Product Solutions

Playground equipment

Playworld Systems, Inc.

Twist 'n Twirl allows children to turn in every direction and build upper-body strength at the same time. Designed for children ages 5 to 12, this is a low-cost activity that provides hours of fun. It requires little maintenance and attaches to 12-inch and 34-inch deck heights.
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Storage modules

Hale Mfg. Co.

The 300 Series Solid Wood Storage Drawer Modules offer small-scale auxiliary storage drawers, designed to seamlessly match Hale 300 Series Solid Wood Lateral File Cases and Bookcases. Crisp, architectural raised base- and top-moldings match the moldings on other Hale 300 Series products, allowing the storage drawer unit to blend with other pieces.
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Guest seating


Lyric Upholstered padded stackable guest seating is ideal for public reception areas and waiting rooms, training classrooms and lecture halls. It has a wide, ergonomically contoured, one-piece seat and back, which is fixed to slender, subtly arched tubular legs.
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Public-address system

Anchor Audio, Inc.

The MegaVox Pro Series is a fully portable public-address system capable of reaching audiences of up to 3,000 for outdoor use. UHF reception with 16 user-selectable channels guarantees a clear speaking voice without interference. Additional features include a large-capacity battery, a high-efficiency amplifier and an internal equalizer.
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Lighting system

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

The Digital microWATT system provides automated on/off light switching, full-range dimming capability, and precise real-time monitoring of a building's entire lighting system. It allows building managers to adjust and automate any area of a building's lighting, and employees can control the lighting in individual work areas — all by using their own PCs.
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Security systems

Diversified Security Solutions, Inc.

The Terrorist Risk Assessment Program Survey (TRAPS) consists of a 300-question survey to help identify an organization's threats, vulnerabilities and anticipated losses. Once the questionnaire is submitted, security consultants analyze the data and report back about vulnerabilities and suggested countermeasures within 24 to 48 hours. The survey also is available online.
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HSS RentX.

“The Kid,” an easy-to-operate skid steer from Kanga, is now available for rental use. It is ideal for landscaping and light-duty construction, and offers optional attachments such as a 4-in-1 bucket (220-pound lift capacity), auger digs to 47 inches and trencher digs to 20 inches.
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Floor Savers coatings are high-performance, non-VOC formulations for protecting floors, walkways, ramps and platforms against harsh chemicals, solvents, hydrocarbons, acids and alkalis. They can be applied easily without special tools, equipment or training. All Floor Savers products meet federal VOC regulations and produce attractive finishes that are easy to clean.
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Security product


The Plug-And-Play Dome Camera is a reliable, compact and easy-to-install security device. Key features include an advanced ¼-inch CCD (768 × 494), horizontal resolution of more than 480 TV lines, a built-in auto iris vari-focus lens, and phase adjustment.
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Floor protection

Expanded Technologies

The Slip-On Floor Saver slips around furniture legs to protect floors from scratches and marks and lasts at least four times longer than standard pads with adhesive backing. It is available in two sizes and fits most table and chair legs.
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Bicycle lockers

: University encourages students and staff to use pedal power
American Bicycle Security Company Lockers

In order to accommodate changing needs, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Wash., started a major building campaign. During its rebuilding effort, it added 60 bicycle security lockers to its campus.

The lockers are from American Bicycle Security's 300 series. Model No. 302 accommodates two bikes in each locker, model No. 301P can house one bike and fit into a pie-shape group with other units, and model No. 301 can hold one bike and be installed up against a building or other structure.

Gonzaga chose the lockers because of their versatility. The lockers encourage campus residents to use bicycles, protect bikes from crime and inclement weather, and keep the landscape looking well-maintained. The lockers were shipped to the campus completely assembled.

The bicycle security program has been popular among students and staff. Prior to installing the lockers, the university relied on traditional bike racks. The lockers have reduced bike theft on campus, according to Stella Kent, the university's crime-prevention coordinator.

The lockers are available to staff and students free of charge and are rented on a first-come, first-serve basis. Administrators may charge a fee in the future. Plans are in place to add 20 more lockers to the campus in the next year in hopes of eventually doubling current capacity.
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Smoke detection system

: Ensuring fire safety in campus buildings and residence halls
Siemens Building Technologies

The New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, protects 22 of its campus buildings with fire-alarm systems from Siemens-Cerberus and its predecessor companies, Cerberus Pyrotronics and Pyrotonics. All residence hall buildings are fully sprinklered and completely protected with early-warning smoke detectors. The oldest residence hall has two battery-powered detectors in every room, interfacing with a common Siemens Cerberus System 3 zone-type smoke detection system in hallways and stairwells. The System 3 activation notifies the campus police, who are available 24 hours a day. The newest building has addressable detectors in every room, interfaced with an audio base. A single-detector stimulus in a residence hall room wakes the students and transmits the signal to campus police.

If the stimulus continues and sprinklers are activated, or if a smoke detector is triggered in any common space, a general alarm condition requires the total evacuation of the building, and the multiplexed system immediately notifies campus police.

When tie-ins relay an alarm from a residence hall or any campus building to a panel on the campus command station, the signal arrives within three seconds, ensuring quick investigation of actual alarms. The campus has six MXLV, three IQ and six INS-equipped buildings. As older buildings are renovated, their conventional code-compliant systems are interfaced with the multiplexed MXL network.
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