June 2011 Product Solutions

Immediate Security

Quick, easy, and effective campus lockdown

Detex. Some schools define a lockdown as the securing of all exterior doors. Others add all classroom doors, plus the cafeteria, the library, and the gymnasium. One security measure that has been overlooked by many security door consultants is the use of panic exit devices with electrified dogging—a low-cost alternative to electric latch retraction.

Using Detex electrified dogging centralizes the control of all doors in a school facility. It enables all of the devices to be "energized" by a main control switch, and the doors remain in push/pull configuration via electronics. In case of a lockdown, one of several switches throughout the campus can be used to de-energize the devices. All panic devices revert to secure mode, effectively locking every door equipped with this kind of device.

When classroom doors are equipped with electric dogging, teachers don’t have to remember where the key is or how to lock down the classroom door. Instead, the administrator takes the responsibility and decides when to activate the lockdown.

The Electric Dogging EasyKit contains all the components needed, including the Electric Dogging Exit Device with key control, central control switch, transformer, outside trim, and point-to-point wiring diagram. For facilities with multiple doors, additional kits without the central control switch can be ordered.

Making sure that unauthorized people don’t gain entry, controlling access inside a building, or facilitating easy exit in an emergency—all are a part of today’s school security requirements.

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Flooring Solution

Sustainable rubber flooring for green physics building

nora systems, Inc. As plans for the George P. Mitchell ’40 Physics Building on the Texas A&M University campus took shape, architects designed the five-story, L-shaped building to LEED silver standards.

Today, the $68 million building in College Station, Texas, showcases a number of sustainable design features that contributed to LEED silver certification, including an underfloor air-delivery system with raised-access floors that are finished in norament ingresso, an innovative rubber flooring solution. Designed for raised-access flooring, norament ingresso uses four tabs (known as nora Quickfix) to adhere the flooring tile to the raised access panel, making it easy to remove the floor and then re-install it, while providing convenient access to the raised-floor panels underneath.

In this way, the floor covering supports the flexibility of the building’s raised-floor system and the energy efficiency of underfloor air distribution. At the same time, the new flooring delivers many of the benefits of other rubber floor coverings, including comfort underfoot, sound absorption, durability and low-maintenance features throughout hallways, classrooms, labs, public spaces and the facility’s 500-seat auditorium. The floor’s recycled content also appealed to the university’s sustainability goals.

The building’s many green features include a cistern that collects and stores condensate and rainfall that will be used to irrigate exterior landscapes; the university’s rooftop garden; a building shape and orientation that minimize heat gain; daylighting; materials with high recycled content; a unique window system consisting of precast vertical pilasters; and large precast sunshades on the southern and western facades.

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Roof edge system

The Garland Company, Inc. The company has upgraded its R‑Mer Edge fascia and coping systems for low-slope roofing. The improved R‑Mer Edge systems have been tested by an independent lab and are certified to conform to ANSI/SPRI ES-1, which formalizes the International Building Code (IBC) specifications for resistance to wind-related failures. Some of the performance improvements in the new edging systems enabling ES-1 compliance are a streamlined cant dam profile for R‑Mer Edge fascia; improved geometry on the inside leg of R‑Mer Edge coping; and elimination of exposed fasteners that can back out and create leaks.

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Electronic faucets brochure

Chicago Faucets. The new Electronic Faucets Brochure features a complete line-up of reliable, sensor-operated electronic faucets designed for hands-free washing while providing substantial water savings. The brochure features numerous models of electronic faucets available in the HyTronic and E-Tronic 40 series. Both faucet lines offer durability, easy installation and dependable operation, making them ideal for everyday applications in education, healthcare, food service and retail locations.

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Automatic floor scrubber

Advance. Advance. The Adfinity X20R REV automatic floor scrubber is designed to provide superior daily scrubbing performance and deep scrubbing for chemical-free finish removal in one efficient machine. Featuring Advance’s Random Orbital Scrubbing technology, the REV delivers dual-action scrubbing that leaves a smooth, swirl-free, scrubbed surface in a single pass. The REV provides facility owners a cleaning technology that uses up to 70 percent less cleaning solution, and saves up to 90 percent in time and labor costs.

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Wireless portable reader

Schlage. A new WPR400 Wireless Portable Reader from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies provides a handy cache-mode option for offline applications ranging from attendance, event admission, checkpoints, signal testing, mustering, perimeter expansion and more. It is compatible with Schlage AD-Series and PIM400s. The reader also is field-configurable to work as a Wireless Portable Signal Tester, making installation of wireless access-control systems easier and faster. LED indicators communicate valid (green) and invalid (red) credential status.

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Parking control

Videx. The CyberLock system of electronic locks and programmable keys gives parking operators control over when and by whom collections can be made. Operators quickly can have access control and auditing at their single- and multi-space parking meters by retrofitting each meter’s mechanical lock cylinder with a CyberLock electronic cylinder. Each time the electronic key opens a lock, a record is stored in both the key and the lock. A parking enforcement officer can access all the meters on a route with one preprogrammed electronic key.

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Flooring system

Action Floor Systems. The Action Channel- Flex Ultra system provides uniform shock absorption and ball bounce. By incorporating channel components into the subfloor structure itself, the system ensures uniformity from panel to panel, something that sectional channel systems don’t deliver. The subfloor system also incorporates an anchoring retention design that eliminates the potential for galvanic action. The unique anchoring system limits anchor failure and prevents materials from binding, dramatically reducing or eliminating annoying squeaks.

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Faucet-mounted eyewash

Haws Corporation. The AXION eyePOD is a faucet-mounted eyewash that provides compact eyewash capabilities. It is the first and only faucet-mounted eyewash that offers the exclusive, award-winning AXION inverted water flow pattern that is consistent with medical protocols. The eyePOD’s sleek, stainless-steel exterior presents eyewash irrigation capabilities in an attractive, low-cost, efficient package. The unit offers normal faucet function when installed with the logo facing up and is activated as an eyewash by rotating the front of the unit one-half turn.

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