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Drexel University, Paul Peck Alumni Association Building, Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA — Drexel University's Paul Peck Alumni Association building originally was constructed in 1876 as the Centennial Bank. Over the years, the two-story building underwent two major additions, several major modifications and a period of disuse.

The plan of the restoration was to make the building an important and vital part of the university community by restoring the integrity of the original design. The historic banking room, with a 35-foot-high ceiling, was refurbished and converted into a conference room, also serving formal receptions. The original office space, toplit by a skylight, became a gallery to house the university's art collection. The construction of a two-story addition provides office space for the alumni-relations department.

The exterior renovations consisted of roof, brick and brownstone repairs. The brick was repointed; asphalt shingles were removed from the roof; damaged sheathing was removed; and new slate was added. The gutters built in the cornice were relined and resloped. The enameled glass clock face in the gable of the main facade also was restored.

Architect for the project was Voith & Mactavish Architects.

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