Product Solutions

Rubber flooring


The rubber flooring line provides comfortable, safe footing that is slip-resistant in a range of environments and offers options suitable for any surface. The products offer versatility, durable construction and consistent color throughout. Repel formulation is available in any of the rubber tile and tread options, and the line is designed to be oil- and grease-resistant for extra slip resistance.
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Audio/video connectivity

The Wiremold Company

The Walker AV3 Series poke-thru device provides open space power, data/communications connections and A/V connectivity in new and renovated buildings. It offers a 20-amp duplex receptacle and the capability for modular data/communications jacks. Poke-thru devices enable wiring and cabling on the floor plan using core-drilled slab openings.
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Rubber tile and tread

Roppe Corporation

Raised Design Rubber Tile and Tread is PVC-free, flexible, easy to install and inexpensive. It is a durable surface regarding length of life cycle and requires minimal maintenance. With a variety of design options, it is offered in six profiles and 57 color choices. It is environmentally friendly, made from non-hazardous materials and is recyclable.
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Upholstery/panel fabrics

Burlington Contract Fabrics

Environ fabric, engineered from reclaimed or recycled materials, is available in 54-inch widths for seating needs and 66-inch widths for panels. The fabric's range of colors includes solid, cross-dyed and tonal shades. It can be customized to meet individual design requirements. Patterns range from polyester/cotton blends to polyester/rayon and chenille blends, and meet ACT standards for heavy-duty contract upholstery fabrics.
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Energy management

E-Mon, L.P

RightEnergy is an integrated energy intelligence system that charts energy use for businesses to help them better understand when, where and how energy is being used in their organizations, as well as the power-quality levels at each monitored point. With this energy intelligence, businesses can control costs better and improve operational efficiencies.
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Floor covering

Mats Inc.

Chocflex, part of the DzynSpec Innovative Floor Covering Collection, is a commercial-grade, no-wax vinyl floor covering with an acoustic backing that is engineered for high-traffic areas. It absorbs sound, resists wear and provides easy movement for wheels. It also is dimensionally stable and will not shrink, stretch or curl. Treated with a protective polyurethane varnish, it is scuff- and soil-resistant, prevents yellowing and never needs to be waxed.
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Access control


CyberLock Electronic Padlocks consist of the pick-proof CyberLock cylinder in a padlock, a CyberKey that cannot be duplicated, and CyberAudit access-control software. Access privileges and battery power are contained in the key. A key can be programmed to restrict each authorized user's access to specific padlocks on pre-selected days and times. Each time the CyberKey opens a padlock, a record of the user ID, date and time is stored in both the lock and the key.
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Tube heaters


The expanded line of Space-Ray LTU low-intensity U-tube heaters ranges in capacity from 40,000 to 250,000 BTU/hr. Available in both natural and propane gas, the total heater length varies from 17 feet to 27.5 feet for optimum flexibility. The heaters feature a self-contained draft inducer that pulls products of combustion through the combustion chamber for increased radiant efficiency, greater safety and more uniform tube temperature.
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Liquid rosin

American Harlequin

ConfiDance is a concentrated liquid rosin, which can be used on wood, tile, linoleum and other hard surfaces. It slows down a dance surface to guard against slippery spots on the floor. It can be diluted slightly for very slippery surfaces or diluted heavily for surfaces that need a small amount of traction. It is sold in one-gallon containers that can make a minimum of 21 gallons, or up to 35 to 40 gallons.
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Tornado Industries

The 75 series of scrubbers/dryers are small enough to pass through 33-inch doorways. Standard features include long-life brushless electronic vacuum motors, magnetic protection solution pumps, and one-touch start/stop operator controls. They work well in educational environments or anywhere that maintenance efficiency and productivity are important.
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Electrified lockset

Marks USA

Electrified Survivor Series locksets with the “clutch” are available for operation as either electrically locked or unlocked. When locked, the clutch disengages the outside lever, allowing it to turn freely without opening the latch. Proprietary lever support springs eliminate lever droop. Survivor locksets are UL-listed for three-hour fire rating and satisfy all ADA requirements.
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Classroom projector


The 2.4-pound M400, a featherweight microportable projector, features Digital Light Processing (DLP) display technology — tiny mirrors that reflect light through a spinning color wheel that generates images in more than 16 million colors. Because DLP technology is less susceptible to heat, humidity or vibration, projectors with DLP technology deliver sharper images longer than alternative display technologies.
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Drainage for green roofs


Pave-El paver stone pedestals create protective walk surfaces on flat roofs. Described as a four-squared honeycomb structure of high-density polyethylene with eight vertical spacing ribs on its upper surface, the pedestals are designed to ensure uniform spacing and elevation of paver stones while allowing water to run off to the drainage-plane-level and under paver stones to the drainage system.
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Flexible furniture

Allsteel Inc.

Get Set is an efficient, go-anywhere learning system that solves the problem of piecemeal training equipment. The tables are available in four different functions to support various levels of reconfiguring, and they accommodate most computer monitors. The chairs have a well-padded seat area and back support, while also being flexible and space efficient.
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Locker systems

DeBourgh Mfg. Co.

The CALM (Computer Activated Latching Mechanism) Locker System combines strength and durability with electromechanical locking technology. It will be offered in the Corregidoor product line and is available using iButton technology and an optional pushbutton one-time-use mechanism that must be reset from the inside. Both systems deliver access control and system monitoring.
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Energy-efficient boiler

Miura Boiler, Inc.

Floating headers allow Miura boilers to have a small size and water capacity without creating thermal shock to the boilers' water tubes and enclosure. These headers allow the water tubes to be short and straight so the boiler can take up 33 percent less floor space. Additional energy savings result from the boilers' fast start-up capability.
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Dual-purpose sweepers

Tennant Company

The 24-inch Tennant 3610 and Nobles Scout sweepers are two dual-purpose sweepers for cleaning both carpeted and hard-floor surfaces. Because of their battery-operated, cord-free design, the sweepers are exceptionally quiet and suited to daytime cleaning in congested, high-traffic environments. Benefits include reduced noise, increased productivity and convenience, and improved coverage.
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Adaptable furniture


Lexicon is a user-adaptable system of seating and work surfaces that creates a furniture infrastructure around the function of learning. Key features include space definition with partitions, coat and back racks that allow for personalization of space, a variety of work surfaces at varying heights, storage surfaces, wide and soft seating for maximum comfort and posture range, and chair arms with power outlets for portable electronic devices.
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Mold protection


Silent Guard TS is a mold-resistant version of its existing shaftliner panels. It features TemShield, a new protection system developed to combat mold growth on building materials before and after installation. The TemShield Protection System is manufactured into the core and the surface of every Silent Guard TS panel.
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Foam insulation

Falcon Foam

Falcon Foam commercial building products include roof, wall, and flat or tapered insulation. The foam insulation contains recycled content and has high potential to be recyclable, making it suitable on project sites utilizing construction waste management. The lightness of Falcon Foam insulation makes it easy to hoist, handle and install for labor-saving economy.
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Securing campus access

University finds security solution for protecting students and information resources


Delaware State University (DSU), Dover, seeks to safeguard its campus and protect its information resources from cybersecurity breaches. The university's location near one of the largest U.S. Air Force bases, in addition to the classified research done by the university's science department, makes controlling security an even larger challenge.

DSU has relied largely on traditional physical security solutions. The keys used for building access and computer rooms were limited in terms of controlling access, and many of the keys were being lost or stolen. In addition, the university had no way to ensure that former university employees could not access the network or certain electronic files.

The university selected Siemens' HiPath SIcurity solutions including the HiPath SIcurity Card smartcard and HiPath MetaDirectory suite. The credit-card-sized smartcards control access to both physical facilities and information systems. The MetaDirectory keeps identity information up-to-date and provides a single point of administration. DSU will use the smartcard and MetaDirectory to build an identity-management system for e-commerce and other electronic transactions.

Using smartcards controls physical access to buildings and controls individuals' access to particular computers on campus. The university plans to expand smartcard access control to all 22 buildings on campus over a two-year period. The keys now used for access to buildings and rooms gradually will be replaced with smartcards, and all new computers purchased by the university will include readers to accommodate the smartcards.
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A solid foundation

Load-bearing, double-wall construction is a cost-efficient and low-maintenance option for schools

Acme Brick Company

After seeing double-wall construction's durability in withstanding the strength of an F3 tornado at a school in a nearby town, Russellville Junior High, Russellville, Ark., decided to use this construction method on its new high school.

Double-wall construction creates load-bearing walls with two widths of brick. The result is both interior and exterior walls that have brick's beauty and texture, and provide low maintenance in a strong structure. Aside from being cost-efficient, double-wall buildings are quiet, strong and offer superior fire ratings. An 8-inch hollow brick double wall has a three-hour fire rating. Using brick for interior walls creates additional fire resistance by reducing the risk of fire spreading from room to room.

Combining hard-fired brick's natural thermal mass with an insulated wall cavity also creates an insulating system that produces significant energy savings. The project's architect, Biggerstaff, Minden & Hall, Architects and Planners, has demonstrated that double-wall structures can be built for almost the same price as those built with typical brick and block construction.

Russellville Jr. High was completed on budget, at a cost of $56.18 per square foot. The school's added benefits of structural strength, interior aesthetics, sound abatement, savings in maintenance and energy, and resistance to vandalism are ongoing bonuses for taxpayers.
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Stepping up

Telecommunications upgrade helps career institute handle surge of incoming calls


Because of increased attendance and telecommunications needs, the Professional Career Development Institute (PCDI), Atlanta, upgraded its existing Toshiba Strata DK424i to the Toshiba Strata CTX670 system.

The system's Automated Call Distribution (ACD) routing and reporting capabilities route incoming calls to the nearly 100 agents that staff the four call center groups. The telecom system uses one PRI and seven T1 lines, which manage the high volume of call traffic so callers don't get busy signals.

“With the system's automated reporting process, I can instantly find out how many calls have come in, to which ACD groups they've been routed, and even what the hold times have been for each group,” says Mike Rutsky, director of operations for the school.

The upgraded system has improved productivity by more than 50 percent. The system reduces queues, which means that hold times are cut dramatically, even though call volume continues to grow. Reducing queue times provides substantial cost savings in long-distance charges, says Rutsky.

One of the benefits of PCDI's migration from its existing system to the larger-capacity, more powerful system is that the institute was able to keep all of its existing telephone handsets and many of the interface system boards, which added to the cost savings. If a new system were purchased, the cost could have been three to four times greater.
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Obtaining ideal IAQ

HVAC retrofit helps create a comfortable learning environment

Lennox Industries Inc.

The Greenville Independent School District, Greenville, Texas, sought to improve IAQ by selecting and installing a high-performance HVAC system. Bill Duran, director of maintenance at the school, was looking for a retrofit replacement for the 22-year-old units in several of the district's schools.

“We needed to replace our aging units, bring more fresh air into the building to meet guidelines, and reduce the CO2 levels in the school,” says Duran. “It's hard to bring in outside air without introducing a lot of humidity.”

To help the district select proper equipment to meet its needs, Estes McClure & Associates (EMA) met with administrators to evaluate the school's equipment, cost and budget needs. Then, the team conducted an analysis of the building design and existing HVAC system to identify existing and potential IAQ problems.

To control humidity, provide the correct amount of outside air ventilation, and maintain temperature, EMA recommended a rooftop unit that controls humidity independent of the building's room temperature. The school chose the L Series rooftop unit with the Humiditrol dehumidification system from Lennox, which allows enough fresh air into a classroom without including too much humidity or overcooling the rooms. The system initiates humidity control based on actual humidity levels inside the enclosed space instead of relying on a call for cooling.

“We could have gone with some of the other options, such as desiccant wheel units, but it would mean installing more equipment,” says Duran. “Also, we couldn't be assured we were still getting the results we sought, and the equipment did not have the reliability or serviceability we were looking for.”
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Boosting productivity

Performance contract helps school use energy and operational savings to fund facility improvements

Johnson Controls, Inc.

The Regina Catholic School Division in Regina, Saskatchewan, is in the midst of a project to renew its facilities, reduce operating costs, improve energy and environmental conservation, and enhance the learning environment. The improvements to 25 schools will be made as a result of a $2.3 million ($3 million Canadian) performance contract signed with Johnson Controls, LP and will save the school division more than $248,444 ($325,000 Canadian) annually.

The performance contract provides facility improvements that are paid for by the energy and operational savings they create. As part of the contract, Johnson Controls will develop a 10-year plan where the savings will pay for the investment of the improvements.

Current technology lighting components help improve light quality in classrooms. Electronic ballasts that do not flicker are being installed to help reduce eyestrain. New lamps provide better color rendering, producing more natural tones and better appearance. Computerized energy-management systems control school temperatures accurately. Programmable controllers allow the automatic scheduling of equipment to reduce temperatures and switch equipment off when the schools are not occupied.

The energy-efficient lighting and building-management system installation will yield significant savings for the school division. In addition, a performance-assurance program will ensure the sustainability of energy-conservation measures by monitoring utility bills and training staff to optimize energy conservation.
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Filtering information

Software allows users to sift through reports quickly using only a web browser

Metafile Information Systems Inc.

Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, has discovered an inexpensive and easy method to provide authorized users with access to secure information throughout campus. Printing reports on paper and distributing them to hundreds of users around campus was expensive and meant that users spent considerable time searching through reports to find the information they needed.

Instead, the university set up Metafile's Windows-based, menu-driven download software to manage the downloading of host spool files. Several standard output queues were established on the university's Unix servers, and reports that were to be archived were exported in comma-delimited format and placed in these queues. To add a new report, a staff member simply makes a request to the MetaViewer system administrator, and the entire process takes about five minutes. The new version of MetaViewer also allows staff to access reports via the Internet.

“I understand first-hand how valuable the system is because I use it myself nearly every day to look up hardware and software purchases and compare our expenditures over a certain period to what was budgeted,” says Walter Rewar, director of enterprise computing for the university.

The users save large amounts of time because they simply type in a keyword or number and can find the information they need in a few seconds. The university saves money by eliminating the need to print and distribute reports, and also saves on the costs of licensing and maintaining their core systems.
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