New Products

Carpet spotter: Butcher’s introduces Percolator General Purpose and Coffee Carpet Spotter. The spotter contains hydrogen peroxide to remove coffee and other stains, and is safe on wool carpets.

Classroom sink: Bradley offers the Terreon Classroom Sink. The sink’s solid-surface material withstands burns, impact and vandalism. The countertop is all-in-one with an integral sink. The unit also consists of a covered backsplash, gooseneck faucet and drinking fountain, as well as receptacle openings that save space and encourage cleanliness. Optional features include a drip ledge around the sink, a deck-mounted soap dispenser, multiple bowls, gooseneck faucet and drinking fountains.

Smoke detection: Very Early Smoke Detection (VESDA) is available from SIEMENS Cerberus Division. VESDA detects a fire before visible smoke or flame is apparent. The system is a series of tubes that carry samples of air from a protected space to a detector. The detector signals a controller that can generate alarms at four different points. The first two alarms alert in-house personnel; the third and fourth alarms set off the building’s fire-alarm control panel.

Floor machine: Tennant is offering the 2100 series of floor machines with ergonomic handles. Available in different models, the machines can be used for a number of applications on tile, ceramic and carpet.

Ergonomic chair: Forms+Surfaces offers the Bantam Chair, made from recycled materials. The stacking chair is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, and is available in a variety of colors. Chair legs have protective glides. A chair dolly is also available.

Skatepark system: SkateWave offers the Modular Skatepark System. The system can be reconfigured in an unlimited number of ways to fit space requirements and site characteristics. The obstacles are constructed from 11-12 gauge steel, with a powdercoat finish on transitions and decks; PVC-coated transition plates; and Permalene side and back panels.

Safety signs: RETA Security offers school-specific security signs. The signs meet OSHA standards and have been sized for ease of reading. Material options include steel, aluminum, plastic and vinyl.

Dumpster deodorant: Dumpster Fresh from Armchem eliminates dumpster odor. It is a molecular odor suppressant that works immediately upon use, and no cleaning or scrubbing is necessary.

Vacuum cleaners: Simplicity offers the 7400/7450 vacuums. The vacuums feature an air-bypass design to protect the motor by filtering dirt and debris. Both models have a 12-amp motor, 40- or 50-foot cord and steel agitator.

Detergents: Von Schrader offers Anti-Resoil Carpet Detergent and Anti-Resoil Carpet and Upholstery Detergent. Both detergents are environmentally responsible and contain a polymer barrier that prevents oily, hard-to-clean soil from attaching to fibers.

Copper cabling solutions: BERK-TEK has introduced LANmark-2000, the Category 6 copper cabling solutions product line. The cable is ideal for running numerous networking applications. It can support gigabit Ethernet and the convergence of voice, video and data.

Single-bay swing: The Surge Swing from Landscape Structures is a single-bay swing with heavy-duty steel springs integrated into the swing posts. The swing looks and performs like other swings, but the springs, conserving momentum on each pass, give the rider an extra surge of acceleration. The swing has an arching crossbar and colorful 5-inch diameter steel posts.

Athletic field marking paint: Pioneer Manufacturing is offering QUIK STRIPE Aerosol Field Marking Paint. Fortified with OPTIWITE Optical Brighteners, the paint maintains its brightness under heavy competition and severe weather. The paint comes ready to use in aerosol cans. Caretakers put a can in the QUIK STRIPER machine to walk off a clean line with no mess and no cleanup. The cans are designed to prevent waste, and the paint will not hurt grass or stunt its growth.

Aerator and slicer: A 4-foot shrouded aerator/slicer is available from Gandy. The shroud cover features a laser-cut Gandy diamond logo. Available in 3-point hitch or towing packages, the tow model features two manual lift arms for transport. The 4-foot aerator models can be ordered with
¾-inch coring spoons or with slicing knives. The 10 wheels and 6 spoons are each paired on five segmented sections; each section has its own grease fitting to maintain freewheeling action.

Housekeeping cabinets: C&H Distributors is offering Stronghold Housekeeping and Wardrobe Cabinets. The cabinets feature double doors for access to all shelves and four adjustable shelves that can support up to 1,750 pounds. The storage side of the housekeeping cabinet accommodates brooms and mops. With the addition of a shelf, the housekeeping cabinet becomes a wardrobe cabinet for work clothes and jackets. The cabinets are available in either camel or dark gray.

Weed and brush cutter: Bachtold Bros. is offering the 8200 Champion Series weed and brush cutter. The mower can be used for grass, as well as six-foot-high weeds and saplings up to 11/2 inches in diameter. Used for a variety of weed and brush cutting chores, the mower has an open design that allows the brush to contact the blade and be discharged without clogging the mower or stalling the 8-hp engine. The absence of a front wheel prevents the mower from being caught in grasses, brush or mud.

Network cable manager system: Panduit offers a Network Cable Manager system, which comprises two varieties of durable, molded-plastic horizontal panels to manage copper and fiber cables on standard EIA 19-inch racks. Features of the system include a bend radius feature designed to maintain cable bend radii in all cable pathways; passthrough holes to simplify installation; and maintenance of cable and integral wire retainers that securely hold cable.

Double box mount support: ERICO offers the new CADDY DBM2 Double Box Mount Support, which supports two electrical boxes on both sides of either a metal or wood stud. The support eliminates the need for multiple bracket assemblies. Easily installed with minimal tools, the support is constructed of spring steel with a zinc phosphate finish. No screws are required when attached to a wood stud, and only a screw gun is required for attachment to a metal stud. A center hole provides consistent alignment and exact positioning.

Aligning tool: Marks USA offers the J295 installation tool for its Survivor Series key-in-lever locksets. The thru-bolt installer is self-aligning with hardened drill bushings, drill bit and an adjustable edge guide. The tool is for use with either metal or wood doors.

Football goal posts: A full line of football goal posts is available from Bison. The goal posts are available in single post and recreational H-post designs. There is also an H-style combination football and soccer goal. All goals can be set in a permanent mount or in a removable ground sleeve. Goal post pads meet NCAA and NF rules, and can be selected in 12 school colors.

Drinking fountain: Haws offers the Model 1443 drinking fountain. The barrier-free, three-bubbler unit is wall-mounted with concealed brackets. Features include bubbler heads locked to the receptor, recessed pushbutton valves and a vandal-resistant bottom plate.

Door system: Access Hardware Supply offers the Benchmark Swing. The door system is 27 inches and has a built-in delay and safety stop. The unit can be used for interior or up to 200-pound exterior applications. The manual closer ensures against leaks and improves service.

Cable-management system: GS Metals is offering the Toolless Connector for installation of its FLEXTRAY cable-management system. The locking pin secures the connector, designed with dual attachment to hold any size of FLEXTRAY straight section, to the support.

Surge Suppression: Joslyn’s TransEnd protects facilities and equipment against lightning damage and surge-induced degradation. The MOV-based protectors are available in low-voltage configurations with surge capacities ranging from 25KA to 100KA per mode. The components are bolted to copper bus bars.

Adhesive anchoring: The AC 5.5 adhesive anchoring system, available from Powers Fasteners, is used for low-volume threaded bolt, threaded rod or rebar anchoring applications. The two-component adhesive is dispensed with a standard caulking gun and pusher tube. The kit also includes resin and hardener, a reusable pusher and a static mixing nozzle.

Color selection chart: Chicago Metallic offers the Color Quest color selector chart. The one-piece chart includes standard, premium and reflective finishes, and standard and premium colors.

Wire management: Thomas & Betts is offering the Steel City FPT-400 data poke-through. Designed for high-density data cabling applications, the poke-through can accommodate up to 35 CAT 5e data cables. The UL-listed device accepts a duplex data adapter for flush-mounted RJ-45 jacks.

Exposed flushometers: SLOAN offers Optima Plus, the exposed urinal and water closet flushometers with dual-filtered bypass. The ADA-compliant units have a touchfree, infrared sensor. The bypass is resistant to chemicals and debris.

Compressor motor starters: McQuay International offers starters on select air-cooled chillers. The solid-state compressor motor starters are a standard feature on new C vintage ALS air-cooled chillers. The starter’s LED display delivers a variety of operating and fault messages for greater safety and easier operation and maintenance.

Dock levelers: Pentalift offers a new line of hydraulic and mechanical dock levelers. The Series MD mechanical dock leveler includes a patent-pending lip-operating mechanism and a deck design that responds to less weight for a smoother walk for workers. The Series HD hydraulic dock leveler includes pushbutton control, full hydraulic operation for both deck and lip and a fallsafe design.

Flooring technology: Tnemec Company is offering the Series 237 Power-Tread flooring system. The system is a multipurpose broadcast, slurry broadcast or mortar-applied floor-topping system, which protects against impact, abrasion and chemicals. The floor finish is VOC-compliant, and its clear resin can be field-pigmented in red, gray or beige.

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