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June 2012 Product Solutions

Metal options

Middle school receives new roofing and a new look

Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation. Charlotte Wood Middle School, part of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District in Danville, Calif., recently received a makeover. All 10 buildings on the schoolfs 20-year-old campus now have a fresh look, topped with 55,066 square feet of Classic Green Magna-Loc panels.

The panels were chosen to replace Charlotte Wood's former copper roofing that had outlived its expected duration. School administrators wanted to be sure that the new roofs would provide even more years of usefulness.

Metal roofing is the most sensible option, says Steven Bautista, senior construction project manager at the district. Metal roofs are attractive and durable. They generally have fewer problems and require less maintenance, which is important when it comes to keeping a tight school district budget.

The new panels not only breathe new life into the building complex, but also provide sustainable protection to the children and faculty inside. Magna-Loc 18-inch, 24-gauge panels with pencil ribs are durable and energy-efficient, ideal for this application.

Like all Metal Sales colors, Classic Green is ENERGY STAR listed, indicating that it has been proven to contribute significant energy savings because of its high solar reflectivity. Furthermore, the standard 45-year paint warranty means that the school will enjoy its appearance for many years to come.

Magna-Loc is a standing-seam roof panel with a concealed clip designed for thermal movement. It features a mechanically seamed side lap with factory-applied sealant, and can be applied over open framing or a solid substrate. On such a time-sensitive project as a school, its uncomplicated application can provide an advantage to the construction team.

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Growing the Future

Greenhouse offers unique learning experience for students

ClearSpan/Growers Supply Division. Bridgehampton (N.Y.) Union Free School is a small pre-K to 12 school set in an area with a centuries-old agricultural history. Judiann Carmack-Fayyaz, a teacher, says the school ghas made a commitment to promote good nutritional practices and healthy eating habits in school-aged children.

With a lack of growing space, the students and teachers were forced to grow their crops on an artificially lighted plant stand in an unheated storage area in the schoolfs basement. The students at Bridgehampton were having little success and needed a better growing space to enhance learning.

After receiving a recommendation from a local farmer, who is also a parent at the school, Carmack-Fayyaz and Bridgehampton Union Free School chose a Pro Solar Star Greenhouse from ClearSpan/Growers Supply Division as their new laboratory, growing space and classroom. As a place to teach students botany and agricultural production, the greenhouse is invaluable, says Carmack-Fayyaz.

Because of the large open space the greenhouse provides, the school has found some surprise benefits of the structure.

"Ironically, the greenhouse has become our largest classroom space in the school. It has been used for meetings, fund-raisers and for growing produce for our school cafeteria," says Carmack-Fayyaz. "The greenhouse has provided a wonderful learning space for a group of motivated students who are quite unique and do not necessarily fall within the mainstream of the student population."

The greenhouse and garden also have helped create close friendships among students.

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Energy efficiency

New LED flat panels save more than 30 percent in energy usage and costs

MaxLite. At Joliet Junior College, Joliet, Ill., students learn about environmental conservation and sustainability through the use of energy-efficient lighting that recently was installed on campus.

Installed throughout the new campus center, as well as in newly constructed classrooms and administration offices, MaxLitefs LED Edge Lit Flat Panels deliver bright, white general lighting for a variety of applications and environments. The collegefs engineers estimate that the 634 LED flat panels installed this past spring provide a minimum of 30 percent savings in energy usage.

"We are very excited about this project," says Kelly Rohder, director of communications and external relations for the college. "MaxLite's LED Flat Panels will provide a substantial savings in energy costs, extended lamp life and minimal maintenance. As a college, we always strive to find the most efficient, cost effective means to operate while acting ecologically responsible."

The panels deliver even, consistent illumination that enable students to study and learn without being hampered by glares or shadows. Illuminated by optimal task lighting, professors and other employees now work more efficiently in their offices and classrooms. Engineered for high performance and designed to lie in drop ceilings, the LED flat panels are fully dimmable and compatible with building controls, motions sensors, timers and daylight-harvesting systems. The flat panels are dimmed or switched off when the rooms are not in use, for additional energy savings.

Offering a lamp life that is five times longer than traditional fluorescent panels, the panels have a long life of 50,000 hours, or more than 13 years of long life based on 10 hours of use per day at L70 standards.

Further demonstrating Jolietfs commitment to the environment, the panels are ETL and cETL certified, RoHS compliant, and constructed without carbon emission, heat, UV/IR radiation or hazardous materials. LM79 data is available, along with IES files and photometrics.

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Construction Documentation

Project teams and community stakeholders enjoy virtual access and continuous documentation

OxBlue. With three exciting construction projects underway, community relations professionals at the University of Iowa were eager to showcase the school's growth to internal and external stakeholders. The projects include a new University of Iowa Childrenfs Hospital, off-campus clinic and a state-of-the-art data center.

The school already had installed hundreds of security cameras throughout the campus, but they also wanted to offer high-resolution, real-time views of projects, as well as archive the construction process for marketing and public-relations purposes. Those overseeing construction soon discovered that the cameras were a valuable tool for documenting workflow and monitoring daily activity without having to set foot on the construction site.

Marketers, project managers, construction managers, donors and the community-at-large can access high-resolution, real-time images of the three jobsites from any computer or mobile device with Web access. One camera at each jobsite fulfills a variety of needs for multiple individuals.

"We are using our camera to see start and stop times. Wefre very sensitive to things like vibrations and diesel smells, so we use it to see where equipment is located and when itfs in use," says Jason Miller, project manager for the UI Childrenfs Hospital.

A camera at the UI Iowa River Landing clinic initially was placed there as a public-relations tool for providing donors and community members an easy way to watch the project as it progresses. Like the others, it is now being used by internal and external project team members and stakeholders who otherwise would need to travel to the work site in order to see progress and day-to-day activities.

Dennis Rublaitus, infrastructure engineer for UI's data center project, is never completely off site even though his office is eight miles from the action.

"It's helpful to follow the progression of the project without actually being on the jobsite," says Rublaitus.

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Flooring solution

Tandus Flooring. The Change Collection is inspired by the interplay of imagery that occurs on the manufacturing line when one style is transitioned to the next. Three designs provide various pattern, scale and coordination options in 12 multi-colors that run from subtle to bold. The 100 percent solution-dyed Dynex SD nylon flooring is available in modular or Powerbond, a hybrid resilient sheet flooring. The collection is 100 percent sustainable and available with a variety of eco-friendly backings.

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Air conditioner selector

MovinCool. The online spot air conditioner product selector includes the company's latest ceiling-mount and water-cooled units, in addition to its other portable air-cooled models. The selector saves schools time in deciding which MovinCool spot air conditioning equipment best fits their individual needs. Users are guided through a series of easy-to-answer questions that result in a recommendation of the most suitable MovinCool spot air conditioner and compatible accessories, along with the manufacturerfs suggested list price for each component. As an added convenience, users can immediately request a quote from their local MovinCool distributor.

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Interactive online community

nora systems, Inc. The company has launched the noraXchange, an interactive online community for building and design professionals to share ideas and learn about a variety of topics. Updated monthly, the noraXchange is designed to help facility managers, architects, designers, installers and other building professionals address challenges and answer questions they encounter in their work.

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Restroom planning guide

Bobrick Washroom Equipment. The "Planning Guide for Accessible Restrooms" references the 2010 Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design and the ICC A117.1-2009 Standards for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities. The guide incorporates restroom floor plans and elevations, along with blue notes for childrenfs facility measurements.

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Smart locks

Videx. The CyberLock access solution incorporates mechanical lock hardware that is already being used in a facility. No wiring or structural changes are required to retrofit existing locks. Replace each mechanical lockfs core with a CyberLock eCylinder for full-featured electronic access control. The system enables schools to track traffic throughout a facility, even in isolated areas that have no available power. Schools can control, and know whom and when someone has accessed any area of operations, from office doors and server cabinets to smart padlocks on entry gates. The electronic locks and keys record lock openings, including exceptions such as unauthorized attempts to gain entry.

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Wall panel designs

The Garland Company, Inc. The company recently introduced two designs in its Architectural Series of metal wall panels, which offer a durable, easy-to-install, attractive, moisture-proof outer barrier well-suited to rain-screening applications. The products complement Garlandfs R-Mer family of high-performance roof and wall systems. With the new styles available in aluminum, steel, zinc, copper or stainless steel, the wall panels can be used independently or in combination with other wall panels.

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High-efficiency boilers

Aerco International. The Benchmark 6000 (BMK6000) boiler features 15:1 turndown for energy efficiency, low nox emissions and high reliability in an unmatched compact footprint that is half the size of any other 6 million BTU/HR boiler on the market. It has a stainless-steel, fire-tube design, and provides a boiler with flexibility to fit in retrofit and new construction that requires one or more multiple, 6 million BTU/HR boilers.

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Rooftop units

Lennox. The energy-efficient Energence rooftop units are even more eco-friendly with the addition of a new, all-aluminum condenser coil that significantly reduces refrigerant charge requirements. The Environ coil system offers innovative technology that helps maximize reliability and sustainability. It uses up to 45 percent less refrigerant than a traditional tube-and-fin condenser coil, providing sustainable savings. Also, the coils' all-aluminum construction results in a lighter unit weight, shaving about 90 pounds from a 10-ton rooftop unit.

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Education furniture

The HON Company. The company has added seating to its SmartLink series of education furniture. The collection, which includes highly mobile task chairs and stools in 12 color choices, is designed with a modern approach to the classroom. The group of lightweight desks together with seating can be reconfigured within minutes. The back and seat of the chairs have a modern, contoured design that supports the way students move.

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Disinfecting cleaners

Clorox Professional Products Company. Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfecting Cleaners are a line of non-bleach, ready-to-use disinfectant cleaners registered by the EPA to kill germs in as fast as 30 seconds to one minute, including MRSA, influenza, rhinovirus, and other bacteria and viruses. The spray and wipes are engineered with a patented activated hydrogen peroxide (H 2O 2) formula that breaks down quickly into water and oxygen after use, are non-corrosive and leave no active residue.

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Touchless dispensers

Georgia-Pacific Professional. A brushed stainless design has been added to the family of enMotion automated touchless soap and sanitizer dispensers. When paired with the enMotionfoam soap and sanitizer products, users experience fast response, no-touch dispensing to help minimize cross-contamination risks. Three product types are available for use in the dispensers: enMotion gentle foam soap with moisturizers, enMotionantimicrobial foam soap with moisturizers and enMotion foam hand sanitizer with moisturizers.

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Smart restroom system

Betco Corporation. The Smart Restroom System provides a comprehensive solution to building owners, managers, and facility management to reduce building operating expenses while conserving natural resources while generating higher customer retention and satisfaction. The system uses SmartValve and SmartScreen, components that turn most any urinal with a standard or automatic flush mechanism into a water-conserving urinal avoiding costly tear-outs and installation of water-free urinals, as well as monthly cartridge maintenance costs.

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