Green Schools & Universities Product Solutions

Maintenance coatings

The Garland Company

The Rust-Go product family has been extended to include environmentally friendly, water-based industrial maintenance coatings. Intended to preserve exterior and interior metals and previously painted surfaces, these products meet or exceed VOC compliance standards. The products eliminate the flammability and toxicity hazards that characterize conventional solvent-based applications. The coatings possess adhesive qualities that enable them to be applied to a variety of surfaces with minimum surface preparation, reducing time and labor costs.
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Waterfree urinals

Sloan Valve Co.

Narrow-profile waterfree urinal models WES-4000 and WES-5000 provide the same water-conserving and low-maintenance benefits as Sloan's other waterfree urinals, but require a smaller footprint. They feature touch-free, mechanical-free design and use no water. They use a proprietary cartridge installed at the base of the urinal, which holds a sealant liquid that forms a barrier between the open air above and the urine below, preventing odors from escaping.
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Green cleaning


Clean and Green is a line of biodegradable cleaning products developed in partnership with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Design for the Environment (dFe) program. Concentrated formulations include Clean and Green Super Concentrated Cleaner Degreaser, General Purpose Cleaner, Carpet Cleaner and Parts Cleaner. Ready-to-use products include Clean and Green Super D Degreaser, Window and Glass Cleaner, Granite Cleaner, and Tile and Grout Cleaner.
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Updated website


Pro-Link, a nationwide full-service janitorial supply organization, has updated its website,, to include a new section called “Pro-Link Green.” This section provides a comprehensive resource for distributors, facility service providers and managers that desire a better understanding of going “green.” It answers many questions users may have about green cleaning, along with the benefits of using environmentally preferable cleaning systems.
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Tubelite Inc.

MaxBlock sunshades reduce solar heat gain by shading vision glass areas while allowing natural daylighting. The sunshades can lower building cooling costs and energy use significantly. In addition, they can contribute to LEED program points — specifically for reducing building energy costs for cooling while supplementing interior lighting. The sunshades are designed for use with Tubelite 200 Series and 400 Series Curtainwalls and are available in a variety of styles.
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Sustainable flooring

nora Rubber Flooring

All noraplan and norament GREENGUARD certified products meet the standard for GREENGUARD IAQ Certification for Children & Schools. In addition, nora 310 and nora 410 adhesives achieved GREENGUARD certification following rigorous testing according to stringent GREENGUARD standards for low-emitting products. The adhesives are subject to regular testing to verify ongoing compliance with GREEENGUARD standards.
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Efficient operations

Facilities upgrades pay for themselves through energy savings

Johnson Controls

Like many urban school districts, Pontiac School District, Mich., faced a critical challenge: deteriorating and outmoded facilities with an average age of 55 years.

Voters were not interested in funding building upgrades, so school leaders began searching for alternative solutions to make improvements while still being good stewards of the community's tax dollars. Energy inefficiencies, poor lighting and outdated security clearly were affecting student achievement. To address these issues, the district contracted with Johnson Controls for $18 million in upgrades. These included lighting upgrades to decrease energy usage, lower material consumption and provide proper lighting levels; a new districtwide security program; three new roofs; and other upgrades to improve energy efficiency.

To finance the improvements, Johnson Controls signed a performance contract guaranteeing the district $43 million in long-term energy savings. District leaders are pleased with the results.

“Today, the district's most pressing objectives are to increase student achievement and retention, positively impact the budget, and to enhance safety and security,” says Mildred Mason, superintendent. “The performance contract with Johnson Controls gives the students, staff and parents of Pontiac the learning environment that they deserve without impacting the wallets of the school district's constituents.”
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Lighten up

Lighting upgrade improves light levels, reduces energy costs and relieves maintenance concerns


Saint Xavier University's Chicago campus houses more than 600 students and is situated across 72 acres of residential property in southwest Chicago. Constructed in 1956, the campus' 620,000 square feet of classroom, office and residential space contained an outmoded and inefficient lighting system composed of T12 fluorescent lamps and magnetic ballasts, and was delivering less than desirable results. A lighting upgrade was long overdue.

An energy-efficient lighting upgrade proved to be the optimal way to address the university's energy cost, lighting level and maintenance issues. Through a $35,000 grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community foundation, the university team initiated the first phase of a lighting upgrade in spring 2005. Focused within the campus' main building, the 286,000-square-foot Ward Academic Center, the upgrade involved the conversion to more than 3,000 30-watt T8 fluorescent lamps driven by Advance Centium electronic ballasts within about 1,200 fixtures.

The results of the upgrade have been evident to both the students and the faculty at the university. “The lighting now appears visibly brighter and more standardized throughout Ward Academic Center,” says Bob Anderson, facilities manager. “As a function of the new system, we've achieved higher light output with fewer lights and have positively elevated the look and feel of the entire facility.”
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