Construction Zone: Site challenges

The School for Creative and Performing Arts, Cincinnati, Ohio, originally was to be situated adjacent to the Music Hall in the city's historic Over-the-Rhine district. However, the city reasoned that if the project were situated more centrally, it would attract more development energy and funding. Therefore, the city's development corporation proposed a site on the edge of the city's historic district, presenting a major face to the city's downtown business core.

Although the program for the second design has remained unchanged, its realization took a more contemporary form in response to the character of the neighborhood that now fronts its presentation facade. The use of brick still pays homage to the historic community on three sides, and stainless-steel shingles and zinc panels provide the main facade and entry plaza with a constructivist counterpoint.

Focus and dynamic energy are provided by the mass of the box office — a truncated cone and light tower that achieve a degree of sculptural independence and articulate the pedestrian theater entrance. The mass of the 750-seat theater uses uniquely patterned stainless-steel shingles.

The lead architect for this project is Moody*Nolan, Inc. (Columbus, Ohio). Cole & Russell and Fanning/Howey Associates also are involved in the project.

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