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January 2014 Product Solutions

Advanced energy monitors

E-Mon. The PowerSmart family of power quality/energy monitors and revenue-grade power quality socket meters for commercial, industrial and institutional energy monitoring applications has been introduced. The new line offers users unprecedented granularity of energy measurement data, combined with advanced power quality analysis via PowerSoftware. The PowerSmart family comes in a variety of configurations that enable users to specify the functionality best suited to their application needs. The three models in the PowerSmart family include: PowerSmart Plus Essential Meter; PowerSmart Plus Advanced Power Quality Energy Monitor; and PowerSmart Revenue-Grade Power Quality Socket Meter.

Select the January 2014 issue RSN number 150 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Broad-spectrum cleaning

Betco. Quat-Stat is a unique blend of two quaternary surfactants that is a broad spectrum disinfectant, cleaner, detergent, virucide, deodorizer and mildewstat with efficacy against a wide range of bacteria. A proven germicidal to aid in the fight against cross-contamination, Quat-Stat is effective against hepatitis B, HIV-1, MRSA, VRE and other micro-organisms. It meets OSHA specifications for compliance with the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard for decontamination of hard, nonporous environmental work surfaces while leaving a fresh scent.

Select the January 2014 issue RSN number 151 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Environmental declarations

InPro Corporation. The company has created Environmental and Health Product Declarations (EPDs and HPDs), standardized documents that reveal the environmental and health impacts of the company’s products and processes. InPro has partnered with Underwriters Laboratory and PE International to create an online library of these standardized documents, which will help designers and architects create healthful and more sustainable buildings. EPDs and HPDs are the benchmark documents for the design community and will add fuel to the green building industry’s growth. This data will help architects, designers and building owners make better-informed choices.

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Auto mop

Karcher Commercial. The new B 60/10 C auto mop is in a unique category of cleaning equipment designed to fill the gap between a mop and bucket and an autoscrubber; this machine cleans more effectively than a mop and bucket and is less expensive than an autoscrubber. The B 60/10 operates by dispensing clean solution on the floor and picking it up via a manually powered pump. No power source is needed, making this an easy and green cleaning solution to cleaning floors. When compared with a mop and bucket, the B 60/10 eco offers a variety of benefits. It is a hygienic system that never uses dirty water to clean and automatically picks up solution, preventing slip-and-fall hazards. The size of the machine is much smaller than an autoscrubber, making it easier to store and maneuver.

Select the January 2014 issue RSN number 153 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Energy guide

Greenheck. A new 16-page Energy Guide on Fan Efficiency Grades provides information on understanding Fan Efficiency Grade (FEG) ratings, with additional recommendations for reducing fan energy usage. The guide also details fans that are licensed to bear the Fan Efficiency Grade Certified AMCA seal. Nineteen Greenheck fan models bear the FEG AMCA seal, including Model QEI/QEID mixed flow fans, Model HPA Housed Plenum Fans, and Model QEM/QEP plenum fans.

Select the January 2014 issue RSN number 154 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Online purchasing

Transpare. An online purchasing resource, the site helps purchasers directly compare cleaning products based on environmental, health, and safety attributes. This easy-to-use resource,, uses uniform metrics, which can be sorted according to criteria most important to the customer while helping combat potential “greenwashing.” The site currently focuses on chemical cleaning products, and will continue expand into other major product categories, such as powered cleaning equipment and jansan paper.

Select the January 2014 issue RSN number 155 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

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