Product Application: Removing humidity improves air quality in Alabama schools

With typically high temperatures and humidity levels for much of the year, the senior and junior high schools in Mountain Brook, Ala., had struggled with humidity-related problems. Mold and mildew ruined the high school's band uniforms, and humidity rusted the strings of a piano, which has to be replaced or rebuilt.

The books in the junior high media center became covered with mold over the summer recess. Complaints of sinus irritation and headaches were common among teachers, and some would not even come into the media center.

To combat the problem, the district tried running both the air conditioning and the heating systems. But the air remained very humid and the increased airflow left the students and staff feeling "chilled to the bone."

The district decided to install dehumidification systems from DryKor at both schools. It has eliminated humidity-related problems - mold growth, materials damage and health problems.

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