A Glimpse of the Inside

Over two days, jurors for the 2002 Educational Interiors Showcase examined more than 100 outstanding education projects. This year, the panel was challenged with a new category: Interior Renovation. As the jurors reviewed projects, both new construction and retrofits, they honored projects that embodied these qualities:

  • Adaptability/flexibility: Designs that reinvent space for other functions; re-creating space without moving walls; recognizing the needs and wants of multiple stakeholders, now and in the future.

  • Aesthetics: Appropriate use of proportion and scale; beauty that complements the surroundings.

  • Functionality: Ease of connectivity and use; a facility that embraces a school's curricular goals.

  • Innovation/Creativity: Novel ways of solving old, traditional problems and questions; using best practices.

  • Maintainability: Cost-effective use of materials and equipment.

  • Security/Safety: Creating a place where students feel comfortable, safe and well-protected; facilities with good visibility and points of control; designs that effectively integrate life safety.

  • Technology: Projects that successfully integrate the present and future.

Alan S. Bigger
Kevin M. Greischar
David M. Hill

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