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July 2010 Product Solutions

Fan comfort

Facility upgrades at athletic center start at the top

The Big Ass Fan Company. With an ambitious facilities expansion and renovation project underway, Iowa State University (ISU), Ames, is updating a handful of campus recreation buildings, as well as numerous academic facilities. ISU’s Lied Recreation Athletic Center was built in 1990 to house a variety of activities. The main portion of the facility is a large-volume, 50-foot-high fieldhouse containing an artificial-turf surface, upper and lower running tracks and several basketball courts. Initial construction of this 236,000-square-foot facility included air conditioning exclusively for small enclosed areas including offices and locker rooms. Consequently, during the hottest months of the summer, excessive temperatures forced the cancellation of several group exercise classes. The original design included 60-inch ceiling fans and when those failed over time, they were removed. The upfront and long-term operational costs for mechanical air conditioning of this space were cost-prohibitive, which led facility operators to look for a more energy-efficient option. So, low-speed fans from The Big Ass Fan Company now quietly circulate large columns of air, providing non-disruptive, comforting breezes that create an evaporative cooling effect. Though large and powerful, these large-diameter fans are energy-efficient because they use very small motors, particularly relative to the volume of air movement generated. ISU installed 10 PowerfoilX Plus fans ranging in size from 20 to 24 feet in diameter, as well as 12 six-foot Pivot fans above and around the upper-level track.

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Boiler valve controllers

AERCO International. Two new Boiler Valve Controllers can help reduce energy consumption and operating costs of variable-flow heating systems. Designed for use with the Benchmark and KC1000 boilers, the controllers automatically sequence each motor operated valve (MOV) so that minimum system-flow requirements are reduced to that of a single boiler. Programmable from 1 to 30 minutes, the function enables residual heat to be absorbed into the heating system prior to closing the boiler isolation valve.

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Waterless urinal

Acorn Engineering. The stainless-steel waterless urinal is made from 80 percent recycled content and operates without the need for chemical cartridges. This durable product is wall-mounted and can be installed to meet the ADA’s Standards for Accessible Design. It is available with the Enviro-Glaze powder coating, which comes in a variety of hues.

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Floor tool

ProTeam. The new Xover Floor Tool has built-in design features that enable air to move evenly across the entire 14-inch length of the tool, improving suction, soil removal and ease of use on carpet and hard-floor surfaces. With a wider mouth to pick up large debris and a high-performance brush, it draws out dust, particulates and allergens from deep in a carpet or floor. The shoe now stays in better contact with the floor surface to optimize maneuverability.

Select the July 2010 issue RSN number 152 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Fire smoke damper

Greenheck. Model FSD-331 is a three-hour rated combination fire smoke damper with Class I leakage. Featuring a high-strength airfoil-style blade, it operates with velocity ratings up to 4,000 fpm and a pressure rating up to 4 inches wg. This steel airfoil blade combined with the profile frame design results in the industry’s lowest pressure drop. It is available in a vertical mount with a maximum size of 120 inches wide by 96 inches high.

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Green lighting

University is committed to sustainable practices

Infinilux. In 2008, American University (AU), Washington, D.C., signed the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment to eliminate its net greenhouse gas emissions. In 2010, AU adopted a green building policy requiring LEED standards for new construction and major renovations. To this end, AU designed its School of International Services (SIS) building to meet LEED gold certification standards, and installed energy-efficient LED (light-emitting diode) lighting throughout the SIS building’s parking garage and along walkways on campus. The parking garage features Infinilux LED solid-state low bay lights and is expected to save around $135,000 in electricity costs over the first 5.5 years, with an additional savings of $23,000 in labor costs by avoiding bulb and parts replacements. This LED installation also is projected to save 20.2 kilowatts of power and 635,000 tons of carbon-dioxide emissions, which is equal to removing 194 cars permanently from the road. In addition to the SIS parking garage, 21 decorative LED fixtures by Spring City Electrical now illuminate campus walkways in three popular AU locations: SIS, the Kogod School of Business and Butler Pavilion Shops. Engineered with Cree MP-E and XP-E LEDs, each Washington-style LED luminaire consumes 104 watts while providing high-quality light equivalent to a 150-watt high-pressure sodium lamp. Spring City projects an overall energy savings of 50 percent and maintenance savings of $40 per year for each luminaire, which amounts to around $840 saved each year for the installations. The Washington-style LED pole lights have unique globes that are opaque on top and transparent around the sides, enabling light to reflect downward to walkways rather than emitting light upward into the sky.

Select the July 2010 issue RSN number 159 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Eco-friendly mat

The Andersen Company. The new SuperScrape Eco mat is manufactured with 95 percent post-consumer recycled car tires. It is available in a 3-foot by 5-foot size and is ideal for use as an outside scraper mat or for use indoors where slip resistance is important. This durable mat has a multi-directional, molded pattern surface to work equally well in horizontal or vertical placements. Its heavy weight helps keep the mat in place even with cart traffic.

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Skylight system

CPI Daylighting. MEGASky Next Generation Nano-Cell Unit Skylights provide double the insulation, daylighting and light diffusion of traditional double-glazed, acrylic units. Glazed with Pentaglas 12 standing seam, NanoCell translucent polycarbonate, the system’s built-in diffuser and anti-glare matte finish provide unparalleled light diffusion, delivering up to 50 percent light transmission with an R-4 insulation value. The system requires fewer roof penetrations for installation, reducing the potential for leaks and saving on construction costs.

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Vacuum line

Sanitaire. The new Quiet Clean line is designed to let cleaning professionals vacuum facilities 24/7 without all of the noise. The line includes six uprights available in multiple platforms, ranging from the new dual-motor clean air vacuum with on-board tools, to the new version of the traditional upright, now dressed in a new chassis with a quieter demeanor. The line also includes a backpack vacuum, ideal for hard-to-reach places, and equipped with an assortment of attachments for carpet and bare floor cleaning.

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Professional cleaners

Earth Friendly Products. A six-pack of professional cleaners made with 100 percent sustainable, plant-based ingredients is available. Each EFP Proline Variety Pack contains 32-ounce trigger spray bottles of Parsley Plus Kitchen/Bathroom Cleaner/Degreaser; olive oil-based Furniture Polish; EcoBreeze Air & Fabric Refresher; soy-based Stainless Steel Cleaner/Polisher; Lavender Window Kleener; and Stain & Odor Remover.

Select the July 2010 issue RSN number 157 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

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