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May 2011 Product Solutions

Products and case studies from the May 2011 issue.

Payment efficiency

Multi-space parking pay stations will replace 387 single-head meters.

Digital Payment Technologies. New LUKE pay stations will replace almost 400 single-head meters at the University of Arizona, Tucson, providing a more convenient, economical and efficient parking experience.

“We are looking forward to upgrading our existing parking infrastructure with the new multi-space pay stations from DPT,” says Michael Delahanty, operations manager for parking and transportation services. “We are excited to offer our students the convenience of multiple payment options, and to allow them to extend their parking transaction at any pay station throughout the campus.”

The new multi-space LUKE parking pay stations will enable students to pay by space, and will be powered by solar panels that can be adjusted as the seasons change. The machines also will be configured for credit cards, campus (“CAT”) cards, and will be compliant with the school’s debit system. The pay stations also offer more flexible rate structures than single-head meters, such as daily parking and special event rate parking. The rates can be configured remotely for all pay stations on campus, enabling parking administrators to dynamically adjust pricing to achieve optimal occupancy and manage congestion associated with searching for parking.

ParkPro, an authorized reseller of DPT, will work with the university’s parking division to manage the procurement, installation and maintenance of the pay stations.

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Portable fan

Big Ass Fan Company. Yellow Jacket, a portable fan, is designed for flexibility and quiet operation. It also is durable, featuring a heavy-gauge steel carriage engineered to withstand the harshest environments; powerfoil-inspired blades for maximum efficiency and airflow coverage; oversized wheels; and an ergonomic handle for superior maneuverability. The efficient design cuts energy use by more than 50 percent.

Select the May 2011 issue RSN number 150 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Personal space cooler

MovinCool. A new, more powerful version of the PC7 portable spot air conditioner is available. The new model’s cooling capacity of 9,000 Btu/h, an almost 30 percent increase over the previous version, is made possible by a more efficient design, which provides greater airflow over both the evaporator and condenser. The unit operates without a condensate tank, eliminating the need for a drain line or manual emptying of condensate. Environmentally friendly features include the use of non-ozone-depleting R410A refrigerant. The self-contained PC7 requires no refrigerant connections, and installation consists of wheeling it into place and plugging it into a standard 110-V outlet. A flexible duct with an easily attachable window adapter vents hot air outside.

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Rubber flooring

nora systems, inc. norament ingresso is a rubber flooring solution designed specifically for raised-access flooring. Offered in 12 colorways, it gives access to underfloor services in a timely and efficient manner, and can be overlaid on existing floors, making it an ideal flooring solution for quick renovations in critical areas. It is slip- resistant in compliance with OSHA standards, and is resistant to most oils and greases.

Select the May 2011 issue RSN number 152 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Sleep system partnership

Allergy Technologies LLC. The company has partnered with Southerland, Inc., to develop and introduce the Southerland Total Protection Sleep System, a mattress and foundation system that will effectively eliminate bedbugs, dust mites and their allergens. The system uses proprietary ActiveGuard technology to actively kill bedbugs and dust mites upon contact, and will continue to provide protection beyond the typical bedbug life cycle. The system does not involve any airborne sprays or powders, and offers continuous protection without the need for maintenance, making it extremely convenient.

Select the May 2011 issue RSN number 153 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Ongoing savings

Energy recovery system reduces cost of cooling outside air

Airxchange. The developers of Turtle River Montessori School in Jupiter, Fla., wanted students to have the best possible indoor air quality, but the school needed to be energy-efficient as well. One recommendation was high-efficiency air-to-air Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) to reduce outside air (OA) load—the required rate of heat removal from outside air. ERV wheels dramatically reduce HVAC costs by recycling the heating and cooling energy in exhaust air (not the air itself), thereby reducing the load on the HVAC system by as much as 80 percent. This reduction in load not only translates into significant ongoing cost savings, but also allows the downsizing of HVAC equipment, thereby reducing first cost and providing an immediate return on investment.

The Airxchange energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system installed at the school saved about $25,000 in construction costs. And since the school opened, it has delivered still more savings at the rate of about $6,000 per year, compared with the utility bills the school would have had with a conventional HVAC system.

“The indoor air quality is excellent,” says Bubli Dandiya, the building’s owner and principal. “The building is very comfortable, and the air always smells fresh and clean.”

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Access modules

Videx. The new CyberLock Flex System family of access modules expands the flexibility of the system and creates new access possibilities for parking operators. Flex System modules meld with the key-centric CyberLock solution to bring smart padlocks, electronic locks and keys, and a hardwired door-control system together under one access-management structure. With this merge, a parking operator will have the ability to create an access-management system that is tailored to the exact requirements of each area of the operation, whether on- or off-site—from protecting parking meter cash to auditing collection routes to controlling traffic to buildings.

Select the May 2011 issue RSN number 154 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Handheld printer

Graphic Products, Inc. A new thermal transfer labeler, the DuraLabel 2000 PLUS Handheld Label Printer, has been released. Printing labels on ½-inch, 1-inch, and 2-inch vinyl supply and operating on a rechargeable battery, the printer offers unique features: a large LCD screen (2.62” x 1.31”); zero printer cool-down time required; and a fast print speed. The printer is ideal for industrial labeling applications including 5S labeling, pipe marking, equipment identification, rack labeling, electrical panel labeling, safety information labeling, barcode labeling, wire and cable wrapping, and valve tagging.

Select the May 2011 issue RSN number 155 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Chemical system

Betco Corporation. The Symplicity Laundry and Warewashing program includes a comprehensive system of high-performance products formulated to meet or exceed current government criteria for sustainability; a full line of Betco manufactured solid products; proprietary closed-loop technology; and 24/7 technical support by a team of industry veterans. The program does more than just clean—it saves labor and time, enhances employee safety, minimizes product waste, better manages costs and provides outstanding results.

Select the May 2011 issue RSN number 156 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Durable cabinetry

NOVI Industries, Inc. Inovia Cabinets use aluminum edge banding technology along with the highest quality adhesives to give schools cabinetry that is built to last and designed to impress. The full-access cabinets are sturdy, accessible and durable. The aluminum banding also prevents the cabinets from chipping and splitting. Inovia Eco, an environmentally friendly cabinet, is finished with bamboo. Inovia Flexibility is a cabinet accessory selection that allows for customization of framed and frameless cabinets, boxes, doors and prefinished cabinets.

Select the May 2011 issue RSN number 157 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Recycling program

ECORE International. The new “Redeux” material take-back program enables customers to send back old or remnant recycled rubber and cork products for recycling to ECORE’s Lancaster, Pa., manufacturing facility. The Redeux program partners with building professionals committed to environmental stewardship by providing resources to recycle ECORE’s rubber flooring, underlayments, and rubber and cork industrial products after their useful life, which will help keep building materials out of landfills. The reclaimed material will be made into new flooring, underlayments, and industrial products. Because of a proprietary process and complete quality control, no integrity is lost manufacturing new products from recycled materials.

Select the May 2011 issue RSN number 158 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Waste/recycling bin

CleanRiver Recycling Solutions. A new public-space waste and recycling bin can be easily configured—and reconfigured—to meet current and future waste stream requirements. The Transition Recycling and Waste Sortation Containers use stream-specific openings and internal dividers to accept multiple types of recyclables in a single unit. A 53-gallon container occupies a 21-inch by 21-inch footprint and is 32 inches high. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, it is available in a variety of colors.

Roof restoration system

Select the May 2011 issue RSN number 159 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

The Garland Company, Inc. The new White-Knight Plus/White-Stallion Plus, is a highly reflective, multipurpose, single-component aliphatic urethane coating designed to maintain, restore and upgrade the performance of existing aged single-ply, metal, smooth BUR and modified bitumen roofs. Incorporating chemically engineered reinforcement technology used in the high-performance fabric industry, the new product achieves a tensile strength of 1,700 psi and a tear strength exceeding 700 lbf./in. Its reflectance rating is 0.87, its emittance rating is 0.89, and it has an SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) rating of 110.

Select the May 2011 issue RSN number 160 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Cafeteria Cleanup

Reverse-osmosis system helps school tackle lime buildup

Everpure. Noblesville School District, Noblesville, Ind., had a 2-year-old commercial cooking unit that was experiencing repetitive water issues with scale buildup. The school experienced scale buildup on a weekly basis, and was placing its food-service unit through a daily cleaning cycle and weekly de-liming routine. Duncan Supply provided an Everpure MRS 350 system for the school to test. The system improves equipment life and performance by removing at least 90 percent of all dissolved solids that cause scale buildup; guards against odor-causing contaminants while removing dirt, particulates and dissolved minerals that can adversely affect taste of water and beverages; and reduces lime scale buildup that can cause excessive machine downtime and increased maintenance costs. Plus, scale reduction reduces energy costs.

After the installation, the school saw instant results, and is now able to save on the labor and maintenance associated with cleaning and de-liming the equipment on a daily and weekly basis.

“The RO system has greatly decreased the amount of lime buildup in my Combi Oven,” says Nancy Bowman, Noblesvillle Intermediate School cafeteria worker. “The interior of the Combi has returned to its original mirror finish. I would highly recommend the RO system to anyone.”

Select the May 2011 issue RSN number 163 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

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