Product Solutions

Lighting applications

Designing effective, efficient lighting for classrooms

Litecontrol Corporation

Classrooms are multimedia environments with computers and video monitors, and they must include a lighting system that eliminates glare, and reduces eye strain and fatigue.

Norwell Middle School, Norwell, Mass., replaced two schools and now houses grades 6 to 8, each in separate wings, with common rooms in the center. The school also is open to the community after hours.

The school installed Litecontrol's Scion fixtures because in rooms such as the sloped cathedral-ceiling cafetorium, with a corrugated design ceiling, the lights have to not only compensate for the soaring design of the room (and the darker-color cross beams), but also accommodate the sun — or lack of sun — streaming through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The Scions are individual pendant-mounted fixtures with a flying saucer design.

Smaller fixtures of the same family have the identical shallow bowl design, with four triple-tube, compact fluorescent lamps for the indirect component and one 2D lamp for the direct component. They are used in the classrooms, together with parabolic lighting, as appropriate. Indirect/direct pendants with 40-watt biax lamps are installed in the library and corridors.

The appeal of serviceability, cost, overall light output, extended lamp life and minimum degradation of the lamps drew the building committee to the new products.
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Miura Boiler West, Inc.

The LC Gas/Low NOx series of high- or low-pressure steam boilers maintain NOx levels at less than 20 ppm when at 3 percent O2. The engineered broad-flame spread produces a controlled burn that results in the boilers' low NOx, compact size and high-efficiency.
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Moisture protection


By using polyurethane foam, schools can achieve maximum protection from energy loss and high utility bills. These fluid-applied coatings provide protection from damaging leaks and moisture intrusion. There are no seams, joints or fasteners to come apart, making this a watertight system that can adapt to any shape and bond to almost any substrate.
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Playground equipment

Playground Systems

The Trippple Racer has a curved design and three slide heights — 48 inches, 63 inches and 78 inches. The sit-down bars have handgrips for safety, and the slide entrance is grooved for traction and water drainage.
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Washing system

Speed Queen

The Wash Alert System allows students to use the Internet to check when a washer or dryer is available, determine when they should put their clothes in the dryer and when their laundry will be done. The system verifies the income from coin/card-vending laundry equipment, ensuring greater revenue accountability.
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Water-fountain issues

Meeting aesthetic and functional needs as well as ADA requirements in warm climates

The Haws Corporation

The balance between functionality, aesthetics and vandal-resistance is a constant concern in architectural design. In school projects, that balancing act can be even trickier. Specifying drinking fountains for schools also requires compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

As if those issues weren't enough, how about providing chilled water in an outside water fountain in the middle of the desert? In 2002, the architect of the Calexico (Calif.) Unified School District was faced with that problem. It needed to find an ADA-compliant outdoor drinking fountain for the new De Anza Junior High School gymnasium project in the hot southwest desert that would meet all of its needs.

Warm climate projects require chilled water fountains, and in some areas, the water actually can become dangerously hot if it is not chilled. Prior to launch of the Haws model 3300.8 chilled outdoor pedestal fountain, specifiers were forced to design elaborate “hiding places” for chillers. Those applications are not energy-efficient, and can be more costly to design, build and maintain.
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Detection tools

Preco Electronics, Inc.

The Standard PreView (SPV) System offers a small size and compact design, which is ideal for vehicles that operate where safety and ruggedness are important, but space is limited. The SPV utilizes the pulsed time domain radar system that detects static as well as moving objects in a specific area of desired coverage.
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Carpet cleaning


The air-driven Turbo Brush tool provides the recommended agitation for fast, thorough cleaning of high-pile carpeting without the weight, expense or maintenance of an electric powerhead. Used with a friction-fit aluminum-telescoping wand, the 1.5-inch Turbo Brush offers swiveling operation, coupled with variable suction control for capturing a range of soil, including hair and lint.
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University retrofit

Improving the quality of the interior environment and exterior appearance


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette selected Metl-Span for a major retrofit of Madison Hall, the university's school of engineering building.

More than 26,000 square feet of Metl-Span's CF-42 Striated polyurethane foam insulated wall panels were used in completely re-skinning the exterior of the building. The Classic Zinc Metallic finish was selected to complement the remaining brick and masonry portions. The CF Striated panel offers exceptional value, while delivering the aesthetics of a flat wall panel.

The existing steel frame window/wall system was cut off the building in stages. The content of each classroom was covered in plastic while new steel framing was attached. Installation of the panels was completed within just a few days as each portion of wall was exposed.

Installation of the insulated panels also cured a serious HVAC issue that the aging building was experiencing. Leaks in the existing curtainwall system made it difficult to keep the building comfortable and maintain acceptable humidity levels. The two-inch panels solved the problem immediately and added an R-16 insulation value.

The project was completed in September 2002. The overall quality of the interior environment was improved, as well as the exterior appearance.
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