Market Watch: Homeschooling

An estimated 850,000 students nationwide were being schooled at home in the spring of 1999, according to a new federal report.

The National Center for Education Statistics conducted a survey and found that 1.7 percent of U.S. students aged 5 to 17 were receiving school lessons at home. Compared with non-homeschoolers, a greater percentage of homeschoolers were white, non-Hispanic — 75 percent of homeschoolers were white, non-Hispanic, compared with 65 percent of nonhomeschoolers.

The survey also determined that the household income of homeschoolers was no different than non-homeschoolers, but parents of homeschoolers had higher levels of educational attainment.

Parents gave many reasons for homeschooling children, including religious beliefs, poor learning environments at schools, and a belief that they could provide their children a better education at home.

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