Product Solutions

Lavatory systems

Sloan Valve Company

Solid-surface SloanStone sinks are offered in combination with most of the Optima Electronic Faucets to provide practical and aesthetically pleasing lavatories. Durable and easy to maintain, the lavatory systems are designed to withstand heat, stains and chemical damage, and are available in a variety of colors.
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Industrial cleaning


In order to simplify the lives of custodians, facility managers and business managers, extensive multi-use capabilities have been developed for enhancing and supplementing two Kaivac product lines. The No-Touch Cleaning and Fast Ergo-Mopping, as well as the new All-Floor Cleaning line, have been introduced. These products also are designed to improve cleaning effectiveness and productivity.
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Ceiling panels


The Vector family of suspended ceilings has been expanded with the WoodWorks Vector ceilings. Three standard veneers are offered in beech, cherry and white maple. Perforated or unperforated panels are available in 68 custom veneers. They are designed for use in high-visibility areas where the look of wood is desired.
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Cleaning equipment


The Encore L26 Cylindrical Brush Scrubber is a walk-behind cleaning tool that provides cylindrical scrubbing required for grouted surfaces, rough concrete, textured slate, marble, raised rubber disk and slip-resistant applications. The 26-inch dual-rotary brush floating scrub deck cleans grout of multi-surface floors, and recovers debris left on the floor while scrubbing.
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Lighting control

The Watt Stopper

The Best Practice Guide offers solutions for achieving convenient and energy-efficient lighting-control systems in schools. Included are guidelines and design help for typical school applications. Wiring and installation requirements, and an equipment schedule also are provided in the guide.
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Bench series


Suitable for outdoor applications, the Wave Bench's 14-gauge perforated steel seat is coated with a polyester powder for resistance to UV rays and weathering. Indoors, the black injection-molded rubber feet are standard, preventing the marring of floors. Reinforced concrete pedestals also are available.
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Picnic tables

Upbeat Incorporated

The PVC-coated plank picnic table is designed to withstand weather elements. A heavy-duty steel table frame has OD tubing with a triple-layered Flo-Coat finish for rust resistance and wear. Diagonal center table supports connect the tabletop firmly to the table frame, and are designed to withstand heavy use.
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Flooring options

Tarkett Sommer

Safe-T Sheet vinyl flooring has a slip-retardant component that helps prevent slips and falls without sacrificing other flooring needs. The flooring incorporates ceramic technology that is embedded into the PUR-reinforced wear layer of the floor, which minimizes the need for wet cleaning, and polish and wax. Heat-welded seams also are used to create germ-free environments.
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Communication products


The newly formed ComStar division, which specializes in Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems, announced the CT 120 UHF transponder. The transponder receives GPS-supplied vehicle-location information and transfers it to the ComStar technology center. It provides eight vehicle-event-monitoring inputs, and notification when doors are opened, ignition is activated or other tracking events occur.
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Clock designs

Primex Wireless

The Bell Tone Generator and Executive Series of clock designs are designed to work with the GPS Master-Satellite Time System that synchronizes all clocks in a system using GPS and FM signals. The Wireless Tone Generator synchronizes bells and bell tones with system clocks. It produces scheduled tones using existing public announcement or mechanical bell systems, and scheduler software.
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Architectural products

InPro Corporation

Three new products have been announced to expand the interior and exterior architectural product line. The Door and Wall Protection Systems offer handrails, corner guards, wall guards, rigid vinyl sheet and vinyl wallcoverings. The Chickeze is a cubicle tracking and curtain product line. The JointMaster USA is an expansion joint and fire barrier that can be used in all types of building projects.
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Illumination features


The Achieva is a suspended, direct-indirect lighting system that provides illumination for computer, desktop and instructional tasks and activities. It comes factory prewired for fast, easy installation and it has a rugged, extruded aluminum construction and flexible mounting. Various lighting choices are available to add more up- or down-light where required.
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Sound system

Anchor Audio

The Xtreme 600 is a portable sound system that provides enough flexibility to allow up to six wireless microphones. It delivers full-range music and intelligible speech from one self-contained, portable sound system that is designed for users with no technical knowledge.
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Sports flooring


The Sport Kit includes samples of every color available in each of the Taraflex permanent and temporary sports-flooring product lines. Using more than 80 pieces, colors can be mixed and matched in thousands of different combinations.
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Lever designs


The Coastal Series features five new lever designs: Rockport, Coronado, Sanibel, Yarmouth and Greenport, along with traditional and contemporary roses, thumbturns, turn plates and escutcheons. All five levers are available for the Sargent 8200 mortise lock with its durable 12-gauge steel construction.
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Poured floors

Northern Industries, Inc.

The Hydro-Seal 75 is a water-based epoxy waterproofing material that also can be used to patch and protect interior, below-grade surfaces. It allows the surface to breathe while holding back unwanted moisture and seepage. Odorless and solvent-free, it can be applied with a roller and brush.
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Dust control

Tennant Company

The Model 2370 burnisher offers smooth, quiet operation and uniform burnishing results, while providing dust control. With 2,000 RPMs, a free-floating head design, and full pad contact to the floor, it is appropriate for noise-sensitive environments. It is available in a 20-inch model, a low-profile base to clean hard-to-reach areas such as under toe-kick, radiators and furniture. A folding handle allows for easy transport and storage.
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Storm protection


The Storm Pro 361 door and frame assembly is designed to protect building occupants from tornados, hurricanes and other violent winds. It exceeds the testing criteria of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and can withstand the maximum requirement of 25mph wind speeds.
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Play space

Playworld Systems, Inc.

The Sonic Slide provides children with an entertaining ride. With a choice of five different configurations, this slide can fit in any play space. To be used with 8- and 9-inch decks, it is segmented for design flexibility. It has an overhead handgrip for easier seating. High sides reduce the risk of falls.
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Granite restoration

National Chemical Laboratories

A fortified paste product has been introduced that restores gloss to worn polished granite. The Granite Restoration Paste, GRP, is designed for use with a weighted-stone maintenance machine. It removes light scratches from granite surfaces without expensive diamond grinding.
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Germ control

GOJO Industries, Inc.

In response to the need for protection against the spread of germs, GOJO Industries, the maker of Purell, offers a solution designed for people on the go. The new personal system makes it easy to wear Purell while performing daily tasks. It consists of gear, which is a bottle-collar that attaches to either a lanyard that can hang around the neck and features a breakaway safety feature, or a retractable clip that attaches to clothing.
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Access control

Secura Key

The Radio Key RK-65K is a standalone access-control unit that is small enough to be installed on a door-frame or mullion, yet it can handle up to 65,000 cardholders. It has a solid-state relay, a remote-open input, a bi-color LED and a buzzer. Where extra physical security is required, the SecuRelay intelligent relay module can be added. No external programmers or computers are required.
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Irrigation equipment

Rain Bird Corporation

Rain Bird, in agreement with DriWater, Inc., introduces a new product line, the Rain Bird Irrigation Supplement. It is an irrigation supplement for use in establishing native plant material where permanent irrigation is not required, as well as for new plant material in existing landscape areas. It increases survival rates of transplants by providing continuous moisture for an extended period of time.
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Audience seating

Wenger Corporation

The new Corner Sections for Upper Deck Audience Seating systems are designed to add seating capacity and flexibility in any application, while improving sightlines. The Upper Deck system is ideal for multiuse venues like black box theaters, arenas and other facilities where versatility and fast setup are required.
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Display data


Three new plasma panels, the P37, P42 and P50 are available for data/video products. Plasma panels are ideal for high- and low-ambient light conditions where data or video display needs to be sharp and crisp in detail.
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Security system

Spacesaver Corporation

A new device has been introduced that improves security in powered mobile storage systems by limiting aisle access. TouchPad is an access-control system that restricts access to authorized personnel who enter a four-digit code on the 10-digit keypad that is mounted on the end of the desired aisle. Upon leaving the aisle, the user closes it with a “system close” button at the end of the module.
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Heating systems

New system provides quieter environment and less maintenance time

Spirotherm, Inc.

The University of Wisconsin — Madison has an enrollment of more than 41,000 students and is situated on 933 acres. On the northwest end of campus, near the wooded shores of Lake Mendota, are the university apartments known as Eagle Heights. It opended to students in 1955,and now has more than 1,000 units and 4,000 residents.

In order to keep the students comfortable during the cold Wisconsin winters, the 118 boiler rooms throughout the complex required a considerable amount of time to just deal with the air in the system. When starting the boilers, the staff would have to go to every apartment and bleed the air out of the convectors and the main lines. This would take approximately four to six hours per boiler on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis.

A few years ago, the Spirovent from Spirotherm, Inc. was installed, and those problems disappeared and produced a quieter environment for residents. The coalescing medium that scrubs the air from the system fluid and other features are credited for the improvements.

Spirovents are available in pipe sizes through 36 inches and flows to more than 30,000 GPM for use in hot, chilled and condenser water systems. They are manufactured as air eliminators, dirt and sediment separators, and combination units for both air and dirt removal.
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Track surfaces

Urethanes lessen the risk of injury, while offering a competitive track surface

Athletic Polymer Systems (APS), Inc.

Performance is key in track and field, where fractions of seconds make the difference between winning and coming in second. But success on the track at any level is not just measured in fractions of seconds; it is also measured in the consistency and quality of training.

In 2000, the University of Oregon — Eugene resurfaced its Hayward Field. Coaches and administrators knew that they needed a high-performance venue and a surface that could be trained on as well. The material had to be durable enough to handle the expected wear and tear, without compromising its performance characteristics.

The challenge was to find a material and design that worked for everyone, even on in-field runways where acceleration and stopping are important. For high-profile track performance, combined with an ability to train on a durable surface, the university chose Athletic Polymer Systems (APS), Inc.

Urethane, which is used in full-pour resurfacing, rebounds on the right time scale — that of a footfall, to offer both competitive performance and cushioning appropriate for training. Full — pour urethane used for resurfacing is a self-leveling material that will fill in any existing surface cracks, dips or grooves.
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Bathroom retrofits

Toilet installation contributes to campus energy conservation efforts


The student housing at Emory University, Atlanta, is the ultimate test lab of human nature. Students from Emory have been known to put a major strain on the facilities and its managers.

The university began looking for methods to conserve energy within the housing operations. At the same time, they were experiencing stoppages in toilets. The school tested various products for function and maintenance performance. This research helped persuade university housing officials to specify TOTO as the brand of toilet for all replacement and new installations in residence halls.

TOTO toilets use less water, require less maintenance and feature a flushometer flush-valve mechanism. When a building's water pressure drops, most diaphragm flush valves will not close, requiring staff to manually cut off the stop to more than 70 flush valves, a process which can take several hours. The flushometer valves reset and clean themselves automatically, which means fewer staff hours spent on a routine, but time-consuming task.

Emory's first major investment with TOTO involved replacing 140 toilets in a high-rise campus apartment building with the Drake model. The water consumption was carefully monitored, and after the first year, the university saved $1,000 a month in water bills. Maintenance staff spent less time maintaining the toilets. Prior to installation, staff would work on five to 10 stopped toilets a day. Afterward, this number dropped dramatically to an average of three to four per week.
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Window design

Operable exterior windows provide natural light and fresh air to every classroom

Wausau Window and Wall Systems

The most recent addition to Waconia, Minn., Independent School District 110's facilities is the 162,000-square-foot Clearwater Middle School for grades 5 to 8.

Clearwater comprises six small “houses” situated along a two-story “Main Street” corridor. Every classroom has Wausau-manufactured, operable exterior windows to provide natural light and air.

To address community needs, the district school board and the Waconia City Council expanded the school design to include a community center on the 76-acre campus. Named “Safari Island,” the attached center features an indoor water park, a running track, exercise facilities, and conference rooms for both students and area residents. The project features an exterior color palette of orange brick and green-tinted windows. Orange and green colors were chosen for their association with feelings of stability and security.

Nearly 300 green, 3250 Series casement windows complement the building's exterior. The windows provide students with fresh air and feature between-glass venetian blinds. The integral blinds not only block the sun's glare, but also provide virtually maintenance-free window treatments.

The windows had to be aligned because the building's design called for almost a ribbon-like appearance to the window's placement.In the end, the window system met the objectives and came in $300,000 under budget and three weeks ahead of schedule.
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Space solutions

New football center has storage space and even room for other athletic department overflow

Spacesaver Corporation

When the University of Oklahoma — Norman underwent a major stadium expansion, which included a new football athletics center, administrators took the opportunity to re-evaluate equipment storage areas and improve use of the space.

After evaluating several storage options, including custom millwork, a solution that is often used in athletic equipment areas, the school decided to incorporate Spacesaver storage systems. The university worked with a local representative at Systematic Solutions to design the optimal solution for the center's specific needs.

Spacesaver solutions placed shelving on rolling carriages and eliminated the need for aisles, doubled storage capacity, and freed up space for other activities. The football center gained 48 to 50 percent in its equipment storage capacity.

One mobile system is designed with more than 100 game lockers, which are used for staging all of the practice and game gear, as well as the travel bags for each player. The new mobile lockers, which replaced small wooden lockers, were custom-designed to make the best use of spaces, with thoughtfully sized compartments to fit the equipment. Extra face gear, helmets and apparel also are stored in the system in specialty cubbies, open shelving and hanging-garment cabinets. A second mobile system stores more than 1,000 pairs of shoes in a small space.
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Procurement application

Reducing time and effort related to purchase order creation and streamlining the procurement process


There is a new BEN at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), Philadelphia. This BEN is not Franklin, as in the university's founder, but the Business Enterprise Network, an integrated, web-based financial and e-commerce system. Its applications for purchasing, accounts payable and general ledger also are fully integrated into Penn's other business applications and reporting functions.

Unlike the private sector with its centralized purchasing and accounts payable departments, in higher education, the procurement process lies within the various schools and business units. At Penn, about 1,600 staff members in its 12 schools and 20 business units now can access Penn Marketplace, an online-procurement application.

The electronic catalog and shopping cart system was integrated from software products from Oracle and content-management services from GSX. Purchasers can browse dozens of Penn-specific supplier catalogs containing hundreds of thousands of products, from office supplies and furnishings to chemicals and scientific equipment.

Then they select the needed items and submit them for approval, all electronically. The orders go electronically to the suppliers, and an electronic data interchange takes care of paperless purchase orders and invoices. Staff also can generate reports and access their general ledger balance as needed.

The initial 52 suppliers already account for 49 percent of Penn's annual purchase-order transaction volume. The university intends to drive 75 percent of its market activity online. Using earlier releases of Oracle financial applications, Penn's entire staff learned to create their own point-of-demand purchase requisitions from anywhere on campus.

The newly implemented e-commerce solution has enabled Penn's procurement department to eliminate many transaction-related activities and devote more time and effort to activities that add value to the purchasing process. (UnivPenn)
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Network infrastructure

Cabling system offers capabilities for future technological advancements

Tyco Electronics

Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, Pa., sought to revamp and expand its network infrastructure to serve its academic classroom buildings, student housing and administration buildings.

The previous network, put in place 11 years ago, used telephone-grade wire, which was causing LAN overload problems as a result of the new technology demands, growing data and user traffic, and an increase in file sizes. The university wanted students to be able to collaborate with each other, staff and faculty. This required more network capability than the old cabling system could provide.

A consideration for the university's re-cabling project was the need to “future-proof” the network infrastructure. Slippery Rock chose AMP Netconnect Category 6 cabling, an unshielded twisted-pair copper cabling.

The new network serves 53 buildings, 800 faculty and staff, and about 2,450 students living in residence halls. The more than 7,000 students that take classes at the university now have access to the university's 27 computer labs.

Another important criterion for the university was to use a single-vendor, end-to-end solution. This is a key concern for Category 6 cabling because compatibility between connectors and cabling is essential. Since Tyco manufactures both the cable and connectors, it was able to offer the university a complete system solution and warrant it to meet performance standards for 25 years.
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Pipe insulation

High temperatures and high relative humidity can wreak havoc on piping systems

Owens Corning

Old Dominion University is on the Atlantic coast in Norfolk, Va., where plenty of sunny days and warm, moist air keep the landscapes looking lush. When high temperatures and high relative humidity meet chilled piping systems, condensation can result if there is not effective insulation.

Condensation drips on floors, stains ceilings, rusts equipment and promotes the growth of mildew and mold. For maintenance personnel, it can mean unsightly mechanical rooms, time-consuming repairs and premature equipment failure.

One of the most serious problems occurred at Whitehurst Hall. Condensation problems were discovered at the building about three years ago when wet spots appeared on ceilings in first-floor rooms.

Pipe goes to and from the air-handling units that provide the air-conditioning or the heating. The pipe also goes into a vertical plumbing chase with stacked risers that reach each floor. The chase contains both hot and chilled water supply. At low points in the system, water drips onto the drywall ceiling below.

ODU replaced the insulation with Owens Corning's VaporWick Pipe Insulation, a chilled pipe application. It was installed in several mechanical rooms at Powhattan Apartments, a 23-year-old facility housing 384 students.

Powhattan was chosen as a test application because it offered easy access to pipe that needed new insulation, and the pipe was exposed so it could be observed over time. Also, ambient conditions in the mechanical rooms would provide a good test with chilled pipe running through a hot and humid environment.
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Design connection

Virtual-reality technique improves fundraising initiative efforts

AniMagic Productions

The Savannah Country Day School, Savannah, Ga., is using AniMagic Productions' virtual tour video capabilities for its $21 million fundraising initiative.

The school's goal is to rebuild its campus with three new schools — lower, middle and upper — to accommodate technological advances, college-level curricula, diverse learning styles and interactive teaching methods.

In order to gain the support of prospective donors to the project, the virtual tour blends film-style animation techniques and architectural design for a three-dimensional experience. Donors can pre-screen modern classroom settings, fully equipped laboratories, and landscaped exteriors designed specifically for the Savannah Country Day School project. The result is a visual and emotional connection with the school's message.

Although video is a common media format for the virtual tours, there are other applications available, including web applications, printed material, CD, and DVD formats.
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