surround Sensor Technology (SST) activates as soon as hands come within a few inches above, below or along the sides of the spout. It uses capacitive sensors instead of an infrared beam to detect the presence of hands. It is powered by standard alkaline batteries that are installed easily beneath the sink along with the sensor mechanism. The batteries last up to three years.
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Network improvements

Ethernet network helps university interconnect its largest campuses


Long Island University (LIU), New York, the nation's seventh-largest private university, has expanded its educational capabilities by upgrading the university's network connectivity. It has chosen to deploy a Metro Gigabit Ethernet network to interconnect the university's largest campuses, including C.W. Post, Brooklyn and Southampton. The upgraded system will replace LIU's legacy network infrastructure and enable vast educational improvements throughout the university.

“We are developing this network to provide our students and faculty members with access to state-of-the-art technology that will link them to resources across our campuses and around the globe,” says George Baroudi, LIU's chief information officer. “We can now support new applications, such as distance learning through teleconferencing, adding an entire new dimension to the educational experience.”

Distance-learning enhancements will allow for an increase in course offerings and accessibility for students. The new network backbone also will be used to connect the university to Internet2's high-performance academic research network, allowing LIU to collaborate with other research and education networks throughout the world.

LIU's network upgrade has positioned the university to take full advantage of future applications as they become available, and to continue making network enhancements to provide students, faculty and alumni with communications services.
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Roofing solution

School district uses green roofing system on two new buildings

The Garland Company, Inc.

The communities northwest of Minneapolis are experiencing tremendous population growth. Just 25 miles outside the city, Elk River Area School District is serving 10,000 students and preparing for more. The district has pursued long-term building solutions with a devotion to high-performance, sustainable school construction.

The district has completed two new buildings using sustainable-design concepts throughout. From site selection and building positioning to the construction materials used, these schools have been built with an eye toward optimizing student health and well-being while minimizing environmental impact and life-cycle costs.

Both buildings incorporate advanced roofing materials including StressPly EU, an award-winning product that has been recognized for its sustainable attributes. The primary roofing concerns for the buildings were life-cycle costs and product durability. The roofing membrane includes post-consumer recycled crumb rubber and offers exceptional return on investment through reductions in energy consumption. It is designed to withstand the elements for several decades longer than the dark-colored rubber roofs that the district used previously.
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Air and dirt control

HVAC system solves air and dirt problems in university residence hall


Situated 20 minutes from downtown St. Louis, Maryville University has an enrollment of 3,100 students. Pat Apel, the university's physical-plant director, has witnessed air and dirt problems since he began his job at the university in 1984.

A survey showed that there were air and dirt problems in several buildings, but problems in Mouton Hall, which houses 147 students, were the worst. An existing centrifugal air separator was too small to handle the system flow, making it ineffective. The dirt problem wasn't being addressed at all. In 2003, Apel looked into the Spirovent line of air and dirt eliminators.

To tackle both air and dirt problems, it was recommended that the university replace the existing air separator with a VHT500FL, a Spirovent high-velocity combination air eliminator/dirt separator. The high-velocity Spirovent units are designed for high-volume fluid systems, so they often match pipe size. They also employ Spirotube coalescing/barrier medium to scrub air and dirt from hot- and chilled-water systems efficiently, allowing it to break free of the flow path. The air is released from the top of the unit via a patented air-release mechanism, and the dirt falls to the bottom and collects in the dirt chamber where it can be blown down through a manual or automatic blow down valve.

University maintenance personnel installed the unit by retrofitting it into the existing piping. Apel has noticed that system maintenance has decreased, and temperature complaints have almost disappeared.
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PC upgrades

School district installs upgrade kits to extend PC life

PartStock Computer Solutions

As technology center staff members at Leavenworth (Kan.) Unified School District, installed new educational software on PCs last year, they noticed the computers ran slower and questioned whether the systems could handle additional new software.

With nearly 1,000 PCs that are at least four years old, the staff was concerned that these computers were becoming obsolete. Realizing that replacing all of the PCs was not an option because of budget limitations, the staff searched for solutions.

Administrators and IT staff reviewed PC bids from multiple vendors and decided that upgrading PCs with PartStock's CPU Upgrade Kit was the best option.

Designed for commercial grade PCs, the kits include CPU upgrade, memory, high-performance hard drive, a three-year parts and service warranty on the entire desktop unit, and shipping costs for the return of the old parts back to PartStock. Additional parts and warranty options also are available.

The district purchased 230 PartStock upgrade kits, which enable the district to extend PC lifecycles by two to three years. PartStock also imaged the drives at no additional cost. The district is satisfied with the upgrade and reports that the computers now operate like new. This will allow the school to maximize technology budgets, ensure optimal PC performance and spend responsibly.

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