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Energy management

School district generates a creative approach to energy savings

DENT Instruments

The Jefferson County, Colo., School District near Denver needed to cut its energy bills, but it didn't have the money to hire an energy-management staff. To solve this problem, the district took four teachers from the classroom, and with the appropriate training, made them certified energy managers.

After realizing it couldn't manage what it hadn't measured, the team of four turned to DENT's Elite Energy Logger and accompanying software. This allowed the team to track precise energy use, and DENT's ELOG software provided management with practical analysis tools in the form of charts and graphs.

DENT's Elite has enabled the district to check the accuracy of utility billing, measure the electrical consumption of kitchen equipment, verify the electrical savings of lighting upgrades, measure the total loads of HVAC equipment, and track electrical panels for power interruptions. This data has helped the management team reduce waste, streamline operations and track ongoing improvements, resulting in lower expenses.

Although the energy-management program initially was met with skepticism from principals and HVAC technicians, it has proven to be a success and is initiating new ideas for energy savings.
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IP network solution

Ritron Wireless Solutions

The RadioNexus network-ready LMR base station transceiver is available in VHF and UHF band models. A built-in RJ-45 connector and Type 3 E&M analog interface allow easy connection to the IP network using a router or VoIP gateway. The RadioNexus enables compatible LMR radios to communicate across the IP network to any other networked device.
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Fire control

Silent Knight

The IFP-50 intelligent analog/addressable fire control panel has built-in support for 50 analog addressable modules and uses standard wire. It has drift compensation and features two notification appliance circuits that can be programmed for notification outputs or auxiliary power. The fire panel also has a built-in dual-line digital fire communicator, Form C trouble relay and two programmable Form C relays.
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Plumbing system


The FlowGuard Gold CPVC plumbing system is constructed of post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) and is ideal for new construction and replacement applications. It will not pit, scale or corrode like metallic systems, regardless of water quality. No torches are required for installation. Pipe and fitting joints are solvent-welded quickly and firmly. It is energy-efficient, preserves water temperature and reduces condensation.
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Air-filtration technology

StrionAir, Inc.

The GC Filter's technology combines elements of ionization, electrostatics and mechanical filtration in a way that provides a solution to high-efficiency filtration (MERV 15 and greater) at low-pressure drops (0.35-inch w.g. initial pressure at 500 FPM) with a germicidal effect. The filter provides a short payback period and enables facilities managers to reduce operating costs, protect building occupants from airborne threats and provide a better work environment.
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Flushing device

Sloan Valve Company

The Crown II Piston Flushometer is designed with a new handle assembly and an outside cover with accent rings. The inside cover isolates the threads from the water source to ensure uninterrupted performance. It includes an engineered thermoplastic piston assembly that can be replaced easily. Other features include a Bak Check control stop with a vandal-resistant spin cap and an ADA-compliant triple-seal handle.
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Lighting design software

Lighting Analysts

Version 1.7 of AG132 lighting design and rendering software includes ray-tracing capabilities, advanced surface editing, color bleed control, the ability to adjust individual surface meshes, and a revised and improved daylight engine. This improves the ability of AG132 to produce realistic, high-quality renderings that more closely resemble human visual perception and photometrically accurate lighting calculations.
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Access control

Cypress Computer Systems, Inc.

The CVX-1200 MultiBender data converter for access-control systems can incorporate more than 100 common reader-interface formats in its on-board memory. It offers pluggable connectors and is equipped with field-configurable interface and formats, low power consumption, low-profile snap-in mounting and future expansion for up to 255 formats.
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Interactive display

Hitachi Software

The StarBoard P-50X System is a 50-inch plasma display device that consists of a sleek bezel frame with integrated sensors. It enables presenters to run and annotate computer applications or digital video on the plasma screen using a supplied pen or any form of non-electronic stylus. Annotated data can be saved in several file formats.
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Portable PA system

Mission USA

TecSonic is a personal, portable public-address system. It can be stored, carried and set up anywhere, and has enough power to provide voice or music support for up to 100 people. With size and weight about the same as a laptop, the system includes a flat panel speaker, a matching 5-foot-high speaker stand, a handheld microphone with on/off switch and cable, and a flexible mixer/amplifier.
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Video surveillance

Improved security efforts lower crime on campus

ADT Security Services

Before Morehouse College, Atlanta, upgraded its four-camera video surveillance system, the campus suffered from numerous vehicle break-ins. The college selected ADT Security Services to help plan a system to specifically meet its needs.

The lens of one of the college's dome cameras, which allow the police to view 75 percent of the campus grounds, caught a would-be thief breaking into a parked car. The thief was unaware that the college's police department was watching him. An officer was dispatched to the area, and the suspect was arrested, even as he was still rifling through the vehicle. After word spread of the system's effectiveness, the number of incidents declined dramatically.

“I still see an occasional break-in report cross my desk, but now the perpetrator is almost guaranteed to be someone unfamiliar with the campus and unaware we are watching them,” says Vernon Worthy, chief of the Morehouse College Police Department.

Twenty-two dome cameras provide perimeter views of the college's administration buildings, computer labs, recreational facilities and stadium on four 19-inch monitors at the police headquarters. Recently, ADT replaced the department's VCRs with two digital video recorders. The DVRs allow the police to store up to 30 days of recorded video.

“The video system has proven itself,” Worthy said. “Our officers are now much faster in responding to events, and I know we are helping to deter many crimes.”
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Network security

Trusted Network Technologies

Identity is a combination of Network Identity Enforcement software and an in-line policy-enforcement appliance that identifies users on the network at the packet-level so that only authorized users can connect to protected assets. It identifies known users and extends that identity to the network layer for secure transport within each session. This enables real-time access enforcement via an in-line appliance, prior to session connection.
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Evacuation system


The Gamewell Voice (GV) Multiplexed Voice Evacuation System can be integrated with Gamewell's 600 Series of analog addressable control panels. This command center allows control over fire emergencies from a single, centralized source. With the capacity for six-channel digital audio, the GV system will accommodate complete or partial evacuation, defend-in-place, public-address announcements and firefighter phones.
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Lighting fixture


The Quad luminaire merges four glass quadrants with refractors on the top and bottom, and is available with an indirect lighting component that supplies 90 percent uplight and 10 percent downlight. It also is available with two other photometric distributions: 50 percent uplight and 50 percent downlight; and 30 percent uplight and 70 percent downlight. It is recommended for mounting heights up to 25 feet.
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Protecting history

University renovates antique drinking fountains to preserve heritage

The Haws Corporation

The original Harmon Gym at the University of California at Berkeley opened in 1879 and served the school for 54 years before it was replaced by a new facility, 400 yards southwest of the original. The new facility, with a 6,500-person capacity, featured amenities such as wall-mounted, carved stone drinking fountains from the Haws Corporation. These sculptures served student-athletes' and visitors' needs for the next 64 years.

The university then embarked on a major gymnasium project on the same site as its previous gym. Officials decided to retain certain elements of the past facility to reflect the school's heritage and its past athletic and scholastic accomplishments. Included in the new facility's design was the retention of several carved stone drinking fountains.

Engineers replumbed the fountains with late-model components specially treated to give them an antique look. The fountains now grace the walls of the modern Haas Pavilion.

Haws received so many requests to bring vintage products up to current codes and standards that it decided to formalize the service. It announced the formation of the Heritage Service last year to assist customers in renovating antique Haws fountain products.
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Frame options


EverWhite dry-erase boards now are available in four all-natural wood frames: oak, mahogany, cherry and maple. The frames can improve the look of classrooms, training rooms and conference rooms at an affordable price. The dry-erase surface will not dull, stain or ghost over time.
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Blast-resistant windows

Maine Glass

The Safety Series 2000 Interior Blast Resistant Window System is installed inside of a building's existing window. It includes a structured aluminum frame, a T-bar and a Catch Channel to allow the pressure of a bomb blast to dissipate around the window. This compression-release design greatly reduces the pressure on the interior window, allowing it to remain intact throughout an explosion.
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Ceiling selection


The Interactive Ceiling Selector on BPB's website aids architects and designers in selecting its ceiling products, allowing them to view 46 different ceiling tile styles and patterns along with all available features and options in minutes. Once a specific ceiling tile is chosen, the selector instantly shows a photo of the texture and provides details on surface finish, available tile sizes, relative installed cost, warranties and other information.
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