Case Study: Flooring Options

The West Windsor-Plainsboro (N.J.) Regional School District has enrolled a new class of carpeting. Convinced of the economic advantages of carpet tiles, school administrators replaced their traditional broadloom carpet with solutions from Interface Flooring Systems.

The carpet tiles have helped enhance the district's indoor environmental quality and introduced new floor covering for cleanliness, aesthetics and durability.

Several challenges arose during implementation of the flooring solution. Heavy-traffic-flow areas inevitably experienced wear and damage. To prepare for this anticipated damage, carpet tiles are stocked in the school, ready for individual replacement.

Frequent penetrating stains with unknown origins called for replacement of porous-backed broadloom carpet with tiles featuring structured backing that keep spills and stains on the surface for easier cleaning. Installing solid backing allows for more water to be pulled out of the carpet during wet extraction in order to eliminate residual water. A patented anti-microbial preservative, Intersept, is incorporated into the backing system of all Interface products that protects against mold, mildew and bacterial growth. Because of this technology, odor is reduced, and fewer cleaning chemicals are required.

Carpet tile allows for creativity in design while extending the life of the product. Invisible seams in the tiles keep tiles from possessing a secondhand look, and prevent the likelihood of trips and stumbles caused by the uneven flooring. To improve the sound quality in a facility, the tiles reduce noise levels while offering various patterns and colors.

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