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June 2009 Product Solutions

Cleaning success story

Flooring challenges are handled systematically

Pro-Team. The University of Massachusetts (UMASS), Amherst, poses daunting challenges to the cleaning staff. Daily, 30,000 to 35,000 people use the seven buildings, which cover 537,237 square feet. It is a diverse combination of spaces, and flooring is a mix of vinyl, stone and carpeting.

Because the public buildings of UMASS are open seven days a week with extended hours and have heavy foot traffic, Jim Motyka, auxiliary services supervisor, and his staff have to work day and night to keep up. The department has a staff of 76 full-timers and other part-time student employees.

Keeping pace required a plan. UMASS began using a program created by a Salt Lake City-based company called ManageMen that has a systematic approach to cleaning. Called Operating System 1 (OS1), this comprehensive cleaning process is designed to increase overall building cleanliness, reduce costs, cut waste and improve custodian safety. OS1 uses ProTeam Super CoachVac backpacks, equipped with advanced Four Level Filtration and a large, 10-quart filter capacity for the most demanding cleaning jobs.

"Understanding what the OS1 system does to the indoor built environment and how connected each part is to cleaning for health was an important step to working better," says Moytka. "Our annual audits from ManageMen reveal that we've received 84 percent or better scores, which means we are cleaning in a healthier and a greener environment."

OS1 is a green cleaning process that uses four GS-37 daily-use chemicals. The hard-floor maintenance program uses micro-fiber flat mops paired with dual-sided split buckets. As a result, floors need to be stripped only every five to 10 years. Additional benefits include inventory reductions, and chemical packets go to the incinerator instead of becoming landfill.

Moytka sees green with his fleet of Super CoachVacs, too. Before the backpacks, the staff used uprights on carpets and dust mops, Kentucky string mops and auto scrubbers on hard floors. Switching to backpacks has been a big part of the cleaning success story at UMASS, and with the proper training, the staff quickly accepted them as a better cleaning tool for a more healthful and safer work environment.

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Energy-conserving spirit

Demand response system contributes to a more sustainable campus

EnergyConnect. Founded in 1896 as the National Farm School, Delaware Valley College is a private, four-year, coeducational college situated on more than 570 acres in Bucks County, Pa., 35 miles north of Philadelphia. The school offers more than 40 academic programs including counseling psychology, criminal justice, business administration, equine studies, conservation and wildlife, small animal science and horticulture.

The college first was introduced to EnergyConnect's demand-response programs in 2006, when the school enrolled in a voluntary program to reduce electricity use during times of peak demand or high energy prices. The money that the college has earned by participating in demand response has been integral to the funding of a broad range of activities and capital improvements that contribute to a more sustainable campus.

"Partnering with EnergyConnect's demand response has revolutionized the way we manage our energy consumption, allowing us to reduce our overall energy use and generate new cash streams that can be directed towards future energy-efficiency efforts," says Ted Staniewicz, director of physical plant operations.

Enrollment in the program is credited for creating a campuswide spirit of energy conservation that continues to gain momentum and generate income.

As part of its load-shedding strategy, the system enables the campus' automated temperature controls for chillers and fans to shed load in response to a curtailment event. The automatic pumps for the campus' 50,000-gallon water tower also can be switched to an emergency generator during times of peak electricity demand.

To achieve even more load shedding, Staniewicz sends out a campuswide e-mail alert requesting that students and faculty turn off all unneeded equipment, such as lighting, copying machines and coffee pots. The campus response has exceeded expectations and led to more than double the projected earnings.

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An inspiring gesture

Junior high school is enjoying new furniture thanks to a donation

Sagus International, Inc. Students and teachers at JV Martin Junior High School, Dillon, S.C., arrived at school in May to find that their classrooms and cafeteria had been remade over the weekend with all-new donated furniture.

The company was inspired to donate after hearing the story of JV Martin eighth-grader Ty'Sheoma Bethea, who made a passionate plea to President Barack Obama to improve the condition of her 113-year old school. President Obama invited Ty'Sheoma to his Feb. 24 address to Congress, where she sat next to First Lady Michelle Obama and listened as the President read aloud from her letter.

The company, impressed by Bethea's courage and passion for the school, stepped in to help. Four trucks with more than 2,000 pieces of furniture traveled from Texas and Chicago to Dillon. A crew of 25 workers supplied by Sagus's South Carolina dealer, Nu-Idea School Supply Company, spent the weekend removing all of the school's old furniture (which will be recycled and used in future products) and replacing it with new furniture.

"This is really a wonderful gesture, and it couldn't come at a more important time or at a more symbolic place," said Jim Rex, South Carolina's state superintendent of education. "It raises the bar for what our expectations should be in every school."

JV Martin now has state-of-the-art, ergonomic and environmentally friendly desks, chairs, cafeteria tables and seating that are designed to fit today's students and foster collaborative learning. The remodeled cafeteria, a highlight of this effort, includes specially designed tables that feature JV Martin's school colors and mascot.

The company and its partners donated all the furniture, labor and costs — an investment of roughly $250,000.

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Working hand in hand

Lock system upgrade uses existing hardware

Videx. The University of the Pacific, situated in central California, was looking for a lock-system upgrade. The school chose the CyberLock Electronic Lock System because it uses the mechanical lock hardware already present in buildings. Another factor in the university's decision was the capability of the product to work hand-in-hand with its existing online and offline card systems.

"So many of our buildings have historic significance, so preserving appearance and structure was very important to us," says Robert Miller, card system manager. "No structural modifications or wiring were required to install the system. To convert our existing mechanical locks to electronic locks, we simply replaced each lock's core with a CyberLock electronic cylinder."

With the new electronic lock system in place, each person's key is programmed with individual access privileges and time schedules. If someone loses an electronic key, the key can be deactivated quickly.

"Before CyberLock, we always had to worry about the thousands of mechanical keys out there with 24/7 access to our buildings," says Miller. "We had no clear, accountable way to know if these keys were lost or being copied and used by unauthorized people."

The system's audit trail also was important. One benefit is reducing exposure to HR incidents: officials can tell who and when someone has entered particular buildings at any given time through the audit reports. The system shifts more responsibility onto people when they know that every time they enter a building, it is being recorded.

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Portable dispensing system

Betco Corporation. FastDraw Freedom Portable dispensing system fills bottles, buckets, automatic scrubbers, and can be used for foaming applications — all with one unit. FastDraw chemical management provides significant waste reduction over RTU products. The system has no tubes to connect, metering tips to install or dispensers to mount.

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Fan-coil unit

Johnson Controls. A wide range of fan-coil units for commercial and light-commercial HVAC systems are available from 250 to 2,000 CFM, with exposed or concealed cabinets, in a variety of configurations. For cooling duty, these fan-coil units can be equipped with a chilled-water coil; some units can be equipped with a DX coil instead, which can be configured for heat-pump duty. In heating mode, the units can use electricity or hot water; some use steam instead.

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Furniture line

Smith System. The UXL furniture line offers high schools and colleges an integrated system — from classrooms to commons — without compromising design or functionality. The line includes chair and desk options for various teaching and learning styles. Products include a tablet-arm chair, mobile chair, stacking chair, nest and fold chair, beam seating, diamond desk, student desk, and nest and fold table.

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Wireless wall clock

Lathem. AirTime, a new wireless synchronous wall clock system, is designed to address precise timekeeping needs. It offers accurate time throughout a facility without the cost or complication of running wires to each clock location. A single AirTime transceiver can communicate time to an unlimited number of clocks in an entire building, or across a large campus.

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Ceiling panels

USG. FROST ClimaPlus ceiling panels are fine-textured acoustical panels that feature excellent sound control and resist sagging. They also contain a patented broad-spectrum antimicrobial standard formulation that inhibits and retards the growth of mold and mildew. The panels are made with a cast process that enhances their surface appearance, and provides excellent sound absorption and durability. The abuse-resistant surface cleans easily with a brush or vacuum.

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Basket lockers

Salsbury Industries. Constructed of 12-gauge steel frames that are powder-coated black, basket lockers are an excellent addition to recreation facilities. Measuring 40 inches wide and 31 inches high, basket lockers are 13 inches deep. Each basket locker features nine 12-inch-wide by 8-inch-high by 12.5-inches-deep zinc-plated steel and wire baskets. Each of the individual baskets contains a hasp and can accommodate padlocks. Basket lockers are available as unassembled or assembled units.

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Front-load washer

Maytag Commercial Laundry. The Energy Advantage High Efficiency (HE) Single-Load Front-Load Washer is designed to cut utility costs by up to 60 percent. Also, it is the world's first commercial laundry single-load washer to be ENERGY STAR- and CEE Tier III-qualified. The large tub and door opening make loading and unloading easy, and new bellows to the door interface reduce damage to clothes. With no agitator, the washer holds substantially more laundry.

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Bird-control system

Bird-B-Gone, Inc. Bird-B-Gone Mist is an advanced hazing system that releases a fine mist into the air to deter pest birds from large, open spaces. The unit distributes methyl anthranilate, a non-toxic grape extract effective in repelling pest birds. The extract irritates the birds' trigeminal nerve and mucous membranes through entry in the eyes, nose or mouth. Birds do not like the sensation caused by the extract and will take flight from the area being treated.

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Solid-surface systems

Sloan Valve Company. The new Drain Deck and Bio-Deck style SloanStone solid-surface lavatory systems match water-efficient and durable electronic faucets with vandal-resistant sinks. New Bio-Deck lavatory styles are made from bio-material: Ground-up corn cobs replace the petroleum-based material that typically is used in solid-surface systems. Bio-Line lavatories come with either oval-shaped, drop-in stainless-steel bowls or undermount porcelain bowls.

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Small scrubber/dryer

Nilfisk. The CA331 scrubber/dryer is compact in size and can clean under furniture and in tight, congested areas where other scrubber/dryers cannot fit. The machine is easy to transport: it weighs just 22kg, and the handle can be folded on the machine. It has two brushes/pads giving 15kg of down pressure to ensure real scrubbing efficiency. It can be operated going forward or backward.

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Online video recorder

Brivo Systems. A new addition to the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) access-control solution is available: an integrated, online video recorder (OVR) that streams IP video from customer locations to a secure Web hosting facility. Developed in partnership with Axis Communications, the new video service requires only an Axis network camera to be located at a site. From the ACS WebService application, customers can view live and event-tagged video remotely using a standard Web browser.

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Hands-free dryer

Excel Dryer, Inc. The XLERATOR hand dryer dries hands three times faster (in 10 to 15 seconds) and uses 80 percent less energy than conventional hand dryers. It also delivers a 95 percent cost savings compared with paper towels; is the only hand dryer to be MADE IN USA-certified; and the first hand dryer to achieve GreenSpec approval. Unlike models that require users to insert and remove their hands, the XLERATOR does not require instruction.

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Handwashing station

Bradley Corp. The new Advocate Lavatory System is a personal handwashing station that provides an all-in-one experience. Access to water, soap and hand dryer are all available within a user's individual space. The system is equipped with a water-conserving 0.38 gpm faucet, well below the 0.5 gpm required for public lavatories. In addition to being available in durable Terreon solid surface, the lavatory also is available in TerreonRE recycled solid-surface material, which is made of 25 percent pre-consumer recycled content and a bio-based resin.

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UVC kit

Steril-Aire, Inc. A new UVC Kit for Air Handlers can be used in a wide range of HVAC applications to destroy microorganisms, including flu viruses, bacteria and mold. The kit delivers UVC technology to fan coil-units, unit-ventilator systems and indoor-air handlers with coils up to 84 inches (213.4 cm) with dual access. A slim power supply and convenient mounting options enable installation flexibility close to the face of the coil for continuous coil cleaning and optimum air quality.

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High-efficiency motor

Greenheck. The new Vari-Green motor is a brushless DC (electronically commutated) high-efficiency motor that runs off a 115-volt single-phase input. It runs quieter, cooler and offers higher efficiencies with improved speed-control capabilities. The motor is capable of operating from 20 to 100 percent (80 percent turndown) of full speed vs. 70 to 100 percent (30 percent turndown) for PSC motors. The motor is available in ¼-, ½- and ¾-HP sizes and offers three different control options: 0-10 VDC input wiring, a motor-mounted dial or a wall- mounted dial.

Select the June 2009 issue RSN number 164 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

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