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May 2010 Product Solutions

A clean pathway

University parking garages benefit from rider pressure washer

Advance. Once every summer, three parking garages with nearly 4,000 stalls at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) have to be cleaned of dirt, oil and residue that vehicles deposit all year long. Bill Manning, night manager of University Parking and Transit Services, relies on the Cyclone 4500 rider pressure washer from Advance to ensure that the university makes the most of its summer cleaning routine.

Manning realized that the university's conventional pressure-washing equipment wasn't up to the task when he found the floor of a garage still caked with dirt, oil and buildup the day after the scheduled cleaning. After researching several options, he saw an impromptu Cyclone demonstration on one of the loading docks at the Dallas Convention Center while attending a conference.

"It was amazing what the Cyclone did as far as cleaning all the rust and oil and everything else that was on the floor," Manning says. "I couldn't believe how much it cleaned in just one pass. We decided to pursue the purchase of the Cyclone based on that one demonstration."

Before the university bought the Advance Cyclone, it paid an outside contractor to come in and clean the parking garages once a year. Because it takes just one person to operate the Cyclone, UNL now keeps its cleaning operation in-house. That's a distinct upgrade from UNL's previous pressure-washing equipment, which required a two-person crew to spend an entire weekend cleaning one garage, parts of which had to be closed during that time.

"Our payoff is really going to be two or three years when the Cyclone will be completely paid off and we'll save all that money on the inferior job that was being done," says Manning.

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School improvements

Performance contract modernizes large district

Johnson Controls. The Buffalo (N.Y.) school district believes that all of its schools should be safe, equitable and flexible. Driven by this belief, it embarked on a $1.4 billion districtwide project to modernize its facilities and equipment. The project included a multi-phase performance contract with Johnson Controls that guarantees positive cash flow for the district of $20 million over 20 years.

The district wished to improve its energy-efficiency level and student and staff safety while addressing deferred maintenance. Although the state supported the modernization plan with a 93.7 percent building aid reimbursement rate, performance contracting was the district's solution to achieve the remaining local share of the funding.

Using a multi-phased approach, the district focused on key instructional and operational needs first. The first phase included lighting retrofits, HVAC equipment and controls upgrades, building-envelope improvements, steam traps, insulation, pool covers and installation of a Metasys building-management system at select schools. An IFC-3030 fire-alarm system and a P2000 security-management system, IP video surveillance, HID card readers, clocks, bells, public address, auditorium sound systems, temperature controls and a master antenna system for nine schools also were installed.

A phase II initiative included expansion of the Metasys system; lighting retrofits; replacement of burners, boilers and steam traps; installation of boiler controllers; and new interior storm windows at an additional 13 schools. A third phase extended these same initiatives to an additional nine schools.

In addition, security and safety will be improved with nearly 4,000 video cameras in schools districtwide.

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Air-conditioner catalog

MovinCool. The new 2010 product catalog has complete features and updated specifications of all MovinCool industrial spot air conditioners and accessories. The 12-page catalog, which can be downloaded, covers the MovinCool PC7, Classic, Classic Plus and Office Pro® Series of portable spot air conditioners, as well as the latest CM-Series ceiling-mounted models.

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Emergency phones

Talk-A-Phone Co. The new Native VoIP 500 Series Emergency Phones can be connected directly into existing routers and LAN infrastructure. The unit is a direct physical replacement of a 400 Series analog phone. Many custom faceplate sizes are available, enabling other manufacturers' analog phones to be upgraded to the VoIP 500 Series. As an added benefit, the phones can be paged at high volume with WEBS Contact mass-notification software, enabling emergency personnel to issue targeted alerts to any segment of a facility.

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Outdoor cleaner

Wet & Forget. This environmentally friendly product brings outdoor surfaces back to their original luster — with little work. It safely and gently removes unsightly mold, mildew, moss and algae stains on virtually any outside surface. It is applied once using a simple pump sprayer and requires no scrubbing. This application eliminates the need for rinsing and pressure-washing, resulting in substantially less water usage compared with traditional cleaning methods. Once applied, the wind and rain take care of the rest.

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Healthy furniture

Wood Designs. Color has been incorporated into the natural wood line of Healthy Kids furniture, available for children's use in daycare and classroom facilities. Colors include green apple, strawberry and blueberry. From lockers to storage units to bookcases to seating areas, each piece of the furniture is made in the United States from 100 percent solid Baltic birch plywood or Maple hardwood. Each piece is designed with rounded corners and edges, and uses a mortise, glue and steel pin construction to further enhance the product's beauty, strength and safety.

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Recycling program

Roppe Corporation. The company has announced its strategic partnership with Starnet Worldwide, the Commercial Flooring Partnership, to use Roppe's IMPACT rubber products recycling program, which was introduced in June of 2009. With more than $2 billion in annual sales, Starnet is the largest commercial flooring association in the flooring industry. At the point a facility decides to renovate a space and replace its Roppe rubber flooring products, they can be recycled easily within the IMPACT program.

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FSC certification

Kimberly-Clark Professional. The company recently received Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain-of-custody certification for a broad range of tissue and towel products. These FSC-certified products now are available for purchase. Customers purchasing FSC-certified products from the company also receive proof of chain-of-custody certification in their invoices. FSC certification guarantees the products contain a combination of fibers from FSC-certified forests, post-consumer recycled material and/or other controlled sources.

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Modular power

Generac Industrial Power. Ideal for a variety of industrial facilities, the Gemini Twin Pack Genset offers a space-saving, redundant design that produces 1,000 kilowatts (kW) (or 1 megawatt) of power. Gemini's power is produced by two 500 kW gensets mounted side by side and operating within a single, sound-attenuated enclosure. Designed as a superior approach for large, mission-critical generators, the Gemini Twin Pack offers the highest power density (kW per square foot) available for a backup system by combining high output with a compact footprint (171 square feet).

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Speaker amplifier

Soundsphere. The 30-watt Power2 amplifier adds onboard amplification to the Model 110B or Model Q-6 loudspeaker. It features two balanced line-level inputs, each with gain control; and master gain control. Designed particularly for applications where only a single broad dispersion 110B or Q-6 loudspeaker is required for coverage, the Power 2 makes a separate amplifier unnecessary. This results in an easier and less expensive installation in such areas as small warehouses, open-ceiling classrooms or lecture halls with video projectors.

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Flexible seating

Smith System. The new Flavors Seating line of flexible chairs enables students to easily adjust their position in countless ways throughout the day. The chairs feature a shallow seat and a uniquely curved back, enabling students to progress throughout the day facing forward, backward, left, right or anywhere in between to accommodate classroom activities and individual comfort. The line includes the Stack Chair, Combo Desk, Adjustable Chair, Adjustable Stool and P-Tablet Arm Chair, each available in 14 colors.

Select the May 2010 issue RSN number 158 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

IAQ management

PPM Technology. A new monitoring system, the Wireless IAQ Profile PPMonitor, enables simple, effective and flexible management of the indoor air environment. The monitor can continuously detect, measure and record a number of parameters, including temperature, humidity, formaldehyde, CO, CO2, ozone and TVOCs. Real-time functions enable immediate warnings of the presence of harmful gases in the air.

Select the May 2010 issue RSN number 159 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Air-purification system

SANYO North America Corporation. The Air Washer Plus, an air-purification system using electrolyzed water technology to treat air to suppress airborne pathogens such as germs and bacteria as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reduces airborne pollen and allergy-causing dust, and quickly eliminates unpleasant odors in the office or other public space. The system safely and effectively purifies more than 20,000 cubic feet per hour of indoor air, uses electrolyzed water technology, and comes with an automatic salt water dispenser for easy maintenance and efficacy.

Select the May 2010 issue RSN number 160 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Reflective coating

The Garland Company, Inc. An addition to its reflective product line, the new applicator-friendly Pyramic Base Coat is durable, environmentally friendly, versatile and easy to apply. In a natural buff color, the coat enables the applicator to see where the base and finish coats have been applied, providing a fail-safe method for ensuring proper coverage. Unlike solvent-based coatings, the base coat is a water-based, pure acrylic, self-curing latex polymer that can be applied over BUR, modified bitumen and asphalt emulsion coated surfaces to improve the application surface for reflective topcoats.

Select the May 2010 issue RSN number 161 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Screw-on mops

Nexstep Commercial Products. New Safeguard MaxiClean Screw-On Mops are eco-friendly, and feature a cushioned shoulder to prevent marring and scratching of baseboards and furniture; solid construction; MaxiClean or cotton/synthetic blend cut-end yarn; and a screw-on-style attachment. They are available in 16, 20, 24 and 32 ounces.

Select the May 2010 issue RSN number 162 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

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