This month's focus: Administrative/facilities software

Management solutions

Strategic Resource Solutions (SRS) offers ACT 1000 System version 2.21 and SiteNet Maintenance Management RequestLINE version 3.4. The ACT 1000 System enables clients to control operational resources. The desktop program features work-order control, advanced preventive maintenance, inventory management, facility scheduling and equipment tracking. The SiteNet program is integrated with the ACT 1000 system and enables remote users to submit requests for work, inventory items and facility usage from any location through a Web browser.

Power-quality software

ELOG 2001 software is available from Pacific Science & Technology. The application is used to program the logger, display current metered values and retrieve and analyze the data. The Windows software package displays harmonics and waveforms, performs analyses and allows automatic, remote data collection.

Sign software

K-Sun is offering MaxiSoft MaxiSigns99, the safety and facility sign-making program for all versions of Windows. The software includes a library of 330 standard safety symbols, including the NFPA diamond and more than 2,000 pre-formatted ANSI-compliant safety signs. Users can customize sign headers, text and symbols.

Document management

Oce's Engineering Exec software allows companies to manage documents and improves the use of CAD and other technical design documents. Users can archive, control, manage and distribute small- and wide-format, technical drawings of buildings and land overviews to any printing system and across the Internet.

Water heater/boiler monitor

Lochinvar introduces Intelli-Station software for use with Intelli-Fin water heaters and boilers. The software enables facility managers to monitor and administer numerous water heaters or boilers locally or remotely through a phone line. The program also contains a sequence-of-operation diagram with alarm status indicators to demonstrate malfunctions.

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