Case Study: Technology Solutions

NetOp School

The ceiling-mounted video monitors at the Ohio State University's College of Engineering classrooms were well past their prime. Faculty and facility managers faced a dilemna — either get new monitors or do something different.

Video monitors were not an effective means for presenting the type of detail involved in CAD drawings that are a staple in engineering instruction. Students reported that they had to squint to see the material and got easily sidetracked, and often were too distracted to learn.

Instead of installing numerous video monitors, NetOp School monitors were used. They were purchased at a fraction of the cost and are capable of delivering CAD and introductory programming instruction directly to every student's screen.

For the same or less money, classroom-management software allows a copy of the instructor's display to be in front of every student while conducting one-on-one instruction sessions. Students' progress can be monitored using this software. Individual student-teacher sessions can be transitioned to class-wide instruction.

The College of Engineering invested about $1.25 million in renovation projects and physical improvements on OSU campus over the last two summers. A better HVAC system, building raised floors for power and network connections under each desk, custom desks/tables for each group of four students, and new computers with 17-inch monitors at each student's seat all were included in the projects.

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