Product Solutions

Quiet floors


Stonblend RTZ has a progressive look that is sensitive to the needs of education environments. It is a urethane system infused with rubber aggregate hips to provide acoustic efficiency, enabling it to reduce noise levels while tackling issues such as stains, impact and longevity. The flooring is offered in various patterns, colors and designs, and customized inlaid logos also are available. It requires minimal maintenance; no waxing, stripping or buffing is required.
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Mass notification


InstaCom Campus Alert 2.0 provides colleges and universities with a scalable, cost-effective and quick-to-implement solution for targeted and campuswide communications. University officials can reach students and staff through multiple contact methods based on their predetermined preferences. The system also provides up-to-the-second reporting showing who has received and confirmed messages.
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Sanitary solution

Trenwyth Industries

Mold- and moisture-resistant Astra-Glaze-SW+ glazed concrete masonry units are USDA-approved for sanitary environments. The tight, impervious surface is a solution for food-service areas, lavatories, locker rooms, swimming pools or anywhere bacteria tends to breed. The easy-to-clean units are resistant to staining, abrasion, impact and chemicals. The graffiti-resistant satin finish is virtually impenetrable to grease, spray paint and permanent markers.
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Toilet partition catalog


The Toilet Partition Catalog provides new information for building owners, architects and specifiers. Building occupancy needs have been identified for restrooms in three property categories: prestige buildings, standard-use buildings and heavy-traffic buildings. Toilet partition series and their respective hardware options are recommended for each property.
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Modular tile

Musson Rubber Co.

Musson's modular 12-inch by 12-inch tiles made of recycled PVC plastic have carpet strips that brush off sand, dirt and slush from shoes and cart wheels, and the open grid design drains away water and debris. The tiles can be made to fit almost any area, and the snap-together feature makes them easy to install and replace. Tiles can be used in recessed areas or on surfaces with beveled edges.
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Curved shower rod


The curved commercial shower rod, model 9530, increases arm space in a standard 60-inch shower stall. It is constructed of one-piece drawn tubing in heavy-gauge stainless steel, set on swivel brackets. All exposed surfaces are finished in architectural satin. A bright polished finish is optional. The curtain rod can withstand a load of 50 pounds without damage.
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Fire-alarm command center


The InfoAlarm Command Center expands the capabilities of the flagship Simplex 4100U fire-alarm system. The command center is an expanded, large-screen panel display and intuitive user interface that can help speed emergency response. It enhances fire and life-safety protection by expanding the amount of information that can be displayed on the panel.
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GPS clock system

Primex Wireless

The GPS Wireless Clock System is ideal for new construction or replacement, and is easy to install and maintain. It is guaranteed to synchronize all clocks and saves money on labor. No hardwiring is required, and no adjustments are needed for daylight saving time. Custom logos and double-sided clocks are available, as well as optional wireless tone/bell generators.
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Utility management


UtilityDirect, an on-demand utility management and reporting tool, easily audits, tracks and analyzes utility consumption to improve efficiency by identifying utility waste, billing errors, cost and meter problems. It enables users to generate reports for trending, comparison and correlation analysis. A free online demo is available on the SchoolDude website.
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K-12 furniture


With a strong, full-perimeter, tubular steel frame and specially formulated polypropylene shell, the Metaphor Series has the strength to deliver years of reliable service in high-traffic classrooms. The shell's deeply sculpted contours provide intuitive support for student comfort. The ability to stack 12 chairs allows for easier movement and storage, and nesting individual chairs upside-down on desktops allows for easier classroom cleaning. All Metaphor models are certified according to the GREENGUARD for Children and Schools Program for indoor air quality.
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Mobile DVR

Dedicated Micros

TransVu Express is a compact, lightweight, mobile digital video recorder. Its low power consumption makes the system ideal for fast setup in isolated areas where there is no electrical supply, since it can run from batteries via solar power. The unit's small size enables it to be mounted under the seat of a bus. A single connector facilitates easy installation and removal. Intelligent power management based on ignition and supply voltage sensors means that the unit will carry on recording for a predefined period after the vehicle's engine has been switched off.
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Automatic scrubber

Aztec Products

The 20-inch ProScrub Automatic Scrubber is a rugged, user-friendly machine that is inexpensive to purchase and maintain. The scrubber's 24-volt system drives a ¾ hp brush motor at 220 RPM. The ½ hp vacuum motor and 30-inch squeegee ensure a dry cleaning path. With a quick-release squeegee and double-high pad-driver lift position for transit, the ProScrub can be loaded and unloaded easily for use in multiple locations.
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“Flex-back” seating


The Strive Chair Collection uses the natural properties of reasonably priced and 100 percent recyclable polypropylene to achieve a flexing back. It includes stacking, nesting and task chairs. The collection offers six different styles with various frames, arm options, colors and upholstery selections. It will be available for purchase in January 2008.
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Alarm reporting

Napco Security Group

NetLink CS software can be used with a PC and the Internet or intranet instead of phone lines for alarm reporting, saving phone costs. Napco's two alternative alarm panel NetLink Internet reporting modules can be used in new and retrofit applications. They communicate alarms over the Internet or an intranet over a TCP/IP-based network, securely using dynamic IP addressing.
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Waterfree urinal

Falcon Waterfree Technologies

The F-9000SS offers durability and contemporary design. The bold styling provides a complement to modern and environmentally minded restroom decor. The urinal saves an average of 40,000 gallons of water per year. The bowl is constructed of grade 304, 16-gauge stainless steel with a matte finish. It includes a patented cartridge with biodegradable sealant, which acts as a barrier to provide odor-free operation.
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Address verification


QuickAddress software captures, verifies, cleans and maintains address records. It confirms addresses against official postal authority records, improving overall data quality at schools and universities. QAS works with any higher-education administrative suite and can be configured to verify addresses submitted through an institution's self-service application.
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Electronic locks catalog


Videx offers a free catalog and CD featuring CyberLock electronic locks and intelligent padlocks. CyberLock brings electronic access control and an audit trail to mechanical locks by replacing the cylinders in existing locks with CyberLock electronic cylinders. Both the lock and key record openings and denied entries.
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Address-printing system


The Neopost AS-960 quickly prints addresses, barcodes and graphics anywhere on envelopes. It is designed to increase productivity while providing a high-quality, professional image. It is a rugged, reliable unit that can handle up to two million duty cycles per month. It offers a high, 600 dpi resolution so images are sharp, crisp and easily readable. It also can print personalized messages directly onto the mail piece.
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Portable PA system


The STAGEPAS 500 portable PA system delivers audio performance in an ultra-compact, professional package that provides flexible input capability and simple operation. The 500-watt, 10-input portable system offers an optional rolling carrying case and is designed for ease of use. It features two 2-way loudspeakers and a 10-channel stereo-powered mixer. Each speaker contains a 10-inch woofer and 1-inch compression driver, driven by an efficient, 250-watt (x2) Class D amplifier.
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Vintage architecture

Lighting upgrade enables historic auditorium to remain modern and functional


The University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Va., recently pursued a lighting upgrade within Dodd Auditorium, which hosts a broad spectrum of concerts, lectures and public events throughout the year. The 1,400-seat auditorium was built in the 1920s and housed an inefficient dimmable incandescent lighting system, which delivered extremely low light levels and created ongoing maintenance issues.

“Our objectives for the Dodd Auditorium were to increase energy efficiency, reduce maintenance requirements and obtain greater dimming abilities while offering a lighting system that was more aesthetically pleasing and flexible,” says Susan Knick, senior director of conference management.

The solution came in the form of a dimmable lighting system with 55-watt compact fluorescent Philips PL-L 950 High Light Output lamps from Philips Lighting driven by Mark 10 Powerline 2-lamp electronic dimming ballasts from Advance. With a 20,000-hour rated average life, a color rendering index of 91, and a 5000 Kelvin temperature rating, these lamps combine the long life and energy-efficiency benefits of fluorescent technology with the pleasing appearance typically associated with incandescent lighting.

Versatile and energy-efficient, the ballasts are flexible and easy to install because they require no additional wiring. Because they can dim from 100 percent down to 5 percent, the ballasts enable the Dodd Auditorium to adjust light levels for a variety of events.
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Calling for backup

Disaster-recovery system provides school district with more reliable data backup and improved productivity


Dare County Schools is situated in the outer banks of North Carolina where weather can be volatile, especially during hurricane season. The school system has escaped past hurricanes, but for Carl Woody, technology director, the potential for disaster every year was the catalyst needed to switch to an easier-to-manage, more reliable backup and disaster-recovery system. Woody also found it difficult to ensure that staff members at the district's 11 schools were swapping tapes on time in each of the 30 servers. The risk of not getting an accurate restore in the event of an emergency or disaster was getting too high.

Woody decided to look for a new backup system that would be simpler to manage, and make restores quicker and easier. He decided on the STORServer K12 Appliance.

The new system enables the district to back up all of its data to disk and then to a set of tapes that can be managed by personnel. It proved its usefulness soon after its purchase, when one school's technology facilitator accidentally deleted several gigabytes of important storage snapshots from a server while attempting to clean a drive. Woody said restoring the data with STORServer took just minutes. He credits the new system with significantly increasing productivity for the school's staff of more than 800.
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Change in procedure

School district endures staff budget cuts by switching to team cleaning


Modesto City Schools (Calif.) recently faced the challenge of maintaining a high level of efficiency in handling custodial needs for more than 3 million square feet of space while maximizing its budget in the midst of staff budget cuts, including custodial. Roger Orth, assistant supervisor of operations, hoped a switch to team cleaning would help meet the district's cleaning requirements with fewer personnel.

With the new cleaning method, employees are trained in all cleaning tasks so they can be moved around as needed, but they focus on one specialty at a time. The district has 90 ProTeam backpack vacuums that its staff uses, which are portable and ergonomically designed.

“The CoachVac and Super CoachVac models that we use are easy to transport, offer excellent cleaning power, and the tools enable us to reach all required areas in a room,” says Orth.

Orth looked at the efficiency following the switch to team cleaning and converted the hours saved to a dollar value. He estimates that it netted a savings of $236,000 in the first year.
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Heat block

Window film lightens heat loads in campus buildings and improves occupant comfort


One of the measures Stanford University, Stanford, Calif., has taken to improve energy efficiency on campus is installing clear, spectrally selective applied window film to selected south-, west- and east-facing facades on 20 buildings totaling 120,000 square feet. The film helps campus buildings with heat loads and occupant comfort.

The university wanted a product with high light-level transmission and heat-load reduction. It also was important that the window film not appear reflective. The traditional architecture of the campus precludes using reflective glass even on the newest buildings, says David Neuman, campus architect.

Spectrally selective film was chosen because it freely transmits visible daylighting while blocking the infrared and UV portions of the sun's spectrum. It also is virtually clear, so it doesn't change the color of existing glass.

The university applied 6,212 square feet of film to one renovated administration building, Encina Hall. Energy savings on air conditioning amounts to $32.61 daily, $978.39 monthly and $4,891.95 annually. The approximate project cost was $43,000, and the return on investment is nine years.
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Standardized keying

Districtwide key system provides better key control and varying levels of security

IR Security & Safety

The Tacoma School District (Wash.) is in the midst of a multi-year plan to renovate or replace most of its facilities to meet current and future educational needs. Many of the buildings are 50 to 60 years old. Part of the upgrade includes a focused approach to access control and related door hardware.

One significant improvement is a new districtwide key system that provides better key control, reduces the number of different keys in circulation, and accommodates varying levels of security to meet specific needs. The Schlage system is based on using two related keyways that provide different levels of security, but can use the same key blanks. This provides the higher security of a patent-protected keyway on exterior doors and in sensitive areas such as computer laboratories or records offices without the cost of high-security locks in standard applications, such as classroom doors.

The district uses Schlage Everest Primus Level 9 cylinders for exterior doors and some of the higher security applications. For most interior doors, it uses Schlage Everest D Family Restricted Series keying. It is a cost-effective solution because the Everest Primus key also can be used to operate a standard Everest cylinder. The district pays for high-security locks only where needed and avoids the complexities of two different types of keys.

Of the district's 56 schools, most already have been re-keyed using the new system, with only about 10 remaining. The district typically re-keys a minimum of four or five schools each year.
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