March 2011 Product Solutions

Recreation comfort

Fans enhance comfort for student workouts

The Big Ass Fan Company. Completed last fall, California State University—Sacramento’s new recreation center, The Well, is a valuable addition for the 28,000 students. Registered for LEED silver certification, this 163,000-square-foot facility has weightrooms, cardio machines, kickboxing and aerobics areas, as well as an indoor track and rock climbing wall. With a thermostat setpoint of 69ºF, 11 Isis fans from the Big Ass Fan Company circulate the air, further enhancing the comfort of the occupants.

The building is projected to utilize 23 percent less energy than a typical new building of its size, 43 percent less water than a typical new building, and its construction used 25 percent recycled content materials. According to Mirjana Gavric, director of The Well, the building is beautiful and eco-friendly, but it’s not exactly one-of-a-kind. "We borrowed ideas from campuses across the nation. We looked at the University of Nevada (UNLV) and were amazed by the fans," says Gavric.

Big Ass Fans use very small motors relative to their size, circulating the air and reducing stress on a building’s HVAC system. In large facilities with tall ceilings and mezzanines, the fans help destratify the air, creating even temperatures throughout.

Originally, 29 small-diameter ceiling fans were specified for the project, but those were soon replaced with Isis fans. "Why have 10 fans in a room when we could achieve the same effectiveness with just one?" says Gavric.

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Napkin disposal

Sinclair Worldwide, Inc. The Janibell PRIVÉ Hands Free Sanitary Napkin Disposal System was designed to address exposure to bloodborne pathogens and general restroom hygiene issues. From a user perspective, the simple hands-free operation features an infrared activation sensor to automatically open and close the waste collection door. To protect the service worker, the Janibell continuous bag liner system means they never have to see, touch or smell the unit contents. Each section of the liner is closed, cut and sealed without the contents of the bag being exposed.

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Grounds topdresser

Turfco. The WideSpin 1540 TEC truck-mounted broadcast topdresser features on-board diagnostics, electronic controls and WideSpin technology. It is designed for use with John Deere and Toro turf vehicles. A few simple mounting brackets and connections turn these trucks into a quality broadcast spreader. Simple pushbutton controls on the electronic controller, combined with the unique spinner design, enable operators to complete 90 percent of applications without complicated directions or mechanical adjustments. A 25 cubic-foot hopper keeps operators on the course while still keeping a light footprint on greens.

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Keyless entry control

Adams Rite. The eForce-150 is a battery-operated keyless entry control for Adams Rite deadbolts, deadlatches and exit devices that are compatible with aluminum stile, steel and wood doors. The device can accommodate up to 150 users (including master, supervisor and emergency users), plus two one-time codes. It can operate in three modes: Standard, Passage and Lockout. All programming is accomplished via the keypad. Device operation is confirmed by both a visual LED light indicator and a piezo horn.

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Water savings

Products contribute to middle school’s award-winning "green makeover"

Sloan Valve. Everett M. Dirksen Middle School in Calumet City, Ill., near Chicago was the grand-prize winner of a "green makeover" in an EcoZone Green My School contest. Students and teachers of the school, built in 1966 and serving grades 6 to 8, submitted a video on why it should win a green upgrade.

More than 30 schools in the Suburban Cook County Regional School District submitted entries for the contest sponsored by CBS EcoMedia. Dirksen received a green makeover with products and services for internal and external green upgrades valued at more than $100,000.

Among the highlights of the makeover were water-efficiency and conservation improvements, including high-efficiency plumbing products from Sloan. Sloan High-Efficiency Toilets (HET) with green-handle UPPERCUT dual-flush Flushometers and Sloan High-Efficiency Urinals (HEU) were installed in all student and teacher restrooms. These fixtures and fittings are rugged enough for tough student environments and provide exceptional water savings.

More than 40 older water closet fixtures were replaced with Sloan HET systems, which combine the UPPERCUT dual-flush Flushometers with bowls that are engineered for dual-flush operation. In addition, 20 urinal fixtures with manual 1.5 gpf Flushometers were replaced with Sloan HEUs flushing at 0.13 gpf.

"The benefit is the water bill," says Jim Washausen, supervisor of buildings and grounds for Dolton School District 149. "The water savings have really helped, especially the way the economy is and the lack of funding to schools."

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Faucet selector

Chicago Faucets. A new online Electronic Faucet Selector enables visitors to select and match the options of electronic faucets and features. The user easily can select an electronic faucet feature, such as type of mounting, application, spout and power source, by clicking on the button next to the description and photo of each feature. When selections are complete, selecting "Configure Item" at the bottom of the page summons results with a photo of the product, as well as links to product Web pages or specification sheets.

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Flooring installation

nora systems, Inc. The nora pro install system, a comprehensive flooring installation system, is designed specifically for nora rubber flooring. The system features five integral components of flooring installation—nora membrane, nora primer, nora leveler, nora patch and nora adhesive—that are assembled together in one cohesive system. Regardless of whether a project needs two, three or all five of the flooring installation components, all of the parts that make up the system are available for use.

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Access-control system

Videx. The CyberLock electronic access-control system is easy to install and quickly provides schools the physical security and key control they need. With the system, schools control who accesses any area of a facility and when. Stay informed by viewing employee key activity and lock openings from a computer. Email alerts notify personnel of a security issue.

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