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Inside: College R&D spending doubles over decade

Colleges and universities spent about $40.1 billion on research and development for science and engineering in fiscal 2003, according to the National Science Foundation.

The foundation's Survey of Research and Development Expenditures at Universities and Colleges showed that R&D spending was up 10.2 percent compared with fiscal 2002 and was twice the $20 billion spent in fiscal 1993.

Of the $40.1 billion, 61.7 percent, or $24.7 billion, came from federal funding. The largest shares of R&D spending were in medical sciences ($12.8 billion) and biological sciences ($7.4 billion). Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore reported the largest R&D expenditure for 2003 — $1.24 billion.

The survey collected data from 630 schools that grant degrees in the sciences or engineering and spent at least $150,000 on R&D in sciences or engineering.

R&D expenditures for science and engineering (in billions), fiscal 2003
Total expenditures $40.077
Federal government $24.734
State and local government $2.653
Industry $2.162
Institutional funds $7.683
Other sources $2.845
Source: National Science Foundation, Survey of Research and Development Expenditures at Universities and Colleges.
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