Product Solutions

Electronic access control

Kaba Access Control

The E-Plex 5200 and 5700 are extensions of the E-Plex 5000 Series, which is built upon the strength, simplicity and reliability of Simplex locks with the convenience of electronic access control. Both can have up to 3,000 users and a 30,000-event audit trail. Each lock also holds up to 16 access schedules and 32 programmable holiday/vacation blocks. The E-Plex 5200 is designed for PIN access; the E-Plex 5700 has PIN and PROX access.
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Casement windows


Ultra Series casement windows have clean detailing and matching extruded aluminum sashes and frames. Some window units can achieve ratings up to DP-85. These also meet Energy Star requirements, including the northern climate zone, and pass strict impact test ratings. The casements' sashes are covered with extruded aluminum to add strength and are finished with a durable, 70 percent PVDF fluoropolymer coating to meet the industry's highest performance criteria.
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Cool roofing


Flintglas Mineral Surfaced Cap Sheet with CoolStar energy-saving reflective surface was developed out of growing interest to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by roofing materials and help lower energy costs. The brilliant white, acrylic-based CoolStar coating has an initial solar reflectance of 0.77 and a thermal emittance of 0.92. The durable, flexible reflective coating is factory-applied to the Flintglas cap sheet, which features heavy, weathering-grade asphalt mixed with white ceramic granules.
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Furniture website

KI provides on-site designers and facility managers, architects, interior design professionals and other specifiers of education furniture with interactive tools, product information and industry resources all in one convenient location. The site showcases KI's portfolio of furniture for education environments, including classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, lounges, auditoriums and residence halls. Users can search for furniture by product name, category or applications. Fabrics from KI and Pallas Textiles also are included.
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Trip management

School district increases communications and improves efficiency in transportation department


Screven County School System, Sylvania, Ga., needed a more reliable method for managing field trips. After a school bus failed to arrive to pick up students for a field trip, William Bland, assistant superintendent of district operations, wanted to make sure that never happened again.

“Our old vendor and process were very labor-intensive,” says Bland. “Teachers would fill out a paper form and send a copy to the principal, who would make copies and send to the superintendent. After the trip was approved, the form was sent from the principal to the transportation department.”

In search of a more reliable method for managing field trips, the district decided to try's web-native trip planning and management system. Since it began using TripDirect, the 3,000-student district has increased efficiency and improved communication, both within the department and with requestors, enabling all parties involved to better manage trip processes. Customer response time has improved from three to five days to merely minutes.

“Today, TripDirect ensures total accountability in our trip planning and management — from the time a teacher submits a request, to its approval by the principal, and routing to our superintendent and transportation department,” says Bland. “Everybody is notified in the information loop, views every change and is accountable.”
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