Product Solutions

Carpet extractor

Tornado Industries

Marathon CarpetRinser/Dryer Box Extractors have 12-gallon recovery/solution tanks with two-stage, tangential vacuum motors, generating 163 inches of static water lift. Large wheels and a dolly-style design allow for easy transport. Controls and hose hookups are situated at the top of each machine. Switches have vinyl covers to protect them from moisture, and tank floats cut off suction when tanks reach full capacity, protecting vacuum motors.
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WiFi enclosure

The Wiremold Company

The nonmetallic wall-mount enclosure for wireless access points allows the access point to be placed on any wall surface, and combines easy accessibility with a concealed key lock for security. The cover design also reduces the visual impact of WiFi equipment. The wall enclosure is user-configurable and supports a variety of access point designs. Mounting straps enable the access point to be positioned vertically or horizontally for optimal signal coverage.
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Theatrical rigging

J.R. Clancy, Inc.

The PowerLift line of motorized theatrical rigging is designed to improve backstage safety and ease of use. Its simple, programmed operation allows operators to concentrate on stage activities. Added safety features detect and react to snags or overloads quickly, reducing the potential for accidents. When using the PowerLift in new buildings, the stage house can be smaller than necessary for comparable manual counterweight rigging.
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Graffiti cleanup

Chemprobe Coating Systems, LP

Series 626 Dur A Pell GS (Graffic Shield) is a silicone rubber-based barrier that prevents paints from sticking permanently to the surface of structures treated with this coating. It withstands acrylic latex paints, enamel spray paints and markers. If a structure is tagged with graffiti, it can be removed easily with a Series 680 Mark A Way citrus cleaner.
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Energy-saving lighting

EYE Lighting

Multi-Metal Ignitek 360W and 400W lamps can be used in sports facilities, warehouses, parking lots and industrial high- and low-bay applications. The lamp is ideal for upgrading facilities and saving energy without the initial system costs. It can operate on existing 400W metal-halide ballasts and saves 40 watts of power per lamp compared with standard 400W lamps.
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Glass flooring system

Acme Brick Company/IBP

GlassWalk is a structural glass flooring system that uses laminated glass lites. The laminated glass is available in more than 30 ceramic frit patterns that ensure a non-slip finish. Special-order laminated glass can feature logos, directional signage or custom patterns etched into an interior glass surface.
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Classroom amplification

Lightspeed Technologies

The 705iR portable amplification system for classrooms is a wireless, cordless audio system that sets up in less than a minute and transmits the instructor's voice to a small amplifier/speaker unit via infrared light. The voice then is distributed evenly throughout the classroom. No installation or power source is required. The battery pack powers the unit for eight hours of continuous use.
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Study carrels


Study Carrels are part of the Saratoga Series of library, school and office furniture. Extra-high end panels on individual units, or at the end of multi-unit runs, provide visual and auditory privacy. The panels' subtle, arced design visually softens this profile. A 28-inch-deep shelf on each carrel allows ample room for taking notes, referencing an open book or papers, or placing a laptop or desktop computer terminal. The shelf is fixed at the correct ergonomic position for seated work.
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Energy management


The C-More unit controller and AERCO BMS, a multiple unit boiler-management system, have been enhanced with Modbus technology that enables facility managers to integrate the company's gas-fired boiler and water-heater units into their building Energy Management Systems (EMS). Support of Modbus, a standards-based open protocol, will enable AERCO customers to control and monitor their heating plant via a single connection between their EMS and the AERCO BMS, or through their individual Benchmark and KC1000 units.
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Outdoor table

Pilot Rock Park Equipment

The design of this picnic table is accessible to wheelchairs at both ends. Full-length seats offer full-capacity seating. The portable table can be 6, 8, 10 or 12 feet long. It meets current ADA guidelines. Top and seat materials include lumber, recycled plastic, aluminum and vinyl-coated steel. It is built rugged to withstand the abuse of public exposure.
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Security system


The Campus Lock is a standalone electronic locking system that requires no hard wiring, integrates smoothly with online and offline systems, and interfaces with leading one-card providers. The system's software integrates with all levels of security and is user-friendly and intuitive, with the ability to batch-import records as needed. In addition to the Schlage lock platform, which includes a high-security Everest mechanical key override, it features the vandal-resistant Vandlgard clutching lever. It is available in cylindrical and mortise locks, and with Von Duprin 98/99 series exit device trim.
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Emergency lighting

Acrilex, Inc.

Acriglo is designed to provide illumination without a backup power source during the loss of electricity. It is charged completely by the luminosity omitted during the normal operation of a light. The glow lasts several hours, while providing a lighting capacity equivalent to that of moonlight. It can be charged and discharged indefinitely.
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Mobile projector

PLUS Vision Corp. of America

The PLUS V-332 is the first in the Vision V series to feature the Unplug & Go function and a new Iris Lens Cover design. The Unplug & Go function allows the power cable to be unplugged immediately after use. The projector's battery-operated cooling fan will continue to run while the presenter is packing up. The compact projector weighs less than 3 pounds. While small, the V-332 is packed with a high 1,200 lumen brightness and a 2000:1 contrast ratio to project crisp, color-rich images.
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Cleaning tool


The Jet Sweep is a 20-inch hard-floor tool that cleans efficiently while protecting indoor air quality. It removes soil while reducing airborne dust. The tool fits all ProTeam aluminum vacuum wands, and enables operators to clean hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tile, marble, quarry tile, brick paver, restroom and other hard or resilient floors.
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Access control

Honeywell Power Products

The first in the line of Access Control Power Supplies is the HPS312CX, a switching power supply/charger that converts low-voltage AC input into 6, 12 or 24VDC at 3.0A of continuous supply current. It comes with an HPP HPT2450 plug-in transformer, a 5 AH battery, a steel enclosure and connecting hardware. This general-purpose power supply has a wide range of applications for access-control systems that require additional power.
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Locker management

Master Lock Company

LockerManager is a software program for schools that simplifies the planning and management of locker systems, student locker assignments and other important student information. It saves time and labor costs by instantly automating previously labor-intensive tasks. LockerManager makes it easy for school administrators and staff to set up their locker systems, manage locker locks and automate student locker assignments.
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Waterfree urinal system

Falcon Waterfree Technologies, LLC

The updated urinal cartridge design features a special shield that regulates flow, resulting in more durable cartridge life where conditions require a resilient solution. The cartridge is the heart of the urinal system, which is hygienic, touch-free and odor-free. The cartridge eliminates odors by creating a barrier between urine and open air. It also acts as a trap for uric sediment, which otherwise could cause drainage pipe corrosion.
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Security software

Compass Technologies

The Compass 5E access-control software is an enterprise system capable of supporting up to 1,024 readers and 30 workstations per server. Incorporating an industry standard MSDE or SQL server 2000 database, the software is completely modular. It is designed to handle the heaviest transaction loads efficiently using SOAP and extensible markup language (XML).
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Downlights and wallwashers

Indy Lighting/Juno Lighting Group

The Designer Series is a new line of compact fluorescent downlights and wallwashers created for high-end architectural applications such as concert halls and theater lobbies. All products in the line are designed to maximize light output while maintaining low glare, for a quiet ceiling appearance that enhances the architectural details of beautiful interiors. The products are constructed using a two-piece reflector system that allows for a staged optics design.
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Cable support system


The J-Pro Cable support system is designed to provide a competitive alternative to metal J Hooks for routing communication cables. The non-metallic J Hook features complete horizontal and vertical 1-inch bend radius control, which helps prevent degradation of cable performance. It is manufactured from durable materials that are suitable for use in air-handling spaces per UL 2043 and CAN/ULC S102.2.
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Floor finish

Betco Corporation

Betco Express floor finish uses highly durable, internally cross-linked polymers blended to minimize drying and cure times. Formulated with Max-Cure Technology, each coat of finish dries and can be recoated in as little as 10 to 15 minutes. The fast-curing properties make this finish more suitable than conventional finishes in applications where high humidity or poor ventilation conditions are present. It is designed to be applied in thin, even coats for maximum performance.
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Ergonomic task chair


The Ambition chair offers a modern, square-shouldered back — a design not typically seen in value-priced task chairs. Its sturdy construction and high-quality materials make it durable and ergonomic. Features include all-adjustable arms or armless, lumbar cushioning that can be tuned to accommodate a full range of lower back support, a sliding seat, recline resistance that adapts to different body weights and work styles, and pneumatic height adjustment.
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Playground equipment

Playworld Systems

The Horizontal Loop Ladder and Hand-over-Hand Ladder now can be installed easily under 5-foot and 6-foot catwalks to provide additional play value. Both ladders help children develop upper-body strength. The Hand-over-Hand ladder can be installed lower for wheelchair use. The Horizontal Loop Ladder is available in straight, “S”-shaped, “C”-shaped and 90-degree configurations.
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Fire-rated framing system


The 60-minute, fire-rated Aluminum Framing System can be specified for interior and exterior applications and is designed to maximize light and vision while blending in with standard non-rated aluminum products. The system includes custom-extruded and filled aluminum framing combined with clear, safety- and fire-rated glass. The systems are easy to install, and can be supplied in a variety of sizes and finishes.
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Roof cement

Henry Company

Henry #208 Wet Patch Roof Cement is flexible and can be applied to cracks in a rain downpour or under water. This quick patch product can be used in wet, dry or hot weather and spreads smoothly in cold temperatures. It is ready to use from the cartridge or pail and is applied thick with a trowel or putty knife. The heavy-bodied asphalt mix has its traditional consistency and repairs holes, cracks and splits.
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Litter collection

Johnston Madvac Inc.

The Madvac 101 vehicle can vacuum up about 120 gallons of uncompacted litter through its patented vacuum-compacting system into the new 80-gallon litter container. Operators can pick up more litter in less time and have fewer bags to change, resulting in higher productivity. Features of the Madvac 101 include patented straight-through suction; an 80-gallon-capacity litter container; a 28hp Kubota Diesel, liquid-cooled engine; an 8-inch diameter suction hose; and a power-assisted vacuum arm.
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Fluorescent lighting

Lithonia Lighting

RT5 Volumetric Recessed Lighting uniformly illuminates an entire volume of space, eliminating harsh shadows. The new lighting system uses up to 33 percent less energy than the industry standard for office lighting — an 18-cell, three-lamp T8 parabolic fixture. It features an innovative optical design and a unique lamp/ballast combination.
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Managing IT services

Service-management software improves technical support operations

FrontRange Solutions

Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD), Kenosha, Wis., has 4,000 employees to serve 21,400 students in 40 elementary, middle, high and charter schools.

The district's Information Services (IS) group supports its many IT assets — everything from computers and printers to the library and food-service systems. Without a service-management system, supporting 7,000 computers and 5,000 other pieces of peripheral IT equipment was a tremendous challenge. The IS department logged and managed all issues on paper, inevitably leading to inefficient and confused service. There was no formal help desk, and tickets often would get lost in the system, says Roy Bolin, operations manager of Information Services.

To tackle the problem, Bolin chose HEAT Service and Support, HEAT Self-Service and iHEAT from FrontRange Solutions. Ticomix, a FrontRange Solutions partner, handled the software setup and customization.

Now, when IS receives calls, technicians quickly identify the call type and enter all relevant information. HEAT automatically assigns the tickets to the proper specialist or team. Technicians access built-in HEAT knowledge bases, which give them a database of answers to common questions and solutions to recurring problems.

With information available immediately, first-level technicians close 50 percent more tickets than they could before. Since installing HEAT, IS resolves 93 percent of calls within its service goals, compared with 75 percent before.
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Sharing music

Distance-learning technology brings high-quality sound and video to music education

Polycom, Inc.

Manhattan School of Music, N.Y., serves about 850 students from more than 40 countries in its college division, about 450 New York-area students ages 5 to 18 in the preparatory division, almost 2,000 New York City school children through its arts-in-education program, and about 1,700 college and K-12 students worldwide through its distance-learning program.

As the school searched for the right product for its distance-learning program, it faced technology limitations with videoconferencing. It was challenged to find a product that would produce a high-quality sound and meet the acoustical requirements necessary for music instruction. Extra bandwidth also was needed for high-quality audio.

The school chose Polycom VSX8000, which offers StereoSurround capability that can allocate 96 kbps of sound quality, including full-duplex stereo echo cancellation. The company's technical support staff equipped the VSX8000 with custom features tailored to the school's music application.

Polycom's technology enables the school to export and import music education to master classes at institutions of higher education. Jazz clinics, workshops and music-enrichment classes for K-12 students are given in schools across the country. Guest-artist teachers are available via videoconference from remote locations.

The school hopes to expand the program with the possibility of remote auditioning for prospective students.
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Safety solution

Flat-profile coat hooks reduce the risk of head or eye injury posed by traditional hooks

HangSafe Hooks

In the summer of 2004, Northwestern Elementary School, New Salem, Ohio, took safety measures regarding traditional coat hooks that potentially could cause eye or head injury to a student. The project architect, Buehrer Group Architecture & Engineering Inc. (Mauwee, Ohio), recognized the safety issue. A solution was found in a line of coat hooks designed for safety.

HangSafe Hooks' main product line, HangSafe Coat Racks, feature hooks made of durable Lexan plastic, a polycarbonate material with a flat profile attached to solid oak. With a flat profile, the hook reduces the risk of head or eye injury to a child that could be poked by traditional coat hooks protruding from walls.

HangSafe Hooks works with each individual customer to provide solutions for their specific spacing, budget and aesthetic needs. Shelving systems, corner shelves, cubbies and other storage systems also are available.
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Integrating multimedia

Digital video cameras and other technology enhance classroom functions


When administrators at North Hennepin Community College, Brooklyn Park, Minn., were planning a new auditorium for their 84-acre campus, they decided to include the latest multimedia capabilities, including satellite downlink services to classrooms.

Aside from a few walls remaining from the previous building, the new auditorium was built from the ground up and completed in 2003. Along with cable and satellite-broadcast feed capabilities, it has a variety of high-tech presentation equipment, including two ELMO pan/tilt/zoom digital video cameras, ESDCC1 controller, two large screens, two data projectors, a document camera, and other equipment designed to facilitate and enhance presentations. At the center of the full media setup is an instructor's podium that houses a computer, VCR and DVD players, and dual wireless microphones.

The auditorium seats about 120 students on two tiers and features an audio/video system. Images are displayed on two large projection screens. Two ELMO pan/tilt/zoom cameras are used to record lectures and presentations in the auditorium. One camera is aimed directly at the instructor, while the other is focused on the screen itself so that the images being shown on the screen, as well as the person speaking, can be recorded simultaneously. The video recordings are archived in the school's library, and copies are given to individual presenters who request them.

One person controls the equipment in the auditorium with an ELMO ESD-CC1 multifunction controller, which can operate up to 256 devices, including 225 cameras or receivers, 15 system keyboards, 16 multiplexers and a video matrix.

“The system we now have provides us with true multimedia capabilities,” says Joseph Collins, the college's instructional communications specialist. “Along with traditional courses, we now offer web-enhanced and online classes at our Brooklyn Park Campus, Wright Country Center and other off-campus locations. We can feed from closed-circuit TV for statewide broadcasts, do satellite teleconferencing to any classroom, and broadcast news stories from CNN and other sources to classrooms. We also have IP video conferencing, which allows us to have high-quality videoconferences with colleagues anywhere in the world.”
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Power system protection

Campus maintains on-site power by upgrading electric power substation

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

With an eye on the future and a need to remain self-sufficient should a fault occur, the Utility Group at Stanford University, Calif., upgraded the campus electric power substation and reconfigured controls to enable a power island via the local cogeneration system.

The campus' main distribution substation was built by Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) in the 1950s and was purchased by the university in the mid-1980s. Much of the main substation's hardware needed to be replaced or upgraded. The Utility Group also needed to modify relay protection and communications to implement the power island.

Phase One began with replacement of the substation circuitbreakers and disconnect switches. The old 60 kV oil-filled circuit breakers were removed and replaced with SF6 (sulfer hexafluoride gas) breakers. Potential transformers and isolation switches also were added in conjunction with some major rearranging in the bus structures of the substation. All of the old relay and control panels were replaced with relays from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories.

Digital synchroscopes were added to the substation controls, and the SCADA system, which is used to monitor substation status, was revamped. The remote control from the cogen plant, situated 2,000 feet from the substation control room, was installed in order to close the breakers at the cogeneration plant, should the need arise.

The primary task for Phase Two of the substation upgrade was to modernize the control panels using SEL equipment. Schweitzer's Systems and Services Division provided commissioning support when the cogeneration circuit was converted over to the new control system.
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