Coming Together

For this year's judging, five experts in education design and construction met in Overland Park, Kan., to examine and analyze today's exemplary school designs and award citations to several projects. After sorting through numerous examples of education institutions, they discovered that several rose above the rest.

The criteria the jury used when determining citation winners:

  • Security/Safety

    What are the values of the community?

  • Innovation

    Does the building recognize and celebrate qualities that are innovating today's learning environments?

  • Cost-effectiveness, life-cycle costing

    Is it possible to do a great school on a small budget?

  • Timelessness

    Will the building be able to adapt and evolve?

  • Community

    Is the building available after hours to serve as a resource?

  • Functionality

    Is the facility built for the changes 25 to 50 years in the future?

  • Sense of place

    How does the building make a person feel?

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