Building Better

Construction activity by education institutions continues to be strong, even as materials and labor costs keep rising. Yet, in these challenging financial times, schools and universities are finding innovative ways to stretch available dollars to create outstanding learning environments, as evidenced by the projects in this year's Architectural Portfolio.

Nearly 230 recently completed projects are featured in this year's Portfolio — the largest, most prestigious education architectural design competition in the nation.

An expert jury made up of K-12, higher-education and architectural professionals spent two days reviewing hundreds of projects, and awarding citations to those projects that embody the best in education design, planning and construction. Twenty citations, including the two main awards — the William W. Caudill Citation and the Louis I. Kahn Citation — are among projects offering anyone planning construction invaluable insight into best practices in education design.

One aspect that makes the Architectural Portfolio competition the premier industry event is the make-up of the jury and the painstaking process it goes through over two days of judging. This year's panel includes five professionals from various areas of education administration, facilities management, and architecture and design. To meet them and read their commentary, turn to pages 10 and 12, respectively.

Of course, this compendium would not be possible without the contributions of the architects and education institutions featured. Future projects will benefit by having real-world examples of some of the most effective learning environments in America.

Also, make sure you are counted in the upcoming annual Official Education Construction Report. Your project data will be included in regional and national data — providing valuable insight into construction costs and trends that can be used for future comparison. To participate, turn to pages 329 or 331 and complete the brief survey form.



Number of school and university construction projects selected for inclusion in the 2006 Architectural Portfolio.


Number of citations — reflecting the best in education architectural design and planning — awarded by the expert jury.


Elementary school projects in this year's competition.


Middle school projects in this year's competition.


High school projects in this year's competition.


Post-secondary projects in this year's competition.


Number of selections from California, which has the most projects featured.

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