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January 2012 Product Solutions

Product solutions and case studies from the January 2012 issue.

Updated look

New flooring withstands food service and foot traffic
nora. With an enrollment of 31,000 students, the College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Ill., is the largest single-campus community college in the nation outside of California. At the heart of the campus, the Student Resource Center (SRC) is one of the school’s most trafficked buildings; it houses financial-aid offices, meeting rooms, admissions office, information desk, campus bookstore and the college’s main dining hall. To withstand the constant flow of foot traffic from students, the college installed noraplan degree in the SRC dining hall and food-service areas.

“The cafeteria at the SRC is the main place to eat on campus, so we needed flooring that would last,” says Ronald Dulceak, chief engineering manager. “We had terrazzo installed for a long time, but it was starting to show its age, and we needed something that we could adapt to our maintenance requirements and our design.”

The college tasked Legat Architects with updating the look of the building, which had terrazzo installed for more than 20 years, and to select a floor covering that could introduce more color and withstand foot traffic. The food-service areas of the SRC also had to have low maintenance requirements to support a space with the potential for food and drink spills. The resiliency, maintenance benefits and comfort underfoot were driving factors in the selection.

Since the renovation, the activity and participation from students have increased dramatically. “There are more students than ever now using the cafeteria—it has become much more than merely a place to eat,” says Dulceak.

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Energy education

Fan teaches students about energy
The Big Ass Fan Company. Students at Alamosa Elementary School, Albuquerque, are learning about energy in a hands-on way. A pulley system enables students to power the Big Ass Fan installed in the LEED silver-certified school. The already energy-efficient fan was given a boost when it shed its low horsepower motor in favor of the pulley system.

“We wanted to stay with the spirit of saving energy but in a fun way that would educate the kids by integrating things within the building,” says Pat Affholter of PA Architects, architect for the project.
As an interactive tool, the fan teaches children about air circulation. “Choosing Big Ass Fans was the easy part. Implementing my idea is where it got complicated,” says Affholter.

The firm removed the fan’s motor and instead connected its gears to a tricycle via an automotive quality belt. It’s also built with a clutch bearing to ensure kids aren’t thrown from the tricycle when they stop pedaling.

“We use the fan and tricycle for incentive purposes with the kids,” says Erica Hildago, principal at the school. “If students earn enough points, they have the opportunity to ride the tricycle. It has become a great, fun project for our students.”

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Easy Monitoring

Academy installs video surveillance system to protect students and staff

Genetec. Legislation requires that Accrington Academy, Lancashire, England, have knowledge of every student’s whereabouts at all times, as well as the ability to ensure that all who come onto school property are intended to have access. This requires a system with no blind spots, providing visual coverage for every corner of the school.

To fulfill this need, the academy installed the state-of-the-art Omnicast video surveillance system, which incorporates 151 cameras connected to two Dell archivers. In addition to maintaining safety for the school’s 1,150 students, Omnicast protects valuable technical equipment used for courses in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) against theft or vandalism.

The academy has enabled Web client monitoring for its system, which enables teachers and administrators on campus to easily monitor or review footage at any time from their desks, aiding in resolution of disputes and parent inquiries about incidents. Additionally, administrators have found the mapping feature, providing instantaneous visual understanding of a camera’s location, to be useful in aiding a swift response to any potential event.

Accrington Academy also was able to integrate Omnicast with its intrusion detection system. When the school is closed, a web of infrared sensors monitor the perimeter of the building. When any of the sensors are disrupted, an alert including data on location of the breach is sent to Omnicast, which alerts an off-site monitoring company. The off-site responders can view video footage and use campus speakers to address intruders. This integration has helped the academy develop a complete solution, incorporating all surveillance initiatives within one platform.

The installation has been able to provide confidence that students and facilities are secure at all times, while still promising smooth adaptation as the school’s needs evolve. “One of the major advantages of selecting Omnicast is the flexibility it has provided. With this system, we use the cameras we can afford now, and can always upgrade in the future when additional funds become available. It’s been a really good system for us,” says Will Ames, director of business and operations.

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Web hosting solutions

Medeco. A new Web Hosting Solution for Logic CLIQ and Nexgen XT adds Internet convenience and remote programming capability to support the company’s eCylinder products and further enhances functionality. When a key is placed in the programming device, it automatically uploads audit information and downloads new access rights without the key holder ever needing to interface directly with the software or the Internet. If desired, keys can be set to expire at predetermined dates and times to reduce liability, and then key holders can easily retrieve new access rights from one of the unattended programming devices.

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Surfacing marking

Transpo Industries, Inc. Color-Safe Surface is an acrylic-based material used for area markings. It typically is used for bicycle and bus lanes, pedestrian areas, crosswalks and driveway areas. Durable, skid-resistant, high-definition color makes the surfacing an excellent low-maintenance choice for campus safety and color demarcation efforts. Custom colors are available.

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Automatic scrubber

Betco Corporation. The GeneSys 15 automatic scrubber is four times more productive than a mop and bucket and extracts 36 times more soil from the surface. With three brush options, the cylindrical scrubbing head can tackle any hard surface, from ceramic and grout to hard and resilient floors. Optional tool kits provide versatility as a wet vacuum, carpet extractor, upholstery spotter and solution spray applicator.

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Flooring website

Amtico International. The company has a new website with design tools such as a room visualizer that shows floors in different environments and a multitude of layout options. Technical and LEED information is available by product, and schools can set up accounts, save favorites, order samples and track shipments. The site also provides access to a self-service portal that enables schools to obtain real-time order information, credit account data and customizable reports.

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Low-energy door operator

Norton Door Controls. Offering affordable, reliable door control, the 5600 Series low-energy operator is ideal for public restrooms, restaurants, offices, healthcare facilities and many other non-fire-rated door applications. It combines the function of a door closer with the control of an operator to meet ADA requirements cost-effectively and efficiently. Ideal for retrofit applications, installation is simple, bringing barrier-free accessibility quickly to any opening.

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Air mover

ProTeam. The new ProBlitz AirMover and its 0.4 HP motor and high-speed, 2200 CFM airflow dries flooring, padding and sub-floors, potentially saving thousands in renovations. A 30-foot power cord ensures maximum reach, and three drying positions at zero, 45 and 90 degrees give maximum flexibility for any air-circulation requirement. Drawing only 3 amps, multiple units can be plugged into the same outlet for maximum drying efficiency. Easy to store and transport, the telescoping handle and wheels featured on the machine allow for a quick response to a broken pipe or flooded area.

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Janitorial service faucet

Chicago Faucets. The new 445-VBRRCF janitorial service faucet has been designed with built-in safety features and comprehensive code compliance to help protect the potable water supply in commercial buildings. It is designed for use on non-pressurized systems. The spout incorporates an atmospheric vacuum breaker that is closed by the ambient air pressure when the water flow is off. It helps prevent back-siphonage from a non-pressurized source—like a hose submerged in a bucket of contaminated water.

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Recycled nylon

Momentum Textiles. Naked Nylon is a new collection of upholstery made with 100 percent Repreve solution-dyed recycled nylon. It is the first 100 percent-recycled fiber option to be offered in more than 15 years. Available in five patterns and 35 SKUs, it exceeds 100,000 double rubs, is bleach cleanable, and recyclable. It requires no additional topcoats, and the performance characteristics of solution-dyed nylon—bleach cleanability and high abrasion—make it ideal for education applications.

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Online calculator

WoodWorks. An online calculator enables schools to compare the building or shell construction costs of wood vs. non-wood buildings. The tool draws on data updated quarterly to provide a cost comparison based on building type and location. The calculator is available at under the Resources tab.

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