High-Performance Schools Product Solutions

No sweat

HVAC fabric ductwork eliminates condensation concerns and cuts labor costs


The new Oswego East High School, Oswego, Ill., was able to save about $300,000 in ventilation air-handling equipment costs by lowering chilled-water loop-design temperatures. But the real challenge came from eliminating metal ductwork sweating.

Specifying 38°F chilled water and 45°F supply air temperatures instead of more conventional temperatures of 47°F and 55°F raised the risk of ductwork sweating, which is a consideration in light of the risk of mold, bacteria and mildew infiltration.

Averaged at $3/cfm, the 100,000-cfm air distribution-reduction idea would save $300,000 in equipment costs, not to mention the additional savings from smaller ductwork and operating downsized equipment if only the duct sweating potential could be resolved. Instead of offsetting the savings with the added expense of ductwork insulation, fabric duct was specified because it does not need insulation and does not attract condensation.

DuctSox fabric ductwork was used for the 430,000-square-foot high school's 20,000-square-foot cafeteria, the 38,000-square-foot fieldhouse, the 13,000-square-foot natatorium, and 3,800 square feet of open-architecture administrative offices. The Comfort-Flow design, which incorporates a factory-engineered porosity, disperses a small percentage of airflow through the fabric to eliminate condensation. The remainder of the airflow is dispersed evenly through linear vents that run the entire length of the duct, eliminating hot spots or air stratification.

Using fabric duct had more benefits than just eliminating condensation concerns. Fabric duct, which is 90 percent lighter and thus considerably easier to handle and install than metal, also saved on labor and installation costs.
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Multifunctional sports flooring


Replay is a fully functional and economical flooring solution that is resistant to golf spikes, ice skate blades, barbells, baseball cleats and more. Molded from recycled rubber tires, Replay is remarkably impact-resistant, absorbing shock as well as noise. Johnsonite's CAD Design Center for flooring designs incorporates logos, mascots and other special shapes.
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Sustainable products


The EnviroFlex line is a series of products that meets standards for the design and construction of environmentally friendly buildings. FlexTuft Rubber tile is a recycled indoor/outdoor product made from 90 percent post-consumer waste from tires. Solid Vinyl Tile contains more than 40 percent post-industrial material. Vinyl stair treads and wall base, which contain more than 40 percent post-industrial material, are engineered for high-traffic areas. ESD Control Solid Vinyl Tile offers static control and is more than 40 percent post-industrial material.
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“Green” roofing system

The Garland Company

The Garland GreenShield roofing system offers the benefits of a natural green environment with the durability of a high-performance waterproofing membrane. The outer layer of lightweight soil is planted with living vegetation to reduce stormwater runoff and to absorb solar heat, minimizing urban heat-island effect and conserving energy. Its StressPly Plus waterproofing system is the industry's most environmentally friendly modified-bitumen roofing solution.
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Odor-free cleaning

Environmentally friendly products clean schools cost-effectively and with the same efficiency as traditional products


Students, staff and teachers at Tenafly School District, Bergen County, N.J., were tired of smelling cleaning chemicals in their schools.

“We needed to get the smell out of cleaning,” says Vinny Benanati, supervisor of grounds and buildings for the district. Benanati says he was concerned that the fumes from the cleaning chemicals were harmful to students, teachers, custodial staff and the environment.

“All in all, we were getting a lot of pressure to look for odor-free ways to clean our schools and healthier ones as well,” he says.

With the movement toward “green” cleaning, Benanati believed it was a good time to investigate environmentally preferable cleaning products to see if they could do the job as efficiently and for about the same price as the traditional products the schools had used for years.

The schools tried Enviro-Solutions' products, which are third-party certified by Green Seal or Environmental Choice, so they are guaranteed to be safe, cost-effective and as productive as traditional cleaning products. “We tried several Enviro-Solutions products in one of our high schools,” says Benanati. “And we were pretty impressed from the start.”

The first thing everyone noticed was that there was no chemical odor. “That alone was a big plus. But after we used them for a while, we found the products to be as good as — if not better than — the traditional cleaning chemicals we had used for years,” he says.

Next year, the products will be used in all of the district's schools.
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Carpet backing system


Unibond and Unibond RE backing systems have earned Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) certification. Unibond's construction prevents water from negatively affecting the backing's performance and eliminates the major performance problems associated with carpet in high-traffic applications. Unibond RE contains 20 percent post-consumer recycled content measured in terms of total product weight. It eliminates the need for toxic seam welds or seam sealers.
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Entrance solutions

Special-Lite, Inc.

Updated literature describes Special-Lite's comprehensive line of doors, panels and framing products designed to address the education market's need to reduce maintenance costs. Products are appropriate for new construction and renovation. The brochure highlights the FRP Flush Door, a popular choice with schools because it can handle the most extreme use, abuse and vandalism while retaining a new-looking appearance. The fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) flush doors do not rust, corrode, crack, peel or rot.
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School plumbing brochure

Sloan Valve Company

The brochure “How Green is Your School's Plumbing?” explains how education facilities can conserve water and reduce operating costs. It highlights Sloan's full line of water-conservation plumbing systems. Water-conservation products include battery-operated and hardwire electronic faucets, electronic and manual diaphragm and piston Flushometers, Waterfree Urinals, SloanStone solid-surface lavatories, and stainless-steel scrub and handwashing sinks with faucet options.
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Non-slip flooring

Mats, Inc.

The American-made Decathlon Design uses quality post-consumer black recycled tire rubber with EPDM colored granules. The low-VOC emissions meet guidelines for indoor air quality, and its natural slip-resistance exceeds ADA guidelines. Decathlon Sport flooring is non-absorbent and stain-resistant, and also offers protection from damage to fitness area floors caused by workout weights and heavy equipment.
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Converting energy


The patent-pending ndite technology converts restroom lighting to energy, which activates the flow of water to its Express SS and MG series lavatory systems. The technology uses photovoltaic cells to convert light into electricity. Whether natural light or normal room-level lighting, the cells capture light when it is available and store the energy for later use in a battery-free system. This eliminates the need for electrical hookups.
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Automatic balancing valves

Hays Fluid Controls

Mesurflo automatic balancing valves are designed to provide a constant flow rate of water in any HVAC system. The quick and easy installation eliminates the cost of rebalancing or maintaining multiple manual valves in the system. Because the valves are factory configured for any flow from 0.5 GPM to 7,200 GPM, with piping ranging from 0.5 inches to 20 inches in diameter, they require no adjustments during operation and are guaranteed for the life of the HVAC system.
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Graffiti barrier

Soy Technologies

SoyStop Anti-Graffiti Barrier System provides an environmentally safe way to remove graffiti damage. Bio-based, refined soy technology has created a two-step process that protects reflective street signs and other graffiti-attractive surfaces. The barrier prevents graffiti from penetrating most surfaces. SoyGreen Graffiti Removers removes even sun-dried graffiti from painted and unpainted surfaces. They are available in Graffiti Wipes or 22-ounce sprayers.
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Daylighting system

Skywall Translucent Systems

The Advanced Translucent Skylight uses a panel approach that ensures water performance and a clean look. Rafter anchors do not penetrate the sill gutter or perimeter flashing, which contributes to a long-lasting, watertight installation. The integral gutters provide clean sightlines and added protection against condensation throughout the system, including the hips and rafters.
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Library self-checkout

Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

The Intelligent Library System is driven by RFID technology and allows library patrons to check out materials on their own using self-service kiosks. The system speeds up library checkout, protects items from unauthorized removal, and reduces handling time. The DiscMate Solution enables secure self-checkout of CDs and DVDs. CheckVIEW Staff-Assist Station allows one library staff member to monitor up to four self-checkout stations simultaneously from a single point in the library.
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