Product Solutions

Roofing membrane


Polykool is a cool roof modified bitumen self-adhered roofing membrane. It reduces peak electricity demands and substantially lowers the impact on surrounding air temperatures. With the ability to decrease roofing maintenance and replacement costs, it offers a unique resistance to contaminants such as animal fat, oil and grease, making it easy to clean. Polykool meets solar reflectivity requirements of Energy Star's program for roofing products, and energy code requirements for federal and local government roofing membranes.
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Pavement maintenance

Maintenance, Inc.

The Pavement Maintenance Products Catalog No. 2004 offers a wide selection of asphalt and concrete coatings, crack sealants, line striping, marking and stenciling products, recreational color surfacing, tools and safety supplies. The catalog is useful for anyone responsible for maintaining parking lots, driveways or recreational areas. It can be used for current projects or for budgeting future needs.
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Drying tumblers

Continental Girbau, Inc.

D-Series Coin-Operated Drying Tumblers now feature an annealed stainless-steel backplate as a standard feature on every dryer model. The patented backplate not only is gentler on fabric, but also brings a modern, clean look to coin laundries, and enhances machine durability and coin store aesthetics for the life of the machine. The dryers are available in single-load to 80-pound capacities and in 30-pound capacity stack. They come with white, almond or stainless fronts to meet a variety of decor needs.
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Parking system

Designated Parking Corp.

MySpot 200 parking system is a simple-to-install, user-friendly, maintenance-free solution to unauthorized use of reserved parking spaces, access ramps and driveways. It is powered by a proprietary hydraulic spring mechanism that captures and stores energy from the weight of the vehicle.
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Plasma monitor


FreeWall Plasma has slender legs and can fit against any wall. It can be specified with a range of field-changeable shelving components, a CPU holder and casters for anytime portability. An integral cable cover allows for easy wire management.
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Presentation tool

Hitachi Software

The StarBoard T-15XL is a 15-foot interactive TFT display with XGA quality graphics and an integrated electromagnetic sensing digitizer for wireless pen-driven operation. The display and its built-in StarBoard Software permit operation of computer applications from the pen-driven display.
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Epoxy mortar


Arctic Freezite is flexible, impact-resistant and provides a strong, chemical-resistant surface. It is a 100 percent solids epoxy mortar that provides fail-safe repairs indoors or outdoors in temperatures as low as -10°F. It fills potholes in concrete and allows for traffic flow within two hours of repair. It can be used in cold storage and freezer areas or for general outdoor patching during winter.
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Composite fabric

Burlington Contract Fabrics

ProKnit upholstery and panel fabrics are inspired by the stylish, yet durable attributes that characterize the athletic apparel industry. The knitted, composite fabric is engineered to create a three-dimensional finished product. Constructed of 100 percent polyester yarns and available in a finished width of 54 inches for upholstery and 66 inches for panel fabrics, ProKnit surpasses all ACT standards for panel and upholstery fabrics, and is UL-certified.
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Mobile storage

Lyon Workspace Products

The 60-inch-wide storage cabinet provides a combination of capacity, security and mobility for shop floor applications. A ⅜-inch diameter lock bar engages the cabinet in three locations for superior security. It has a load capacity of 1,450 pounds per shelf, and the full-width shelves are adjustable to 3-inch centers. It features 14-gauge, all-welded construction throughout with a durable dove-gray finish.
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Graffiti resistance


Sierra Series Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC) Toilet Partitions are fabricated with solid color throughout. ASTM testing confirms that the ultra-hard GraffitiOff Surface provides complete, non-ghosting graffiti removal, and resistance to scratching, gouging and overall impact. Its primary benefit is reducing maintenance costs because it takes less time to remove graffiti in vandal-prone restrooms. Additional features are scratch and impact resistance, and structural stability.
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CCTV power supplies

Honeywell Power Products

The CCTV Power Supply Group of power supplies provides a constant source of individually fused AC outputs to operate CCTV cameras and other video accessories. CCTV Power Supply Products feature incoming power fused on both the primary and secondary side, hinged and vented enclosures with seven convenient knockouts, a power disconnect switch, input and output transient protection and individually-fused 4, 8, or 16 outputs with LED status indicators for each output.
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Campus security

Synergistics Inc.

WAPAC-PRO is the newest generation of software for the WAPAC system. With the flexibility to handle more than 4,000 alarm inputs and relay outputs, it is designed to be a highly automated building-management access-control solution. It is based on the Microsoft SQL Server, is simple to configure — equipped with alarm graphics and alarm prioritization — and is expandable up to 80,000 cardholders per unit. System features include real-time communications, input/output mapping, and database integration capability with popular one-card systems.
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Network management

AdRem Software

AdRem NetCrunch 3.0 is a solution for policy-based monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting of networks, systems and applications. The program automatically discovers network topologies, documents and displays network assets, and starts proactive, agentless monitoring of network devices. In case of a network problem, it automatically can take a corrective action or notify predefined user groups. Users also can analyze performance trends and receive scheduled reports that support informed network-capacity planning.
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ROI calculator


Three return-on-investment (ROI) calculators now are available on the Kaivac website: the Individual Building Calculator, School District-Wide Calculator and Square Footage Calculator. The calculators determine the time it takes to clean one or multiple restrooms or floors using conventional cleaning methods vs. Kaivac's No-Touch Cleaning system for restrooms, or KaiMotion waxing and ergo-mopping system for floors. They use the official ISSA 447 Cleaning Times as their benchmark, while also accounting for on-the-job practicalities.
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Rubber flooring

Nora Rubber Flooring

noraplan astro is one of four colorful new product lines. It is a high-performance floor covering that features a design composed of three distinct color components in a smooth, non-glare finish. Available in both rolls and tiles, the flooring offers designers a choice of 16 colors. Its wear and slip resistances are in compliance with ADA guidelines. The flooring is PVC-free and made of high-quality rubber, mineral fillers and environmentally compatible color pigments.
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Spot remover

Scot Laboratories

SCOT's TUFF MultiPurpose Encapsulating Spot Remover works to remove coffee, chocolate, ketchup and even copier toner without attracting new soil after the spot is gone. The residue dries into crystals that vacuum away. There is no risk of a large dirty area appearing where a small spot had been, even when used between general cleanings.
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Compact scrubber line


The Advance Micromax scrubbers are designed to offer premium features, simple orientation, high durability and maximum productivity. The Micromax family consists of three models, all featuring click-off/click-on scrub heads, hospital-quiet operation and steel frames. Simple and intuitive operator controls allow for easy training and operation. With standard onboard chargers, the Micromax 17B and 20B are available with both wet-acid and maintenance-free gel battery options.
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Electronic descaler

ClearWater Enviro Technologies, Inc.

Seven new industrial-size models have been added to the UL-listed ScaleBlaster line of electronic descalers. These new models handle standard diameters of non-steel pipe from 12 to 40 inches and of steel pipe from 4 to 26 inches. ScaleBlaster units operate by transmitting a modulating frequency square-wave to the moving water stream inside pipes. The waveforms cause calcium and magnesium carbonates to lose their limescale-forming properties, preventing new scale from forming. Existing scale wears away.
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Pre-rinse faucet


The LK7420 kitchen pre-rinse, featuring a dish spray with a single-control, joy-stick-like handle to control water temperature and volume, is deck-mounted, provides an 8-inch reach and has a stainless-steel braided hose. It is available in chrome, brushed nickel and brushed chrome. All faucets feature a limited lifetime warranty and feature solid cast-brass construction for strength and durability, and ceramic disc cartridges for easy operation.
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Fire sensor

System Sensor

Acclimate, a microprocessor-based multi-criteria fire sensor, removes the process of a fire-system operator setting the detector's operating parameters based on historical data from each location. Instead, it automatically learns the environment and optimizes performance for each location. Additional software has been developed to minimize the effects of unwanted transient alarm sources, while enhancing the response time to fast fires. This is accomplished by monitoring both the current environment and trends in signal.
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Snow and ice control

Delta-Therm Corporation

The MPS melting/deicing control system detects snow and ice through a single point moisture/temperature sensor and turns the melting/deicing system on and off with no hands-on maintenance. The slab/stair snow melting systems typically are installed during the construction phase of a new building, but retrofitting a slab/stairs with a snow-melting system can be accomplished after they are in place. The system can include a remote activation to pre-heat the slab/roof when a storm is pending.
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Bird removal

Bird-B-Gone, Inc.

Bird Chase Super Sonic features distress and predator bird sounds of more than 22 types of birds. It is a low-cost, effective and long-term solution for targeting pigeons, crows, starlings, swallows, gulls, woodpeckers, sparrows, grackles, cormorants and many other birds. It protects up to one full acre and is adaptable with “pro-pack” attachments to cover up to six full acres. It is easy to install and maintain, and offers an easy volume adjustment.
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Solar-powered faucet

Sloan Valve Company

Solis is an electronic, solar-powered faucet that operates via ambient lighting. It is designed with sleek European styling and the benefits of convenient touch-free electronics, and assists with energy- and water-conservation goals. The faucet's integrated power-plant storage cell transforms light from any source into electrical energy. Batteries provide backup energy and can last up to 10 years.
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Restroom solution

Vandal Stop Products

The line of restroom accessories include vandal-resistant toilet tissue and paper towel dispensers, sanitary waste receptacles, soap dispensers and mirrors that are manufactured from 12-gauge 316L (marine grade) stainless steel and will not rust, pit or corrode. The products are backed by a lifetime functional warranty and directly address the problems of durability, corrosion and theft.
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Design and construction

School district reduces project cost and accelerates completion schedule

Affordable Building Concepts LLC

The 85,000-square-foot Faulconer-Chapman School in Sheridan School District 48J, Sheridan, Ore., was built using the design-build process in accordance with the state's “Alternative Public Construction Procedures.” ORS 279 empowers school districts to adopt money-saving practices commonly used in the private sector. These include the design-build project-delivery approach used in the Affordable Building Concepts (ABC) program developed by Daniel Cook Architect (Ogden, Utah). Value-engineered materials, systems and finishes are incorporated to ensure initial construction savings and long-term reductions in utilities and maintenance costs. Even the layout of classrooms, the gymnasium, cafeteria and other spatial elements complement the construction and subsequent operational efficiencies.

The Sheridan School District chose the design-build procedure in order to substantially reduce its project cost and expedite its completion schedule. The district replaced a 55-year-old facility plagued by deficiencies and provided space for lower elementary classes being held in temporary modular classrooms after a fire. Using the ABC program, the district received a larger, higher-quality school in less time and for almost $4 million less than the previously proposed project. The new school will cost less to operate and maintain because of the type of roof, insulation, lighting and air-conditioning systems used.

The project salvaged only the gym of the former Chapman School. The new school will provide K-5 classrooms along with a cafeteria, full-service kitchen, new gym, elementary library and administrative areas on the first floor. The middle school classrooms, science rooms and lab, computer center and library are on the second floor. The initial cost of Faulconer-Chapman School was based on a 13-month schedule, but the project was completed in 11½ months. The reduced schedule contributed to cost savings.
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Ductwork alternative

Fabric duct design allows high school to have natatorium windows and suitable IAQ, without a heavy cost


A wall of windows in a humid natatorium setting typically is an expensive aesthetic because it requires costly under-deck ductwork for air distribution to the bottom half of the glass to eliminate wintertime condensation. However, an innovative use of fabric ductwork eliminated under-deck aluminum or PVC ductwork at the $10.5 million Hastings Community Center addition to Hastings High School, Mich. It saved taxpayers more than $10,000. The 24- to 42-inch-diameter Sedona polyester-blended fabric duct by DuctSox also saved in labor costs compared with metal duct. The fabric ductwork theme continued in the gym and foyer area.

Hanging systems for the duct vary per room. The gym duct was hung on a suspended cable threaded through the roof trusses. The natatorium's top duct run and the foyer both use a conventional, ceiling-hung H-track suspension system with radius sections to complement the complicated layout. For the unique drop section under the natatorium windows, an L-shaped bracket system was developed for suspending the low duct run's stainless-steel H-track under the windows and blends into the wall behind the fabric duct.

The 700-linear feet of H-track hanging system over and under the windows and another 100 feet across the 300-seat spectator area were installed in about three days.

Custom colored with school colors, the fabric duct also enhanced the 25-meter stretch pool's festive theme. While the duct is visibly seen, it is barely heard. Operating decibel levels of fabric duct are below design standards.
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Charge it

Integrated billing and credit-card processing service allows students to pay tuition and fees online

Moneris Solutions

Students at Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, and Rollins College, Winter Park, Fla., now can pay tuition and fees quickly with their credit cards through the Moneris Solutions and infiNET Solutions Service Charge program.

Moneris will provide credit-card processing services through infiNET Solution's QuikPAY service, which is a fully integrated automated billing, payment and commerce solution for the higher-education market.

“The Service Charge program allows us to accept online payments for tuition and fees immediately from our students during their registration process — it's another way we can make life easier for our students,” says John O'Connor, associate vice president and controller, Southern Methodist University.

“We chose the Moneris-infiNET Solutions' offering because we needed a flexible solution that could operate seamlessly within our existing environment,” says David Carson, associate vice president for finance, Rollins College. “With this solution, Rollins retains its branding, and students deal directly with us throughout the entire payment and billing process. Now we have a flexible payment infrastructure that provides us comprehensive reporting and administrative control.”
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Campus transportation

University provides shuttle service for students

DaimlerChrysler Commercial Buses

The University of Toledo, Ohio, recently added a Sprinter Shuttle to its fleet of 17 vehicles that provide transportation around campus for its 20,000 students. The bus services regular routes during non-peak hours and paratransit service the remainder of the day.

“We were looking for a reliable small bus when we saw the Sprinter Shuttle in a trade publication. It really piqued our interest,” says Steven Wise, manager of transit services for the University of Toledo. “It's a beautiful little bus, and the integrated design makes it structurally superior to some of the other small buses.”

The bus includes forward-facing seats for 12 passengers and a wheelchair lift at the back of the bus. All Sprinter Shuttles are equipped with a dual-panel, outward-opening 36-inch-wide door for easier accessibility and quicker boarding.

The shuttle also features a Mercedes-Benz diesel engine and five-speed automatic transmission. This advanced powertrain delivers smooth and quiet running characteristics, reliability and low fuel consumption.

“We're anticipating huge savings on fuel,” says Wise. “We haven't determined what the actual savings are yet, but we're confident that the Sprinter Shuttle will outperform the bus it replaced.”
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Fire safety

Fire-protection system allows convenient remote-contact and reporting capabilities

Silent Knight

When the Groton-Dunstable High School was planning for its new facility, which opened in the fall of 2003, it requested Silent Knight for fire protection.

The heart of the system is an IFP-1000 intelligent analog/addressable fire-control panel. The basic IFP-1000 system has a single Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) loop that can support 127 SLC devices. It is expandable to 1,016 points using simple expansion cards and features six on-board Flexput circuits that can be configured for notification outputs or for conventional smoke detector inputs.

The system offers several benefits. When routine maintenance work is needed, remote-contact capabilities allow a professional to dial into the system from his or her office. The IFP-1000 can be adjusted when it becomes dirty so that system sensitivity can remain consistent and detectors can function at proper levels.

The system can provide an alarm history to aid in troubleshooting. Because the system is password protected, the fire department can give the maintenance staff limited access to the control panel for routine maintenance.

The IFP-1000 has the flexibility to report to a central station (a company that monitors fire-alarm systems) via a digital communicator. It uses a Keltron radio master box to report incidents to the town's fire department.
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Window system

Pre-assembled and -glazed curtainwall helps university maintain aesthetics, performance and schedule

Wausau Window and Wall Systems

The 10-story Broadway Research Building at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, is the gateway to campus and the new “front door” to the medical school. The 372,000-square-foot facility provides six floors of biomedical research laboratories, a connecting pavilion, office suites and seminar rooms. It's two-faced exterior is clad in precast concrete on its north side and Wausau's glass curtainwall on its south.

The new building visually walks visitors' eyes along the north elevation's glass “stepped wedge” shape and over to a glass-enclosed box called The Object, which houses a faculty lounge and coffee shop, and connects to the adjacent Ross Research Building.

Wausau's unitized curtainwall was pre-assembled and -glazed, allowing a low labor rate. Using a floor crane and a three-man crew, a floor was installed every three days (about 30 to 35 units per day.) The pre-glazed system ensured quality control for the facility's acoustic, thermal and humidity performance.

In addition to the 34,823 square feet of unitized, high-performance curtainwall, Wausau manufactured 13,678 square feet of SuperWall for the pavilion and bridge area plus an additional 9,180 square feet for the ground floor and The Object observation box. It also incorporated sunshade aluminum cap extensions on the curtainwall's horizontal members and engineered a 16,420-square-foot truss wall system.
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Roof design

Versatile metal roof gives high school an eye-catching facility

Follansbee Steel

The $6.8 million Wellness Center at Brooke High School, Wellsburg, W.V., promotes the overall wellness of the students and community. The 55,000-square-foot facility features a six-lane, competition-sized swimming pool with a viewing area for 500 spectators. It also includes a full-sized gymnasium to accommodate 1,800 fans; a secondary gymnasium with seating for about 600; and a third gymnasium for high school volleyball, wrestling and cheerleading. Other features include a complete fitness center, student weight-training facility, weightroom, rehabilitation room, taping room, wet room, locker rooms and an athletic office complex.

More than 25,000 square feet of Follansbee TCS II was specified for the Wellness Center and several athletic facilities on campus, including the press box and dugout roof, all designed to match the existing metal used throughout the school's complex. TCS II also was used to fabricate the facility's gutters, downspouts, copings and gravel stops. A large radius TCS II metal roof was curved on-site and used for the swimming pool area. The facility's main entrance features a curved, tapered canopy in a compound radius, which provides an attractive curvature of the roof.

TCS II is an architectural stainless steel coated with Follansbee's patented ZT (zinc/tin) alloy. It does not require painting and is designed to weather naturally to an attractive gray patina. It can withstand severe corrosive conditions including industrial, coastal and salt-water environments. The TCS II is versatile and can be tailored to many design forms.

“The roof design is truly unique — not a typical straight roof,” says Charlie Baker, superintendent. “The detail shown in the curved roof and the natural color of the TCS II result in an eye-catching facility.”
Circle 286 for more

Factory-built structures

Military academy installs elevated press box and dugouts for softball stadium

Austin Mohawk and Company

Plans for a new softball stadium at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., included an elevated press box, dugouts for visiting teams, and storage rooms for equipment and supplies. The plans required a complete turnkey process in which buildings, installation and coordination with all subcontractors would run smoothly and efficiently. With time and ease of construction and installation in mind, the U.S. Military Academy chose Austin Mohawk and Company and Seating Solutions to help complete the project.

The elevated press box, an 8-foot by 24-foot structure, was to be installed on a platform 16 feet off the ground. Instead of building the structure onsite and dealing with jobsite hazards, weather considerations, material and cost changes, and other unknowns that go hand-in-hand with construction, the end user received the benefit of having a firm price in hand ahead of time, a confirmed delivery schedule and a quality finished product. The platform was erected on-site, and the building was crane-hoisted into place. A complete sound and PA system was integrated into the press box, including a speaker support system and rooftop camera deck. The building came loaded with phone, data, fiber-optic and CATV ports.

The integrated dugouts and storage buildings offer many of the same conveniences. These steel structures feature 6-foot by 6-foot storage rooms at one end with shelving, overhead lighting and coat hooks. The dugout portion of the structure includes full-length benches, lighting, phone jacks and chain-link fencing. The design and configuration allows easy access to equipment and a comfortable place to rest between innings for both the home and visiting teams.

The factory-built design allowed quick and easy on-site placement of the structures, and turnkey installation and coordination of the complete project.
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